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The Long Road To Normality




I went to a pub tonight, all by myself, for the second week in a row.


I had a pint of Guinness, for a second week in a row. Although this week it was much better as it was out of a tap rather than out of a can (different pub, different town), and it was also 2 bucks cheaper and it actually filled the glass. The pub, the local “Irish theme pub”, was fairly quiet though. Early in the night perhaps? (about 9:30pm). A few nice young ladies passed through the pub. But I was in no position to say anything. And that wasn’t the goal of my being there tonight, which was to simply get used to being in a pub on a Saturday night.


I walked up the road passed another pub which I suspected would be busy, and it was. I didn’t go in though as I’m still intimidated, when alone, by reasonable numbers of drinking party people in a pub and this pub doesn’t serve Guinness anyway. If I had a friend with me I would have gone in. I was there before on New Years Eve with a friend/acquaintance who was more local than me, and had some pretty hot friends, but I was too pissed to make any sort of impression.


Oh the irony. When I’m sober and thinking straight, and most able to engage in stimulating, intelligent conversation, I don’t yet have the confidence to approach and talk to women, but when I’m drunk, I have the confidence (who wouldn’t) to initiate conversation with even the hottest, most desirable of women, but, quite simply, I’m drunk!





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