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Goodbye Jesus

Nanowrimo - EX-C Style

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Nanowrimo - I Am Starting Out Strong




*To the tune of Onward, Christian Soldiers*


ONWARD NaNoWriMo writers, writing on a book,

stories ideas forming beautifully out of gobbledygook!

The pen, the royal Master, leads against writer's block,

onward into the story fighting the 30 day clolck!


Okay, not exactly the best way to start out a blog entry about fiction writing on an ex-christian website. Oh well. TOUGH! It's my blog.


Anyway, how we alllll doooin'? I'm pretty happy. I did a lot of intense research the past week and a half. Managed to get my timeline down pat, and am developing my version of Jesus' personality. I even took the time to rewrite a bit of his conception...well, at least I helped him into doubting it... Oh my!


He's about to get baptized soon and then out to the desert for a bit. I think I will set Satan loose on him, and then we will find out why Jesus could really pull off all those miracles.


Did I mention I like writing? A LOT?


And my muse this week is a co worker I am training to take over my position at work. She's a fundaMENTAList christard, so it's been weirdly motivating to write this rather blasphemic novella with her sitting right next to lil ole me. Of course, I make sure her prying eyes can't make out anything more than the title.




So how fair the rest of ye?


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I think I'm fairing okay, though there have been some complications that I'm having to "write" my way through.  I was intending to approach this year's novel writing month at a fairly relaxed pace, and gauge what my daily word count comfort level is, without really paying too much attention to the 1,667 per day necessary to manage the actual challenge.  I'm using nanowrimo as a motivate to write something, anything, daily.


The complication that I mentioned was that my computer seems to have developed a serious fault: it won't boot up (some problem with the hard drive, which may be completely shot).  More than a little frustrating, having that happen on Day 1.  Lame-ass laptop sure chose it's moment.  :(  Like I said though, I'm forging ahead, with borrowed computers, and library visits.  Emailing my writing to myself, so the text is preserved somewhere.


Glad to hear it's going well with you, happy writing.  :)

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I hear you on the frustration of the computer issues! In all honestly, I prefer to physically write. I guess it isn't so surprising a habit since I love to draw and create, so for me it is a further extension of that joy. I write every chance I get, even while training my newly appearing replacement due to company consolidations. Then I put it into Scrivener every night, and email a copy for preservation. LOL!!!  I am so worried about a comp crash too.  I'm glad you have alternatives to work with though. Some folks can't get to a library and I don't know if I would have the drive to "text" it to myself. HA!


I too am hitting this thing with very little structure other than a scant timeline. One day I wrote maybe 1k, the next 4k. So I think it will even out. I just make sure no matter what that I pen something towards my story. I know I've hit a couple moments in my plot that were not overly interesting, but will resist that urge to edit for now.  Of course, I already have another book in the works that I had been working on for a different project, so I had a warm up four months in advance to get me in the habit.


Happy Writing to you too! Hit me up anytime! I'm under the handle katefortunate77 on there. I've got mad editing skills despite the run ons you see all over my blog. ;)

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