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Diary Of A Food Addict - Entry 6 - Week 5 My Personal Routine And Relationships




Hello Hello Hello!


Here we are at the beginning of week 5. I can't believe it! FIVE weeks of more focused life style change and activity. This week I changed up my bands, and started doing more leg focused training, along with daily back exercises to keep strengthening. I tell you what, I cannot believe how horrible the pain was the days after working out my legs. Especially my saddle bags! Holy Cow! Can you say Ooowwwwwww? I didn't pull my groin, but as crass as this sounds, it felt like my vaj was injured!! LOL


Also, I did increase the number of cul-de-sacs, AND I upgraded the dog walk to our extremely inclined suburb's entry drive. Literally 1/2 mile down hill, and then we march ourselves ridiculously stupid back up. Change is key to an effective routine so I don't acclimate, and I think it has been successful.


Additionally, this week, I went ahead and tried on some clothes I've kept, but didn't fit. Got quite a few surprises out of that!!


The downside and upside this week came with my lover returning home for the weekend. There are some things that are good about us, and things that are not. One of them would be trust. I don't think I've reached a point where I feel comfortable having him see me exercising, or participating along with me. While he would go along with whatever I am doing, he would also alter the routine at some point, and I am a control freak and already hyper sensitive about judgement. I know my limitations, he doesn't. So, I have pretty much avoided exercise the past two days, except for the marching the hill.


This whole issue I have brings to light the reality that within a week he will be home full time. Then what? Do I let this completely throw me off track? Do I come across as a bitch and make it clear I don't want to share this experience with him? Discussing trust has never been a good topic. Conversation degrades. He denies he would interfere, I know from experience he will not listen and end up interfering. I'm a basket of nerves right now. Hopefully it will all work itself out later on this week. I will find a way to either have privacy while I do my bands or something.


Anyways, I had a problem with my scale this week, or maybe I just realized there is an issue with it? It gives me different weights every time I step on it. I'm not talking a pound or two. Try a full 5 - 8 pounds difference. It seems it "floats" a bit. Like the screw that tightens the numbering disc so it doesn't spin loosely. This is upsetting. I don't have a weigh to accurately weigh myself. It consistently puts me between 185 and 190 though. So, go for half and say 188lbs this week? My waist is down another 1/2" though. I officially fit size 16 in women's pants comfortably. I was an 18. Naturally, I am very pleased with this progress.


I am hoping I am putting on muscle mass. I don't really know how to figure that out. I imagine I will have a week where I don't lose maybe??? I'm still flabby enough to not see definition yet. Time to read up more I would guess. :0)


With the old man in town, I didn't want to make things awkward taking pics of myself for comparison this weekend. But, I did attach some of the clothes that are fitting marvelously now.


On to week 6!!


Pants I couldn't wear and a shirt that used to be skin tight.

Size 18 skirt is very much too large now.

A corset I haven't been able to wear in 6 months.


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In order to find out if you are losing muscle mass or gaining it, you would have to take bodyfat measurements every week as well. From there on, you can calculate your Lean Body Mass and you will know exactly how much fat you've lost. As of now, there is no way of telling and you might be losing muscle mass. Losing muscle mass is very undesirable, because it makes losing fat a pain in the ass in the long run.

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Oh yes, Bronxo! I do squats, lat strengethening, and more. I do ache the next day. I can feel the tiredness in my muscles when done. So I know I am doing that right. I am making sure I do not do more than 30-40 minutes of cardio a day. My toning and building are in reps till I break down.  I definitely don't want to lose muscle mass. I'm working hard to build it! I think that is why my back is so much straighter now. I can see it in my posture and shoulders big time compared to a month ago!

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