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Week Two Has Landed - Are You Still On The Plane?





It has been a long ass 7 days of writing so far.


Not only am I still maintaining my writing of TWO novels, I've managed to get rave reviews from some pre-readers, and am surprised at how my stories are developing along. Christ's Rebellion I did minimal research for, and I've been pretty fortunate with the development of Jesus' character. It must be my own experiences playing through that is influencing this, and I am not complaining.


My biggest hang up? I am going to be laid off next week, and my writing has fallen behind from all the training I am doing with my replacement. Normally, I just write at work because there is plenty of slow time to do so. Not this past week. My totals are very low in the count department, but knowing exactly what I want to write will save my ass in the end.


Content wise, I'm having a major headache figuring out the appropriate vernacular to use when my characters in Christ's Rebellion are conversing. It almost sounds scriptural. This is a new area of writing for me, and I keep leaning towards the given examples in the Bible and I instinctively know this isn't going to work. I've managed to somewhat figure it somewhat, but I know there will be plenty of rewriting.


How's everyone else holding up?



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Fighting dispair.  Loosing my laptop on day 1 of nanowrimo has really had a devastating impacted on the fun of it.  Now I have to borrow other people's computers, or do my writing at the library or work, while troubleshooting all the technical stuff to see if my computer actually survived in some capacity.  It's overwhelming.


Sorry to be a bit of a downer, but it's been an extreme downer for me.  :(


It's sounds like it's going much better for you, so that's good.

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No, I do understand the frustration behind technical complications. The only thing I can recommend is pen it down. I write mine out, then transcribe it digital, then save it in 20 different places. Is there anyway you could just pen it out?

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