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11 Days Until Nanowrimo Launches - 11 Problems With My Story




So, 11 days until it all begins!!!! I'm excited and nervous. I am currently in the middle of a book I've been working on for about 4 months now, and with it being Nanowrimo, I wanted to work on something completely different. That's why I came up with Christ's Rebellion. And to commemorate the 11 days we have left till we can start writing with carefree abandon, I thought I would list my top 11 issues I have with this new story idea I am toying around with.


1. How much background do I really need to put in this?

2. Judas Iscariot - was he around before or after the Resurrection?

3. Are people reading this going to buy the almost human like qualities of Jesus?

4. I have to provide some background of the other eleven apostles...but how much is necessary?

5. How smart or not should the zombies be?

6. How would the local population react to seeing zombies? How would they deal with it?

7. Will Judas be seen as a hero?

8. Should I write this as a satirical work with strong underlying focus on the humanity of Jesus?

9. Should I write this as a total fantasy novel and let Jesus be a psycho?

10. How much involvement of Satan and God the father should be in this?

11. Time frame... How many days?


Lots to still flesh out as you can see. I am not trying to create a story that will point out that God is not real or that Jesus never existed. It is actually quite the opposite. Since I view the story of Jesus and all the other bits of the Bible as mythology, I really just see this as putting a spin on it. This isn't a book that is trying to guide the faithful out of their blind allegiance. Really, it is just a story that many are familiar with, only spit polished and shined up for more adventure that I hope many will have fun reading.


What about the rest of you Nanos out there? What story roadblocks and hurdles do you have in front of you?


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