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Goodbye Jesus

'zeph' - A Megachurch Love Story


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Zeph is a short story of love, betrayal and friendship. All scenes take place at the main meeting place for Spit In Our Eyes youth ministry, part of Incomprehensible Grace megachurch, somewhere in the middle of the midwest.


1 - Leah approaches Zephaniah (or 'Zeph') after the evening worship session:


L - Hey

Z - Hey, so good to see you!

L - Yeah, so lovely to see you. I saw you up on stage during ministry time just now.

Z - Yeah?

L - Yeah. What you said before you picked up your guitar was really powerful, it really impacted me. You know, just hit me right there in the chest.

Z - Sure. Are you OK?

L - Yeah no, I’m fine, I’m great, it was wonderful actually that’s what I wanted to come and say.

Z - Oh that’s good. It can be pretty powerful at times, I mean almost violent, what the Holy Spirit does to us, so it’s good to check, it’s not like you were hit too hard or anything? Like...

L - Oh, no, gosh no, it’s more...

Z - It doesn’t hurt, like around there, around the chest area? Cos if it does I can pray for healing.

L - I think I’m good, thank you though.

Z - OK not this time.

L - Yeah not this time. So I was wondering, do you want to grab a coffee or something, in the church cafe?

Z - Oh, right yeah, no I don’t really do... I’m just really trying to focus at the moment, really focus right on the Word, and on just really seeking him you know? Actually seeking his face

L - Yeah, that’s cool, I mean that’s amazing. Good stuff.

Z - Yeah, unlike lately I’ve just been seeking him in just, all the wrong ways

L - Yeah, I know what you mean.

Z - Just seeking all the wrong bits

L - Yeah, just, it’s all about the face isn’t it? Or should be.

Z - Exactly.

L - OK, well, I’ll just head off then.

Z - OK, listen, so good to see you.

L - Yeah it was lovely, keep being so humble, and walking in... um, yeah, keep going.

Z - Oh I’ll try, I’ll keep trying, we’ve always got Him [points upwards].

L - OK god bless.

Z - Bless you.


2 - At a special conference event held at the church a few months later. Chairs are being packed away:


Z - Hey Leah!

L - Oh, hey Zeph. Awesome message tonight wasn’t it?

Z - Yeah it wasn’t bad. I thought there were a few areas of concern. This is Rebecca by the way.

R - Hi, so nice to meet you.

L - So nice to meet you.

Z - Leah’s in my small group at Final Frontiers.

L - Yup, best SG at FF.

Z - Definitely. Although God’s in all of them, obviously.

L - Oh yeah, totally.

R - So true.

L - So how’s it going with all the focusing down, right on the... on the main thing. What was it again?

Z - Focusing?

L - Yeah, you know, last time we spoke you were telling me about how you were gonna be spending a lot of time focusing on God and trying to figure out the real deal, and plunging your head into the Bible and all that.

Z - Oh yeah, I’m very much still on that journey. We all are I think. It’s funny, this is what I was just saying to Rebecca earlier, wasn’t I?

R - He was, yeah.

L - How funny!

Z - Such a Godincidence.

L - I know! Crazy.

Z - I just think we’re all on this journey of discovering more and more of God every day, because let’s face it there’s just so much out there to discover, and if we’re not really searching deep in our soul to discover him, well, we’ll never make any breakthroughs, and that’s what I think it’s all about, breakthroughs.

L- Yeah, that’s such an awesome thought, it’s all about those breakthroughs, that’s definitely true.

Z - I just feel like, even with all the Bible reading and prayer and fasting that I do, I feel like even I have got more stuff to discover about God

L - No way? Really?

Z - Yeah, absolutely, and I feel like he might even be on a season of just hiddenness right now, that’s basically what I’ve discovered recently. Hiddenness is something I’ve been seeing in a ton of different places, it’s what’s really been on my heart. And he basically does that to show us how much he loves us.

L - Hiddenness, wow, I have to say I’ve never thought of that.

R - Yeah, I had never even thought of it before Zeph came up with it, before it got laid on his heart to share. Then when I was praying about it the other day, I realised that must be something God’s been trying to teach me more about recently as well. Actually, I’ve always thought Zeph should be a preacher, but he won’t have any of it.

Z - No...

L - Haha, don’t worry, I’ve tried to persuade him many a time as well, to no avail.

Z - That’s ridiculous, God would never choose me. He would choose someone far humbler than me, someone who didn’t know half the stuff I’ve come to know even lately. Think of all the stuff Joshua didn’t know before he went to take over the land from the Canaanites? So I don’t know. But I’ve always tried to be open minded and accept whatever future he has for me, you know, everyone has a hope and a future, so that could be mine, and I’ve got to be ready for that if it is.

L - Wow, this is big stuff.

Z - I’m not saying it’s happened yet! But it might, you never know with God

R - That is SO true, you just never know

L - Alright well I’ll be heading off. So good to meet you Rebecca.

R - And you, hope God shows up at your Final Frontiers group.

L - Thanks. I hope so. I'm praying that he does.

Z- Oh he will, he always shows up, just not necessarily in the way you would naturally expect.

R - True.

L - OK God bless guys.

R - God bless!

Z - Bless you, Leah.


3 - A chance encounter at Spit In Our Eyes summer camp:


L - Rebecca! It is Rebecca, right?

R - Yeah hi, Lydia is it?

L - Leah.

R - Oh right yeah, sorry, from Zeph’s small group.

L - That’s the one. How’s it going? So nice to see a familiar face at the Joy Through Dance Workshop.

R - How’s it going? Yeah good thanks. I didn’t know your calling was dance ministry as well?

L - Yeah, just recently actually it’s something god has placed on my heart. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way I can really serve people, especially the poor and broken, and serve the body as a whole, and it turns out I was given this amazing gift of basically expressing Christ’s love and sacrifice with dance and body motion generally, but especially when there's music playing of some kind, or sound.

R - That’s awesome. Yeah I so know what you mean. I just feel totally relaxed and at peace when I’m dancing, I was talking to Zeph about it and he reckons that it can only be the Holy Spirit.

L - Must be.

R - Yeah, which is pretty cool. It’s not often I get real confirmation like that but that was nice to hear it from Zeph. He’s so edifying.

L - Yeah, he would make a great preacher, but he just doesn’t see it, but that is so blatantly his calling.

R - I know, right? He’s so blind. Hopefully Jesus will open his eyes to see it though. Then I was thinking once we get married and have four kids and a big house, we could have our own church somewhere down in Tennessee cos that’s where most of my family’s from.

L - Oh really?

R - Yeah, actually a lot of my family have been preachers themselves, my Dad, my grandpa, my uncles, so I’m used to being around them, and having Zeph doing that particular calling it wouldn’t be too different than now. Everybody knows me as Becky from the preacher family, and that makes people warm to me before they even know me, which is nice.

L - Does it ever get tiring always getting preached at?

R - Not really, to be honest it all goes over my head. I mean I hear what they’re saying and all, but most of it I don’t really understand if I’m being honest with you. All this theological talk like about salvation and repentance. I just think God is love, that’s my main philosophy. I tend to concentrate on the inner peace that passeth understanding side of things, that’s what God tends to talk to me about anyways.

L - That’s awesome. Well, every bit is just as valid as the next I guess.

R- I know, that’s what makes it so great.

L - So how long have you and Zeph been...?

R - Oh, well technically we’re not dating, cos Zeph doesn’t really like to use that term, since it’s a term very much of the world according to our way of thinking. And I’m personally OK with that, because like I told him, I very much want to get married as soon as possible, so I don’t mind skipping the dating part anyway. But we’ve been in preparation for union for about 6 months now I think. I’m hoping he’ll commit to me soon and we can get all yoked up, I really can’t wait for that if I’m honest, but we’ll see. Zeph needs to take his time because he wants to do it when god wants to do it to us, so it’s a question of waiting vigilantly to pounce on that same exact moment that god does it, that’ll be when we do it, so that it’s fully within the timing of God, the holy timing, that’s really of the utmost importance. And plus, my parents will pay for it if we wait another 6 months at least, so that’s definitely a factor.

L - Wow, sounds like you have it all planned out.

R - Absolutely, why wait? Well, planned as much as you can with God, cos you never know with him, he can always surprise you.

L - Yeah that is so true. I hope it all works out between you two, and you get the signal from God at just the right time for you.

R - Yeah me too. Even just thinking about the wedding makes me go all jittery! The dress, the flowers, the bells, it’s going to be so fabulous. Just how Jesus wanted it.

L - You are both extremely blessed.

R - We are! That’s so funny you should say that.

L - Really?

R- Yeah.

L - OK, well I better head off.

R - OK. Aw, Leah you are a real special woman of faith, you know that don’t you.

L - Thanks, so are you.

R - Thanks, God bless then!

L - God bless Rebecca.

R - Oh, by the way before you go, just to let you know, I would offer to pray for you at this point, but I’ve come to the realisation I should be taking a fast from praying too much, because before I was just using it to ask for nice things for me all the time, like for the wedding and such.

L - OK, that’s cool. Can I just ask, how did you come to that realisation, was it God who told you that directly?

R- No, it’s funny you should ask that, it actually came through someone else. You’ll never guess who though.

L - You know what I might have an idea, it’s a longshot, but I think I know who it was.

R - OK hold that thought though, I’ve got to go to my next workshop on Strong and Supportive Women of Both Testaments. Pray about it and let me know next time we bump into each other.

L - OK, that’s a deal.

R - Or maybe I should say, next time God makes us bump into each other. Gosh, Zeph will rebuke me for that one. But you know what I mean! Anyway, God bless!

L - God bless!

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Do we get Chapter 2? I wanna read about the wedding night.... ;)

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OK. I have something but I should warn people it gets quite intense. Scene 4 - Zeph and Rebecca’s wedding is drawing to a close. They say goodbye to the remaining guests and while everything is being cleared away they take some time out to go for a walk under the stars:


R - I just don’t know what to say, everything has been so special, Zeph, don’t you think?

Z - Yeah I really feel like God was in there, like right in there, throughout the whole day, especially the parts where he really needed to do stuff.

R - Oh, totally. I completely felt him at every moment. In fact I think I feel him every time I think about our love and our future together, I get all goosebumpy. Is that the Holy Spirit?

Z - Almost certainly. There’s no other explanation.

R - And I’m quite excited about tonight, too.

Z - Yeah, about that, I have been doing a lot of thinking, it would be only right if we really prayed long and hard about it first, you know just to make sure God is involved.

R - God is involved? Oh, yeah, sure, of course. That’s exactly what we want.

Z - That’s what he wants, which is more to the point. You know, ‘I shall decrease and he shall increase.’

R - Oh my gosh that’s one of my favourite verses.

Z - Me too. Ok let’s just really invite God to take part in every way in our love, and especially in what we’re about to do tonight, in the way we show that love to each other, and through that ultimately back to God.

R - When you put it like that it sounds...

Z - Sounds what?

R - Oh, no nothing, just sounds super spiritual that’s all.

Z - Which is a good thing.

R - Yeah, which is a good thing. Absolutely. I’m just so excited I can’t concentrate on all this doctriney stuff.

Z - Well, to tell you the truth, I’m quite worried about it.

R - Aw, really, why? It’s honestly more straightforward than it seems. And it doesn’t hurt that bad, my Dad was just being annoying and trying to put you off when he said all that stuff the other day.

Z - No it’s not that, not anything like that. I’m worried we’re getting the theology of it all wrong, that God just isn’t the centre of everything we do anymore, of each of us as individuals and of our relationship. We need to give it over completely to God.

R - But we have done that, multiple times, haven’t we? It’s one of the things you’re always praying about when we talk on the phone.

Z - I’m just finding it difficult to discern at what point we’ve done it enough. You know, today has been real fun and all, and super special sharing this moment together and before God, but part of me feels deep down like we’ve been enjoying it way too much. Do you get that sense?

R - I don’t think so, depends what you mean.

Z - I get the sense this isn’t meant to be a day for us, but for Him. In fact, everything is for Him - everything about our love has been created by Him, not us, and so all the enjoyment should be His. It’s something I’ve discovered lately.

R - Really? I’m not sure I’m following. This is our wedding night, after all.

Z - You know, at some of these extra bible studies I’ve been doing with the Assemblies guys. They tell me such stories of power in their lives, because they are completely and entirely given over to God, he is their obsession, and they don’t think about anything else. Not what’s on TV, or clothes or materialism which we know is of the devil. Not their enjoyment in anything, not love with other human beings, not their families or their friends, their own past memories, their dreams for the future, none of that. They’ve learnt to not have a life of their own any more, they’re just living 100% for him. That’s what’s missing in my life, in our lives, in our relationship. That’s how we should be living. This whole wedding has made me question whether we deserve to be loved by God, whether we even deserve to be saved.

R - But Zeph, are you sure? I’m sure God wants us to enjoy ourselves, at least a little bit, at least today of all days.

Z - I’m positively sure I’m sure. Never been so sure about anything in my whole life. Heck, we might not even be saved.

R - Oh my gosh, Zeph, listen to what you’re saying. I can’t believe you’re saying this. Of course we’re saved. God is love, remember, he loves us and he saved us and the bible says we can be sure of that. Don’t you see, there’s nothing to worry about.

Z - But it also says there will be people who get to heaven and will say Lord, Lord, and you know what Jesus will say?

R - No.

Z - You haven’t read that part?

R - I guess not yet, you know I haven’t read the whole Bible, not like you have.

Z - He says, get away from me, I never knew you. What if God says that to us when we get there? Because we were so busy down here having a party and enjoying our lives while so many souls were burning in the lake of fire?

R - I just don’t think that will happen, God’s not like that, I know he isn’t.

Z- But it says all that right here, you just haven’t read it. It frustrates me when you haven’t read the key passages, you know it does.

R- I’m sorry, I really am. I am trying to read more, I got those notes you sent me remember. Besides, being separated from God forever is a horrible thought, I can’t imagine it personally, I couldn’t even live a day without doing my morning quiet times because they give so much peace. But lake of fire I find a bit strong for my taste.

Z - Taste? It’s not about taste. It’s about the truth. The everlasting, unchanging truth. However horrible, however much it makes us want to hate everything about it, and even some days to hate God, we mustn’t, we have to just trust him and keep worshipping. I will never waiver. You can put anything in front of me, even any of that evolution bullshit, and I refuse to abandon God, you know that’s the path I’m on and I’m not cutting corners just to enjoy the measly life we have down here on earth. The real good stuff starts when we die, when we get to sing praises to him day and night with the angels forever. Don't you want that?

R - I know that’s what you think, and I respect the path that you’re on, I really do, and I envy you, you know I do. You’ve always grasped all this stuff more easily than me, because you think all the time about it and God gave you a good brain, but like you said to me before, he gave me a heart instead, so that’s my calling. But ‘measly’, is that really how you see our lives? Don’t you think you think a little too much about it sometimes? Is there any chance you’re taking it too far?

Z - But bek, I can’t be, it’s written right here in these pages. And they never lie. I’m just following what they say, with faithfulness and forbearance, like it says in Galatians. Or Hebrews or somewhere, I’m not sure, I’m not thinking clearly right now.

R - You look sad now. You haven’t looked at me properly since the ceremony.

Z - So do you. Please don’t cry Beks...

R - It’s supposed to be our wedding night. This is meant to be the happiest day and night of our lives. It’s nearly midnight, we’re supposed to be in bed together. We’ve both waited forever for this, and now you’re all depressed and I’m flooding my face with tears. All my make-up is washing down now, look. Shoot it’s staining my dress.

Z - I’m not depressed, I’m just. I dunno. Confused, lost in thought. My mind is racing with so many thoughts.

R - That’s your problem you think way too much. Every time I want to just be with you it seems like you’re not even paying me any attention, you’re lost in thought. Every time I go to give you a hug or a kiss, you turn away, as if I’m distracting you from more important things. What I would give to know what you’re thinking in those moments.

Z - Well I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. Now and in those moments. I’m thinking about Jesus, OK? There, happy? I think about Jesus. He’s all I think about now. Because he’s all my life can ever be about. If I’m honest I don’t remember the last time I thought about anything else, even you, outside the context of Jesus. I’m sorry if that hurts, if that’s painful to hear right now.

R - Are you kidding me? I can’t believe you just said that.

Z- But the way I think about it...

R - No, just stop right there. Stop thinking. Stop talking. I cannot believe you, did you just seriously tell me you don’t even think about me anymore? That Jesus is the only one in your life? He’s an important part of my life too, but that’s all, I’m in love with you, Zeph. Are you saying that you don’t love me, you only love Jesus, and I just happen to be you’re soon-to-be-wife. I can’t believe I’m hearing this. Do you even love me, Zeph? Do you, really? Please tell me the truth.

Z - Please stop crying. Of course I love you. I mean, I don’t know, it’s so complicated. Jesus is... Hey, where are you going? Beck? I’m sorry, listen, hey stop walking so fast, please, come on, can we just think about this for a second?

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Okay, so now you've got me started, put it all up! :)

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Are you working on this for a book? I love it! Would love to her more about Leah and Beck's discussions, too :)

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Glad you like it. There wasn't a plan for it to be a book, just a short story. But since you asked, I've just written a new chapter. And I might do more after this, we'll see. Hope you like it.


Scene 5 - At Leah’s apartment that same night. Leah’s roommate Tabitha is helping her set up a bed in the spare room.


L - Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about, I can see you trying to hide behind those pillows! You like him!

T - What?! I have literally no idea where you’re getting this from. I’m smiling because I’m happy today, that’s all.

L - Oh come on, it’s so obvious! Even an idiot can see you’re blushing. They can probably see from up there in space, all those aliens on the moon you keep going on about.

T - Hey, those are real, I swear. Find me some proof that aliens don’t exist and I’ll believe what you believe, that we’re just spinning round and round this lonely planet, the only one in the universe to have given birth to life. An unlikely story if you ask me.

L - Well, I can’t, OK. But, whatever.

T - Anyway, we’ve been through this a hundred times, let’s not go there again. And I’m not blushing.

L - You so are. You looove him and you can’t deny it. Come here, I’ll help you hide your blushes from the world.

T - Hey! Don’t cover me with that sheet, now I can’t see a thing.

L - Haha! Now you’ll never see Aaron again and he’ll never see your crimson cheeks. Oh, now that made you escape pretty quickly, hmm, coincidence I think not. Again, I rest my case.

T - Unbelievable. You’re ridiculous. Aren’t we meant to be making up the bed for your friend, what’s she called again?

L - Yeah, Rebecca. We should, she’ll be here soon. I still can’t believe what happened. She sounded so upset on the phone, understandably.

T - I can’t even imagine what she must be going through, I mean to fall out with your husband on your wedding night, did she say what happened?

L - No, just that they had a big argument and she needed a place to stay. We’ve been becoming quite close recently, but I’m still a little surprised she chose to call me and not one of her other friends.

T - How long until she gets here?

L - About an hour.

T - OK. Can I ask an awkward question?

L - Ha. What else is new? Go ahead. If you overstep any of my boundaries I’m throwing this pillow at you again. Deal?

T - Fine. It’s just, since you keep asking me about Aaron...

L - Because you love him.

T - I’m ignoring that comment.

L - It’s true.

T - Since you keep asking me about Aaron, didn’t you used to have a thing for Zeph? I mean, does that ever make things awkward between you and Rebecca?

L - I did yeah, a long time ago. I don’t know, he didn’t seem all that interested in me. Besides, he’s far more into his own stuff shall we say, I think he’s a little intense to be honest. I couldn’t be his girlfriend, let alone his wife, I don’t know how Becks does it.

T - He’s the super Christian one right? I mean, not that I have anything against Christians, as you know.

L - He is. Like imagine me times a thousand. He lives, breathes and sleeps Jesus. I think he must have worship songs coming out of his nostrils. Bible verses etched into his bones. Actually I wouldn’t put that last one past him. He loves the Bible.

T - And don’t you?

L - I do, and I try to live my life by it, but at the same time I don’t let it define who I am as a person. I’m still me. I hope, anyway.

T - Yeah, just about. You’re pretty normal for a Christian.

L - Haha, I’ll try to take that as a compliment?

T - You know what I mean.

L - Plus Rebecca is stunning, obviously, so I’m not surprised he went for her in the end.

T - She is gorgeous, and so are you by the way!

L - Oh you’re too kind. Good save.

T - But if he’s meant to be this intense committed Christian, shouldn’t he be immune from things like the outer beauty of a potential partner? Shouldn’t he be able to see through that and appreciate people for who they are on the inside?

L - That’s a very noble thought, but come on, who are we kidding. Men are men are men. Not one of them is immune to an attractive girl at the end of the day, even with all the power of the Holy Spirit inside of them, which I do believe is a factor, even though I know you don’t believe in any of that.

T - I don’t, but I can totally respect those beliefs. I mean, we can all think for ourselves and make our own minds up in the end what we think is right.

L - I guess.

T - That’s why I don’t take everything the Bible says at face value. It’s got some good stuff in there, but not all of it is good, so I prefer to just take the bits I think make sense and leave the rest. I hope that’s not blasphemy or something.

L - Gosh no. Actually that’s what I think a lot of Christians do nowadays anyway, so I don’t think you’re alone in that.

T - But not Zeph?

L - Oh no. No way. He would never cherry pick. For him it’s all or nothing. I guess that’s one of the things that attracted me to him, and plenty of other girls at the youth group, I should mention.

T - What do you mean?

L - You know, don’t you love it when a guy just seems to really know what he’s doing, what he believes, what he needs to do, and then gets on and does it. When he’s really passionate about making the world a better place. And he won’t apologise for it. He’ll always fight for what he believes, and he’ll fight to protect the people he loves.

T - Yeah that is super hot, now that you mention it.

L - And most Christian guys I know treat girls like princesses, cos they understand about love, and they have such a brilliant example of how to love from Jesus. Sorry if I’m starting to preach, just tell me if I am.

T - No it’s cool, I understand where you’re going with this. I’m not so sure though.

L - How so?

T - Well I know of a lot of fundamentalists who once they get married treat their wives like garbage. They believe it’s their right as the man to rule the relationship, tell her what to do, to teach her to be better, and to trust him no matter what. That’s pretty toxic in my opinion.

L - Maybe.

T - Totally, haven’t you heard of those cases of abuse and beatings and all sorts of violence and horrible stuff that goes on, most of it behind closed doors because the wife is too afraid or ashamed to speak out, and he can still convince her she needs to repent and show more faith and she thinks that God will look out for her in the end whatever happens. It makes me sick.

L - There were a couple cases like that from my old church, but I don’t know how common it is. It’s certainly not something that I’ve heard mentioned at Incomprehensible Grace.

T - Of course not, you think they’d advertise it like that? They want to cover it up as much as possible, but I’m telling you it happens. Look at the Catholics.

L - I don’t know, you might be right. I guess there’s horrible people everywhere, in every religion, and men can be lovely and tender but they can also be pigs.

T - That much is true.

L - You know who’s definitely not a pig?

T - Who?

L - I’ll give you a clue. Begins with A?

T - Oh shut up, already!

L - You’ve started blushing again! Haha, you’ve gone the same colour as those strawberries we had earlier.

T - Am I really blushing that bad?

L - It’s fine, it shows you’re besotted with him. I think it’s cute. I wish I had someone I could be besotted with right now.

T - So, definitely no feelings for Zeph?

L - Oh no, like I told you that was a long time ago.

T - If you say so...

L - I say so! And unlike you I don’t turn into a traffic light every time someone mentions his name, that’s how you can tell I don’t have feelings anymore.

T - You make a fair point. Let’s finish making this bed, Rebecca will be here in ten minutes.

L - Is that the time? OK. I hope she’s OK. Somehow I don’t think a hug and warm mug of cocoa will be enough this time.

T - No, but it’ll help. You’re a good friend, Leah.

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Rebecca must be very sensitive. I'll be interested to hear what happens next. :)

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Yes, I'd love to read some more. I like the structure of the story, it reminds me of The Shoehorn Sonata, which was written as a play, really, with just two women talking about their experiences together in a WW2 prisoner of war camp. It's a good structure for converting into a radio play, which I'm pretty sure The Shoehorn Sonata has been broadcast as before.

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Thanks for the comments. I just looked up the Shoehorn Sonata, it looks interesting. I chose a format consisting mainly of dialogue for a couple reasons. The characters are embodiments of real people or traits of people I have known, seen or been myself. I have an opinion about these characters but it's quite a controversiaI topic and I'd rather let them speak for themselves. I think many aspects of the subculture they find themselves in are so absurd that you can hopefully laugh or despair at them without the need for much interpretation from me.


Scene 6 coming soon!

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Thanks for the comments. I just looked up the Shoehorn Sonata, it looks interesting. I chose a format consisting mainly of dialogue for a couple reasons. The characters are embodiments of real people or traits of people I have known, seen or been myself. I have an opinion about these characters but it's quite a controversiaI topic and I'd rather let them speak for themselves. I think many aspects of the subculture they find themselves in are so absurd that you can hopefully laugh or despair at them without the need for much interpretation from me.


Scene 6 coming soon!


It's a format that is not seen all that often- I've only see it once, myself, being The Shoehorn Sonata. I studied it in Year 12, and quite enjoyed it. I like the style, because it allows the reader to fill in the blanks with their own imagination. It's a good writing method for you, too, I think, because you don't have to get caught up with unnecessary details.

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Next Zeph installment coming very soon. Watch this space...


"Taste? It's not about taste. It's about the truth." - Zeph

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Zeph meets with his men’s group, ‘Soldiers of Salvation’ (SS), and tells them what happened. They all agree the best thing is to pray for him and Rebecca. They begin laying hands on Zeph. One by one, Zeph, Boaz, Chris, Daniel, Elijah and Fred offer their prayers.


Z - Lord, we praise you in this moment. You are above all creation, including the sky, and you made it all and you made us, for which we are grateful, otherwise we would not be here today. We thank you for your awesomeness and for your bible, which we will allow to become the center of our lives and the only book we read, because it is the only one we need to read. In your son’s holy name, Amen.


B - Yes Lord, that is what you will for us today. We thank you for your infinite wisdom and ask for you to give us some now because we have so little, that much is clear to all. We thank you for Zeph, and for the relationship you have so clearly ordained for him and Rebecca. Please speak to us now God, in your power, in the powerful ways you spoke to the prophets of old, through fire and earthquakes and the parting of seas, or just in whatever way you deem necessary and appropriate to speak to us God, however you like, we would not like to impose a way of speaking on you, Almighty God, but please speak to us now. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


C - Yes Lord, give Zeph the strength to carry on, to continue doing what he is doing, to continue walking in your ways with such faithfulness and determination, free him from the temptation to enjoy his life or seek out meaning or identity in other places, people or things, even his wife Rebecca, because we know Lord that you are the only source of those things. In Jesus name, Amen.


D - Yes, Father, though our knowledge is poor, you know everything. We don’t always understand the ways you act in the world, but we know in our hearts what you’d like to say to us now, what you’d like to say to Zeph. That you love him and approve of the way he lives for you and how he treats Rebecca with such love, but that maybe he could try to persuade her to be a little more like him, and read her bible more and pray more, and focus more on you, Lord, since you are the only thing worth focusing on, except obviously when we really need to concentrate such as when we are driving, but except for those times Father, you are the most important thing in our lives, and Rebecca must see that she is wrong and be led to repentance, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, except for Zeph in this case who is right to be concerned about the relationship and come to SS to find the answers. We thank you for that, Lord. In your name, Amen.


E - Yes, Jesus, please speak to Rebecca through your Holy Spirit and just really convict her, convict her of what she needs to see and what she needs to do. Show her those passages in your Word about how to be a loving and faithful wife, how she needs to serve Zeph and be there for him and submit to him oh Lord, just like Christ submits to the church, which is the Bride of Christ. Every good and perfect gift comes from you Lord, including this marriage, so we thank you and praise you. In your precious name, Amen.


F - Yes, Spirit, unsettle Rebecca, and strengthen Zeph so that he has the courage not to succumb to weakness in allowing her free reign in the relationship, which is now a marriage, the sanctity of which must be upheld. Oh Lord, we will never allow the sanctity of marriage to be undermined, not by the homosexual movement, and not by those women who fail to show respect to their husbands, or by anyone, Lord. We simply pray that she would have more faith, so that she might conform more to your will and do what Zeph wants, and that everything will be OK and they can live in committed marriage for the rest of their lives, never seeking the temptation of divorce or the lies of the devil that the liberals want us to believe. So be with Zeph now as he goes back to Rebecca and tries to get her to be more like Jesus, for we know that is your will, oh Lord, and we worship you now because you are holy. In Christ’s name, Amen.


Z - Amen. Wow, thanks guys, that was amazing. I really felt God’s presence while you were praying, and I really felt like the words that were coming out of your mouths were God’s words. That was definitely exactly what he wanted me to hear, you know? I think I just need to speak to Becks and hopefully everything will be alright.

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Zeph is a story about the extremes and the fundamentals of life.




The girls (Rebecca, Leah and Tabitha) are gathered in Leah's apartment the next day.


R – It was horrible, Leah, so horrible. Just about everything he was saying I couldn’t believe. It was like a nail being hammered into my heart, going further and deeper with each blow. And he didn’t get it. He didn’t even realize how much he was hurting me with what he was saying. He was barely concentrating on me, just looking away into the distance, as per usual. I mean, not usual, but that’s something he does from time to time.

L – He wasn’t even looking at you when he was saying it?

R – Yeah. And then I haven’t told you the worst bit. When I was crying I asked him if he loved me, and he couldn’t even answer me.

L – No way…

T – Oh my gosh.

R – He said yes at first, then he said he didn’t know. I’m sorry.

L – Oh no, hey, Rebecca, it’s totally fine to cry. You have nothing to be sorry about.

R – I feel like it’s all my fault. I don’t get what I did to make him treat me like this.

L – You didn’t do anything. It’s not you. You didn’t do anything wrong.

T – It’s not your fault Rebecca.

L – Zeph really is a freaking a-hole.

R – Woah, Leah!

L - He is though!

R - You’re right, he really is. I can’t believe him. I would be calling him all sorts right now if I wasn’t in the Lord.

T – Get it out of your system girl!

R – Thing is I still love him.

L – I know.

T – Really? Even after everything that happened last night?

R – I know it sounds crazy. He really did hurt me. But he is good on the inside. He can be so thoughtful, and loving, and inspiring. He really loves the Lord. That’s the thing he is just trying to walk the walk as best he can, he’s always saying how important it is to persevere no matter what. You know? To win the prize at the end of the race. Our marriage is part of that race for him.

L – I guess it’s good that he takes the relationship so seriously. I’d love a guy who was willing to commit to marriage so early on.

R – I suppose I am very blessed. It still hurts so bad though.

L - Oh gosh yeah, I didn’t mean it like it was any kind of excuse for how he behaved.

T – This must be so confusing for you right now.

R – It is. I kind of don’t wanna think about it too much. I’m done being angry with him. We’re meant to be house hunting together next weekend, so I’ve got to keep it together. I’ve got to trust God that things will work out. It’s also my fault for not having enough faith, but I’m working on that.

L – That’s something we could all do with a little more of, you can be sure of that.

R – Well, maybe we could pray. What do you think? Would that be OK with you guys? I think I just really need to commit myself to Jesus tonight.

L – Um, well Tabitha…

R – I’m serious Leah, I think this is really important. I’m sensing it’s something we should be doing. It feels right.

L – OK. I’ll just say a quick prayer. Dear Lord, we commit to you our sister Rebecca, who is hurting so much right now, and she really needs you, your healing hand and your big heart, your mighty strength. Oh God we really just ask you to bless Rebecca now in this moment, so that she might feel your great love, remind her somehow Lord that she is a beautiful princess and a beloved daughter of you. We also pray that whatever was going through Zeph’s mind that night Lord, just wipe it out completely, whatever wasn’t of you and was in fact of the Devil, just remove in the name of Jesus, and heal Rebecca and Zeph’s relationship, that sacred marriage that they have entered into in your name and with your blessing. Please bless them both greatly oh Lord Jesus. In your name we pray, Amen.

R – Amen. Thanks Leah, that was beautiful. I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit while you were praying, you know? Weird huh.

L – Yeah.

R – So, hey, Tabitha, what about…

L – Oh yeah, the ice cream! It should be about ready by now don’t you think?

T – What? Oh, yeah. I’ll go fetch it. Do you want some Rebecca? It’s vanilla fudge cream.

R – Oh my gosh yes. I would love some. Sounds amazing.

T – Leah, you want some?

L – Sure.

R – Thank you so much, Leah. You have no idea how much I appreciate what you’re doing.

L – It’s the least I could do, given the circumstances.

T – Here we go, check that out! Dig in girls.

R – Oh wow, that’s amazing. Thank you so much you guys.

L – Yum that is seriously good. Right come on, are we gonna make a decision on the movie?

R – Sure. Something funny though. And light.

L – OK, what do we have here.

T - Rebecca have you seen Twilight?

R - Nope, what’s that?

L - Nevermind. How about Big?

T – That’s lame. Good when I was a kid but not anymore. Oh my gosh we also have Harry Potter! I vote Harry Potter.

R - Oh, um, I’m not sure...

L - I’m sure we can find something, let’s see...

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Tabitha bumps into Aaron after class.


A - I’ll see you guys later, I’ve gotta run for my bus.

T - Hey, Aaron, wait!

A - Oh, hey, Tabitha, what’s up?

T - Hey. You forgot your pen, here.

A - Oh, it’s fine, you can keep it. I have plenty of others.

T - I’m sure you do. I just... wouldn’t want to forget to give it back to you.

A - OK, whatever, I’m not too bothered either way.

T - Yeah, sorry. So how are things?

A - Pretty good. I’m stoked about the match we’ve got tonight, it’s gonna be an important game.

T - Right, sure, yeah I thought that was today. Haven’t you got a bus to catch fairly soon?

A - Oh, yeah, but it’s not that soon don’t worry.

T - OK. Cool.

A - How are things with you?

T - Good thank you. Oh my gosh how much does Mr. Blueberry waffle on? Can you believe it?

A - I guess. I actually find what he says quite interesting though.

T - Oh right yeah, no definitely, me too. He’s so old and wise, must have so much experience of doing these experiments over and over again. I’m surprised he doesn’t get bored by it after 30 years! I know I would.

A - Yeah I more meant the theories he discusses in the lectures. I love how he’s able to explain so much of human behaviour by how we adapted to our environment during evolution.

T - Totally, yeah. That stuff blows my mind.

A - Anyway, how was your weekend? Get up to much?

T - Um, it was good. A little weird actually. Leah’s friend Rebecca came and stayed over at our place after the wedding.

A - Oh yeah, she and Zeph got married, that’s awesome.

T - It is. It’s wonderful. But it also isn’t at the same time.

A - What do you mean?

T - Well she arrived basically in floods of tears. Turns out her and Zeph had a fight that night after all the guests went home.

A - Oh jeez that sounds bad.

T - I think it was.

A - Is she OK now?

T - Getting there. I don’t know what’s gonna happen between her and Zeph. We’ll just have to see.

A - I hope Zeph’s alright too.

T - Yeah I think he’s OK. It’s more her I’m worried about. But that’s very considerate of you, I’m impressed. I didn’t think you guys knew each other that well.

A - We don’t really. He was on my baseball team back in high school, but he only showed up for the first few games, then he quit, suddenly. Didn’t ever do all that much anyway, just stood out field, staring into space pretty much the whole time.

T - Sounds like Zeph, he’s quite the daydreamer.

A - Hey, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to dream. I believe in dreaming big and aiming high, that’s the only way you’ll achieve what you want in life. No one’s gonna hand it to you on a plate. You’re the master of your own future.

T - Interesting. That must be why you train so hard, and study so hard too?

A - Partly. Also cos I love it. Sport gets my heart beating and makes me feel alive. In a way it’s like a drug. But a healthy one. You know what I mean?

T - I think so. Just promise me you’ll steer clear of the harder stuff.

A - Haha, don’t worry. You’re always worrying about me and my health, typical med student.

T - That’s me.

A - Listen, I’ve really gotta run if I’m gonna make this bus. But I was thinking, maybe, I dunno, we could grab some dinner some time, what do you think?

T - Um, yeah, I’d really like that.

A - Great. So I’ll give you a call or something.

T - OK. I’ll look forward to it. Don’t forget, like your pen.

A - I won’t. I’ll talk to you later.

T - OK. Hope it goes well tonight. I’ll have my fingers crossed.

A - Ha, thanks. Bye then.

T - Bye.

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Just caught up. Any new chapters? :)

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Yes actually. I've been meaning to upload this one all weekend.  




Rebecca and Zeph are spending the day looking for a house together.


R – I think I prefer a more open plan feel for the main kitchen and dining room, though.
Z – All I’m saying is that it’s really important to have dedicated rooms for different purposes, otherwise it gets difficult. That’s what we really want.
R – That’s what you want, you mean?
Z – Yeah, what I want, what you want, that’s what we both need Becks.
R – Is everything OK?
Z – Everything’s great. How was your stay at Leah’s? Did you have fun?
R – Yeah it was really nice. I don’t know about fun. But it was nice. So, what did you think of the third one we went round? That had separate rooms for living and cooking.
Z – It was fine. Although the location could be better. That’s the most important thing for us I think.
R – Well what was wrong with number two then? That was right by campus for both of us.
Z – I already told you. It’s not about work, it has to be near Incomprehensible Grace. It has to be convenient for us to both get there, and for us to bring people back with us. How are we going to minister to people if we can’t invite them into our home easily?
R – I suppose you’re right. It would be nice to have people back for lunch and get togethers. I don’t know if I want to live right next door to Church though.
Z – Why not?
R – I’m not sure, it would just feel weird. I can’t explain it.
Z – Well if you haven’t got any proper reasons I can’t see why you think that way.
R – I don’t need reasons OK?! Can’t you just respect my opinion sometimes? It would be nice if you took it on board once in a while too, but I get the sense that might be asking for too much. Anyway, what are your reasons for wanting separate rooms for different areas of life?
Z – It gets difficult. We can’t have my study part of the living room, which is for entertainment. Or the kitchen, which is for service, connected to the bedroom, which is for us. Some things should just never overlap. That’s what causes major issues.
R – They’d all be for us wouldn’t they?
Z – You don’t understand.
R – I obviously don’t.
Z – Look, can you stop being so picky with me please! I’m starting to get pretty tired of it.
R – I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. Come here.
Z – No you shouldn’t. I love you, but you can’t stretch me like that. Think about it.
R – OK. I love you too. Why don’t we take some time out, find a café somewhere, my legs are killing me, I don’t know about you.
Z – They’re fine. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you lead us in prayer?
R – About finding a house?
Z – Yeah, if you want. But also just to make sure we’re treating each other right. We don’t want to make any mistakes like that, especially not now.
R – OK, but you know I’m not very good at it. Can we sit down first?
Z – Come on, how dumb could you be? It’s just talking to our Father in heaven. Don’t you have the Spirit inside your heart?
R – Yes. But I don’t appreciate you talking to me like that.
Z – Well then, the Spirit will do it through you. Don’t worry about what I’m saying, that’s irrelevant. It’s about you and God. That’s all that matters at the end of the day.
Z – Come on then, why aren’t you saying anything?
R – Zeph I’m sorry I really don’t know if I can do this. It just doesn’t feel right.
Z – Well you’ll have to snap out of it. You’re listening too much to the flesh. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, come on you know this stuff. Let out the cries that are deep in your heart. I’m right here, praying it all with you, making it effective. So don’t worry about any of that.
R – OK. Here goes. Dear Father, I am so sorry for who I am, for what I am.
Z – Yes Father…
R – Lord, we are worthless compared to you.
Z – Yes Lord, we are worth nothing, we are nothing.
R – We are nothing Lord, and that’s why we don’t know what we’re doing. I’ve been feeling this a lot recently. Oh god, please help me, so much is happening and I don’t know what to think, what the righteous thing is to think Lord, but you know, you know all things, and you always do right, you always do what’s best for us. Whatever happens we know it is your will oh heavenly father.
Z – Your will not ours Father.
R – I’m so sorry for belittling you in my mind, God. And for being mean to Zeph, Lord, I am a horrible, nasty, worthless person who doesn’t know who she is or what she’s doing, Lord.
Z – Yes…
R – But I’m so confused. I know I want to love you more Lord, but I just have so little faith. I need to see more of you Lord, because it just seems you are so distant right now. But I know your holy Word says you are always right there with us Father, and that makes me feel calm again, but oh please Holy Spirit why can’t that be all the time? Why not at the times when we most need you to be there for us? But I accept that we may never know the answer to these questions, all we know is that you have an answer, you’re just not sharing it with us.
Z – You know all things, Father, we know nothing.
R – So please find it in your big heart to forgive me. I know you say that even one lie is like a murder, so I am truly truly sorry. Oh God, please forgive me. Your Word says that you will. I may not feel it right now, but I have to believe that you will. Please bless both me and Zeph Lord as we continue to seek your truth and perform your will. Amen
Z – Amen. There, does that feel better?
R - Yes, that feels a little better.
Z - I told you. Always come to the Lord with unconfessed sin, and come straight away.
R - OK. You’re right, as usual. I’m sorry. There’s still some stuff I want to explain to you though.
Z - Sure. Can it wait till later? We’re nearly at the next house. I think it’s just around this corner...

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More, more! :)

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MOAR!!! (plz)


I'm hooked.

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MOAR!!! (plz)


I'm hooked.


lol Tell me about it! 

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Next upload will be this weekend...


"He lives, breathes and sleeps Jesus. I think he must have worship songs coming out of his nostrils. Bible verses etched into his bones." - Leah

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Next upload will be this weekend...


"He lives, breathes and sleeps Jesus. I think he must have worship songs coming out of his nostrils. Bible verses etched into his bones." - Leah


I'm waiting...!!!!

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Tabitha and Aaron are at a nearby restaurant. The evening is warm and the lights are dimmed.

A – This is delicious. Mine is really good. How is yours?
T – Yeah it’s lovely. Just not quite sure how I should be approaching it…
A – That's good. Yeah that does look a bit tricky! I wouldn’t worry. Just put that bit there.
T – Like this?
A – Yeah and then pick that one up with your hands I think.
T – With my hands?
A – Yeah look I’ll show you.
T – This is a nightmare.
A – OK let me just… I’ll just grab this one first and then…
T - Oh, so you’re gonna eat my food now?
A – Haha. I suppose I’m probably interfering far too much, sorry. I’m sure you can manage.
T – No it’s fine, I’m honestly grateful. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t struggling. So, hey, how did the game go?
A – Pretty good. It was close most of the way, then we managed to steal it at the last minute.
T – No way! That’s awesome. Good job.
A – Thanks. It was a great match.
T – Cool. I’m glad.
A - I loved every second of it, even when we were behind. There’s something about being 100% focused on this one objective, and you get lost in the moment. Feeling like the whole team’s behind you, and you’re all working together on this mission, and you know that each guy is putting absolutely all of himself into it.
T – Hmm, when you put it like that, sounds like it’s a pretty big deal for you guys.
A – Oh yeah, it’s life or death when you’re in the zone. The next day once you’ve had some time to reflect, it’s maybe not so important, you come back down to reality, but you still never forget the thrill of the ride.
T – Maybe I should do more sports. You make it sound like such good fun.
A – You should! Hey, you could always try out for our team?
T – Ha! What are you talking about? I would never make it onto the team. When has there ever been a girl on the main college baseball team anyways?
A – So, who cares, if you’re good enough, you’ll make it on, surely?
T – I would love it to work that way, but sadly I think you’re way off.
A – Really? I suppose it’s not something I’ve thought too much about.
T – Are you kidding me? The amount of prejudice sloshing around in people’s pea-sized brains around here. The world would be a much better place without it, but you’ve gotta recognize it when you see it.
A – Hmm, you’ve made me think.
T – Is that a good thing?
A – Of course. I like it.
T – Any time. Any time you need to think, just come to me and I’ll sort you out.
A – Haha, I’ll know who to call.
T – It’s refreshing you even have that attitude. Most people I know are morbidly afraid of thinking for themselves. Let alone ever questioning their prejudices.
A – Prejudices, like what? You mean things like gay marriage, abortion, racism and all that?
T – Sure. But not just those things. Everyone usually has some kind of prejudice, whether they realize it or not, that’s what I think anyway.
A – Even you and I?
T – Especially you and I. We’re probably worse, because we think we’re clever and therefore immune.
A – OK what prejudices do you think I have then?
T – Well obviously I don’t know you well enough, but I would say you probably have some. Just think of those people you dislike.
A – OK, um... I know, people who don’t get science. Those people I can’t bear. They don’t have an issue with it when it comes to gravity, or trusting that their airplane won’t fall out of the sky. But they just pick and choose. Stem cell research, GMOs, whatever the fashionable thing is to disagree with. I can’t stand that. But that’s not a prejudice.
T – Well, that’s a perfect example. Maybe they lack the intellect to really understand what science is about, how it works, maybe they missed the lecture about the processes involved in the scientific method, or were asleep when the lecturer was talking. There could be all sorts of reasons why they have come to decide they will be against science. Maybe they see it as cold and out of touch with issues of the heart. And they’re at least partially right, in my opinion.
A – You think?
T – Definitely. It’s not that science doesn’t engage with emotions and relationships, or that it can’t be inspiring when it’s at its best. It’s just the way its often communicated as something that old men do in labs.
A - I never want to be one of those old men. I want to inspire people with science.
T - Absolutely. So do you see that it’s not necessarily that they have an unfounded hatred. In fact I think everyone has reasons for everything they believe. They may not be good reasons, sure, but a lot of what empathy’s about is figuring out what the genuine reasons are behind what people believe, say and do.
A – That’s very profound.
T – Thanks very much. I know.
A – Haha, not so interested in modesty then?
T – Too right, what’s the point? Waste of time. Haha, I’m kidding.
A – I like that we have quite intellectual conversations.
T – Me too. I love a good rant.
A – There’s almost no one else I know who genuinely has an interest in half of this stuff. Let alone a decent understanding.
T – Yeah it’s nice to find someone like-minded.
A – You’re also hilarious, when you want to be.
T – When I want to be, what do you mean by that?! You were going so well.
A – Well I’m hilarious whether I like it or not.
T – Haha, whatever!
A – No I’m serious! I meant that even when I’m not trying to be funny, people end up laughing. I mean at me not with…
T – Awww, poor you! I’m sure that’s not the case. I can’t imagine anyone mocking you. You’re too, I dunno…
A – Too what?
T – Well, you know, too cool, too successful, too clever.
A – I’m not so sure about that. But you’re very kind.
T – And captain of the team, come on, and you’re super popular.
A – Me? Popular? Come on! Now you’re stretching the truth. I have one group of buddies, mostly off the team, then I know a few people off my program, like you, and that’s about it.
T – Yeah but, like, all the girls are crazy about you. You must have noticed.
A – I hadn’t actually. Seriously?
T – Yeah, big time. They hide it well, but everyone’s always talking about you, about your looks. I’m pretty lucky to be here eating dinner opposite you. A lot of girls would kill to be sitting where I am right now.
A – Wow. I honestly had no idea. I don’t know how I feel about all the girls talking about me.
T – Neither do I.
A – Really?
T – No, I mean, nor would I, in your position. That’s what I meant.
A – I see. Well just for the record, I wouldn’t want any of them here with me right now. I am glad you’re the one sitting opposite me.
T – Aw, you’re so sweet. Sorry I think I can feel myself blushing...
A - It’s OK.
T - Thanks. So am I by the way.
A – You’re welcome, I mean it. You might have guessed I’ve kind of wanted to ask you out for a while now…
T – Really?
A – Yeah, big time. I’m just, I dunno, I get quite shy. Plus I wasn’t sure if you liked me back.
T – Well, I hope maybe I can help you get a bit clearer about that...
Waitress – Hey guys! Any desserts for you guys?
A – Oh, um, actually we hadn’t really given it much thought.
T – I have no idea, could you just give us a minute?
A – Yeah I think that would be good if we could have a look and decide in a bit, is that OK?
Waitress – Sure! I’ll be back in a bit.
T – Thanks, maybe give us a few minutes.
A - Well that was awkward timing.
T - Yeah, um, did you want a dessert, or...?
A - I think I’m OK. But you feel free, if you want something just get it.
T - I can’t decide. Actually, yeah I don’t think I’ll have anything either. Eaten too much already!
A - If you’re sure.
T - Yeah.
A - OK I’ll get the check then. I should probably get going soon anyway,
T - Oh yeah, what with practice early tomorrow morning and everything.
A - Plus it is getting late.
T - True.
A - I can walk you home if you like?
T - Oh no you don’t have to.
A - Sure, it’s no trouble. Here, this is your coat right?
T - Yeah that’s my one. Have you got everything?
A - Yeah. I’m sure I’ve got everything that matters anyway.

T - I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable earlier.
A - What? Oh, hey, no, don’t worry about it, you’re fine. It was quite funny when you think about it.
T - Yeah, I suppose. The waitress did look more embarrassed than either of us.
A - Wow, it’s a really nice evening.
T - Yeah. It’s good to get a bit of fresh air as well, I was burning up in there.
A - I love how she just turned around immediately and walked off in the opposite direction.
T - Yeah, haha! I can’t imagine being in her shoes in that moment. Like, what do you do? It must be hard to decide whether to try and stick it out or just cut your losses and bail.
A - I think she made the right decision.
T - Definitely.
A - So, it’s one of these houses on the left, right?
T - Yeah it’s this one right here. You can recognise it by the orange trash can, which Leah painted.
A - I’ll bear that in mind.
T - Cool.
A - So, when will I see you again? Not that I’m, particularly, like that’s the only thing that matters, but just wondering.
T - Oh, well there is this party at our place this weekend that I was going to see if you wanted to come to. I mean, it’s totally up to you but Leah’s organised it and she’s got a band and there should be quite a few people coming. It should be good.
A - Yeah? Sounds awesome.
T - Cool. I hope you can come. I mean, it would be cool to see you there.
A - Yeah I think I could probably make an appearance.
T - OK, well have fun at practice tomorrow.
A - I had a really fun night tonight.
T - So did I. Thanks for walking me home. It’s really sweet of you.
A - It’s a pleasure.



A - I’ll see you soon then.
T - OK. See you soon. Goodnight.
A - Goodnight Tabitha.

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Is Tabitha a churchie or not? She sounds kind of like she's not.

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She's not. She's an atheist but probably wouldn't use that term to describe herself. She is introduced in part 5 and Leah says something like "I know you don't believe in any of this".


In the next episode I try to really get into some of the reasons why I personally began to struggle with my faith, as one of the characters starts to undergo a transformation. Coming next week...


Merry Christmas everyone.

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She's not. She's an atheist but probably wouldn't use that term to describe herself. She is introduced in part 5 and Leah says something like "I know you don't believe in any of this".


In the next episode I try to really get into some of the reasons why I personally began to struggle with my faith, as one of the characters starts to undergo a transformation. Coming next week...


Merry Christmas everyone.


Ah yes, I remember now.


I can't wait to see the next installment!!! 

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