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Goodbye Jesus

So What's With Authority?

R. S. Martin

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This comes from Alan Bragg's thread on Tongue Talking. It's off-topic there so I'm starting a new thread.


If I remember correctly, the spirit of Absolom was one of defiance to athority. The bible study leader was making the point that we should not oppose god but submit to his authority and of course that of the bible. Of course, culturally that would naturally extend to god's shepards and elders et cetera, et cetera...


Why does he think that his argument has so much weight? Submitting to authority for its own sake makes no sense. There must be a reason for the authority to exist in the first place, and there must be a reason for the rules, in the second place. What are these reasons?


People tend to go into panic mode and say, "But if there were no rules there would be no law and order!"


So what? We all know of times when law and order break down temporarily, as in cases of accident or dissaster of some sort. Nothing terrible ever happens that wouldn't happen anyway.


  1. Whose god is stronger?
  2. What to do when the shepherds fight?
  3. Why more rules and authority than required to structure society?*

*I realize this is a question all on its own. I'm thinking here esp. about religious authority imposed for its own sake. With the legal code AND the church moral code we actually have parallel social structures of authority. This comes across to me as somewhat redundant.

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