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Goodbye Jesus



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Hey all,

I recently heard of sungazing, the pineal gland, what it can do for you.

Now I am personally blind from birth. No optic nerves, just eyes.

So, the way I look at it, I'm the perfect one to be able to do this. They say you'll go blind from it, I'm already blind.

I don't know about all the claims, probably some of them are true and some not. The guy who was giving the Youtube video lecture on it wasn't selling books, there were no ads, it was not a game to get you to buy their gear.

If you can see, they say you're supposed to do it for just a few seconds at either sunrise or sunset.

I can't see any light at all, so I need it to be shining heat in order for me to find it. I just tip my head up towards the warm, since I can't focus my eyes properly. 

anyway, I was very high when watching that video, yes, but when I came down, it still seems like a very good idea. It's free, I can't damage anything -- I'm already damaged goods according to the rational materialists -- 
and I can maybe benefit.

They say you're supposed to stand on the Earth, though sometimes I just stand on concrete so I'm sure not to step in dogsh*t ... stand perfectly straight, take a big old hit from the atmosphere, and look up direct into the sun.

I have no idea what it will do, but it's worth the trip maybe.

If you do it, chime in. Or if you've heard of it. I don't know what will or won't happen. We already know the "right thinking" people will say it's either a placebo, or demons, both same coin two sides. 

But come back on this if you want, I'm really curious. Some of you have done this higher consciousness stuff for a very long time, and I'm just taking the first few puffs at it in the past year or so.


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My wife follows rather a lot of alternative spirituality, alien conspiracies, psychic development and such. I've listened to several hours of talks, and been to classes along with her. I occasionally hear about the pineal gland being important, but I have yet to hear of anyone actually doing anything with it. The guys she listens to talk and talk and talk about the pyramids and geometry being important for anti-gravity, and all their trips to other planets and encounters with aliens, and yet not one demonstration. Not one equation that can be used to build anything real. And for all the claims about how modern physics is crippled by the international cabal of whoever hasn't yielded a change in physics. 


So when I hear another claim about looking into the sun being magical, I take it with several grains of salt. I've looked at the rising and setting sun before, but the ultraviolet is still present even at those times, so it isn't wise to do it for long. Retinas can still be sunburned even without optical nerves. And without anyone demonstrating change, why would sunlight do anything to create psychic ability. I read a witchcraft book where the guy implied that doing spells while clenching the crotch muscles was "dangerous for the novice", as though it were some secret to making it really work. I recall my church days where there was always a latest fad that was supposed to really get god to show up and do something. It never worked, but got our emotions wound up and kept money going into the offering. 


None of this is intended to dismiss spirituality or trying things. I just have heard SO very much hogwash passed off as the latest secret. I enjoy a high from weed and other substances, and try to use those times for at least some introspection and self-discovery. But at the same time, I also realize that my mind is on a drug, that I will see and hear things, voices and sounds, and that I should evaluate it all when I'm back to normal. And some of it is really worth pondering, like the time I met my subconscious personified and asked about how I can have a dream about being someone else, someone with a fully formed life and people I know, and yet when I awake I have no clue how that can be part of my mind.


I have met a few people that seem to have insight into the lives of others (like they can read your mail, so to speak), and yet the same people would say things like "Jesus is your spirit guide for healing!", not realizing that my fundy version of Jesus is a lot different than their New Age version. So again, several grains of salt. If I find anything that works reliably, I'll try to share it.

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1 hour ago, Fuego said:

Retinas can still be sunburned even without optical nerves.

I'm with Fuego on this. If you have lenses in your eyeballs that can focus the light onto the back of your eyeball, I would advise not doing this. It would be the same as holding a magnifying glass such that it focuses the sun's rays onto your skin. It will get very hot very quickly.


And for the sighted folks, there are documented cases of people getting high and staring at the sun and losing their sight. If you want to look at the sun, go on line and buy some Baader solar filter film. It's an aluminized mylar that's designed for filtering the sun for visual observation. Sunglasses, even in multiple layers, are not good enough.

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The "magic" pineal gland is bullshit. Though going blind may not be on the table, severe tissue damage is still possible from the sun. I'd take a hard pass on this one.




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Hey, Leo. I'll trade you staring at the sun for an Alan Watts guided meditation on ...well...meditation. And another video on pranayama, or yoga breath control stuff. I've done some deep breathing exercises in the past and I've gotten quite a rush from it. A good natural rush, imo. It seems there are a bunch of different techniques  of pranayama , including one for opening the third eye chakra. 


I'm thinking of incorporating pranayama into my other spiritual practice.


Have a good one. :)


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On 8/29/2019 at 11:19 PM, midniterider said:

I've done some deep breathing exercises in the past and I've gotten quite a rush from it. A good natural rush, imo. It seems there are a bunch of different techniques  of pranayama , including one for opening the third eye chakra. 


Me too. It seems related to the breathing and oxygen intake. I've felt a strong buzzing energy feeling in the general frontal lobe region. And then disengaging the meditation feeling it slowly subside. But with a body buzz sort of feeling lingering thereafter just from meditation / deep breathing. 


How about experimenting with that @Leo ? Far less dangerous. Cool experience. Consciousness / spiritual oriented. Starring at the sun just seems a bit of a new age stretch and ultimately ill advised. 

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Hey all.


Sorry I haven't come back on this. I see what you all are saying. I will look at the debunking article though I've read the snarky stuff from RationalWiki, I really do think the RW people do mean well and have a lot of good things to say.


I guess I just stopped doing the sun gazing thing, though planting my bare feet on the earth does seem to do something for me, stand outside and do deep breathing while standing on the Earth.


I appreciate the advice about meditation, and I think I've finally figured something out. I read something explaining it's not "Stop thinking", but just observe your thoughts and let them go. I meditated, or think I was meditating, standing up. And it felt like riding a boogy board on the river when we were kids. A lot of images, a lot of different things. And I hadn't smoked for awhile, so it was just me. 


I will agree a lot of the things on Youtube are pretty reminiscent of religion, with gurus and people selling books / telling you you have to do it their way.


Lol to the conspiracy stuff, I used to think some of that stuff. In my case I  had some mental issues and got on antidepressants. The conspiracy theories and the half gallon of hard liquor every six weeks just didn't seem attractive anymore. 

The irony is that the people in the farthest reaches of the conspiracy stuff, the ones that say everything's fake and we're all controlled, well, I was told that stuff plays into your depression if you have it. At the time I would have told you those were all my own ideas. But after being on meds for a while, those ideas just seemed not appealing anymore. 


Anyway hijacked my own thread, but I hear what you all are saying about the sungazing stuff. So thanks for the responses.

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