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So in light of all of the changes that are going on right now, I decided to learn about the origins of life, the earth, etc. I've grown up on the standard creation story from the Bible but I just don't really buy it anymore. During high school and college I never paid attention in science class and as a result have always considered myself rather stupid in that regards. Here's the thing. I'm far from stupid. In fact, I'm a big ole nerd in the academic sense. While I excel at learning foreign languages, history, and humanities in general I've always lacked in the area of science because I was taught that science doesn't prove anything. I didn't learn that in school, oh no, I learned that in church and the two private schools I went to (one of which I was accused being a witch because of how I worshipped). So for the past 28(29) years I've disregarded science in most aspects. Now I feel like my mind is a sponge. I'm googling things, looking for cheap textbooks that I can read. Hell, I might even buy a math textbook so that I can learn math and see just how physics works. I'm not aiming to become a scientist...I merely want to understand the world I live in and how it works. I'm no longer content with what I've grown up being taught; I mean, there's a world of knowledge out there that I don't know about and, well, now is the time to learn.



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Good for you hon! "SEEK and you SHALL find the truth.


I have not studied origins of all creation either...


I watch the History channel alot though...*wink*

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