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I posted these links in my topic on chia seeds and bipolar depression earlier today, but thought they would be a helpful topic on their own.


Sister FreethinkerNZ's recent topic to support people suffering through mental health issues:
My topic that I posted a little over three years ago when I was going through a severe bipolar depression. All are welcome to read it:
Sister Blackpudd1n's topic on atheism and bipolarity from 2012. Don't think she's around here anymore, but she is loved. She helped me a lot a while back:
My thoughts on suicide. Posted recently.
My thoughts on Robin William's death. I share a lot of my own life experiences with bipolar disorder and depression. This is a Facebook link, but it's a public forum so it should be accessible:
There is so much more available if you just do a search for "bipolar disorder" or something similar from the main page of this glorious site. Hope this is all helpful. Mental illness, depression, suicide -- all very tough subjects, but so important to discuss!
And always remember, if you are in a crisis, help is available! In the United States, you can call 1-800-273-8255. Other countries should have similar numbers and services available.
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