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Moving On



So it's getting close to a year or so when I discovered this place and not much longer after that when I became a member. This community has truly been a family to me during this time of leaving my faith behind. Thank ya'll for reading my posts and responding as always with empathy and understanding as well as opinions. Ex-C really is a great community.


I feel right now that it's time that I move on from this place and take a leave from here for a while. This has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the drama from last week. I just need to take a break and really revel in the freedom that I've found from Christianity. I find that the more I am here the more that I dwell on the injustices and hurts that I suffered in my former religion. I am moving on, from the pain, the hurt, the anger, etc. and really try to just live in the world that I live in. The more that I linger here the more that I make myself into a victim and that's not right. Yeah, things happened but my family really wanted what they thought was best. Some of the best things about my come from my religious upbringing because without it I wouldnt' have left my faith. Kind of ironic, no?


Anyways, I'm going to take a break and get the help I need and stop dwelling on the past. I can't change what happened, what I believed, or my actions but I can live in the now, and work towards a better future for myself. I hesitate to say it but I LOVE YA'LL!!! Seriously, ya'll have gotten me through some shit. I'll be back eventually or I may even lurk but for now I think it's best I leave for the time being.





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Good luck, and please know you are welcome whenever you choose to return. I hope you find every single thing you seek.

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True living begins when one gets past the angst!


Once the all the ranting has taken its course and one understands what authentically matters for themselves it's time to get on with the business of actualizing and integrating.


There comes a time when the bitch'en has to stop and the conscious living has to start.


Hopefully you'll stop in from time to time and share with us what makes your living worthwhile and how you make that happen.


I for one am interested!


My best to you Zephie!

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