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What Is Really Missing?




The Earth is remarkable with all kinds of Diversity of Life. How do we know for sure what we assume? Proof and Confirmations of Life and the responses from such is what life is all about. If there is a God? I find this a missing link.


In this Natural World, the means of a relationship in its proximity is that with the senses we have. With the Visual, we are designed with aesthetical decoration to show the existance of that to be pleasing and attractive. With the Audio and Hearing, we are aesthectically designed to making wonderful sounds and enjoy hearing them. With the same for our other senses... Feelings, Emotions, tasting and smelling. I suppose if this wasn't pleasing, then what would life really be? It's all us being able to Prove Our Existance and Hoping Something out there will Approve of it, then it Proves its Existance with these traits and then as with Birds... The Chirpping they make is an on going Confirmations to the Aesthetics of bindding a closer relationship. And what I have seen is more from all this is what I have heard from this Dean August Coppola from this Public Broadcasting Program from San Francisco State... 'Committing Life Through Art' ...

< Dean August Coppola – School of Creative Arts – San Francisco State *

< Since:  ? 1990 *  ~ * ~ The Secret To Life… ~ * ~


< … “ … If you like?  I’ll tell you the ~ “Secret to Life”.  

…   You want to know?  OK!*  ~ “The Secret to Life” *

…   “Is that you can’t tickle yourself”.

…   Now Children know this.   AH!  Most Adults don’t, because they all

…   attend to be…  “Egotist” – an “Narcissus” – and “They don’t know”.

…   And “Psychotic’s” – an “Neurotic’s”  And their not sure who’s

…   finger it is anyway.  But normally speaking…

…   Only someone else can tickle you.  And in that sense what’s

…   So important…  “Is it proves the other’s existence”.

…   “It proves there’s someone outside of you”.

…   Not even Michelangelo understood this.

…   Because when he made the Sistine Chapel…  

…   He had “God” with his finger down …  

…   An Adam putting his finger up like they where buddies.

…   But if the Real Sistine Chapel expressed this Secret… 

…   “God” would come down with his finger…  It would be in the ribs

…   of Adam and he would be bunched up laughing. 

…   “The Capacity to Respond.  And the Proof of the Other”.

…   Is the Secret of all of our lives.  And that’s what Art does.

…   Art is a big tickle.  Even Politics can be a big tickle. 

…   It Proves that you’re there!*  And that we respond!*

…   And with all our multi-cultural Interest and Concerns.

…   Let them Tickle each other!*  They will Respond!*

…   Together we’ll Eat!*  Together we’ll have Passion!*

…   And Together we’ll have Art!* …

…  … { … And Together we’ll have Art!* … }

…   …   …   { … And Together we’ll have Art!* … }  … “ … >


If I'm having trouble finding a relationship that binds on my level in such a matter, I have certainly been having a harder time in the Church in the past as to the relationship we are suppose to have with this 'God'. Something that comes from a Book and gets Past Down from Generation to Generation has seemed to me a rather lousy way for such a 'God' that could make life have these Aesthetics for such relationships, but 'God' has to be so worked in our minds by 'Faith'. That to me seems like we can put anything there and believe it to be true. Why would such a 'God' use deceptive methods that get handed down by lying man to represent such a 'God' in this matter and at the present times and moments this supposed 'God' wouldn't use Aesthetical means for us to recognize it? Constantly Confirming every second in this diologue, then having to read a Book?



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