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Diary Of A Food Addict - Entry 9 - Week 8: A Day Late Update And 2 Lbs. Short





Helllloooooooo Sun....errr, I mean... MONDAY?!?


Yeah, I know, a day late. Nothing amazing happened in that extra day I took to post this. Life and stuff. You know how that goes, right?


So, it's been a tough week to pull away and do the things I need to do to keep healthy. Have had a lot of distractions this week with the old man home, and my kids are soon to be out of school for the summer. One is even graduating. OMFG!! Where has time gone? But, nonetheless, I did manage to be careful of what I have been eating.


I'm a little grudgingly upset that my opportunities to be mowing the grass have been cut short. No pun intended, though that was rather comical. With the love on lay off and home, it seems my usual schedule of things is off kilter. He sees it as a reflection on him that I am mowing the lawn. Doesn't matter that I am practically BEGGING for the exercise. I go to take the dogs for a walk. He insists on holding one of the leashes, then is totally not keeping a good pace, not keeping the dogs in line, or even being respectful of other folks' property. Soooo, now I have to dash out the door without really telling him where I am going. I hate it when he is laid off.


I literally am having to entertain him like a small child right now because he is bored and I am not paying attention to him when typing this.




With that said, I am down to 191 lbs. This has been steady for a the week so I doubt this is just a fluctuation. My clothes, especially around my arms, have increasing amounts of slack. Thrilled! I am definitely wearing shorts this year. I am still doing my pilates and stretching right now. Seems to be the only thing I can do in front of him that really cannot draw any critique. I feel like I am losing control of what I want to do. This is why I get so anti-social and a total bitch about things. BUT, I am not giving up.


I am going to try and keep resisting all the out to eat offers I am having thrown at me, and I did double down on soda this week. NOT happy about that, but it isn't the end of the world if it is only the one week and not 3 weeks. It doesn't help the first week home, a shopping trip yielded 8 bags of chips, and a 1/2 gallon of sour cream, cookies, and all that shit. I've kept all these things out of the house on purpose and now, I am faced with temptation everywhere I look. On the upside, I've only had about half a bag of corn chips over the past 10 days, so I guess that isn't too bad, but I hate to see me putting this shit back in my system.


I really hoped to have a better support base, but if it doesn't jive with the majority, I lose now. :( Seriously? Why is my health not important because that is how things are coming across to me now.


Anyway, here I am below. Not looking bad! I am very happy my double chin is pretty much gone and my arms aren't as pillowy. Nice!!!!



901050 10200656323842274 677770867 O

start Of week B6c

Pants I couldn't wear and a shirt that used to be skin tight.





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