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A load of reasons why myself and others should deconvert


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If there are any spelling errors or pronunciation errors in this article then I ask for forgiveness in Jesus's name. Amen!!!


Here are my reasons for deconversion. It's more to do with the reasons why, rather than telling my story, after all that's what matters. Some of my points are from great minds other than myself, and I do not appologise for this as these people have inspired myself and many others to lose faith. I started losing my belief with the 1st scenario below. To me this is ENOUGH proof that Bible god is NOT real


I'm very interested in coming along and maybe joining your church. I attended church for many years and eventually made a commitment to the Lord. I went on Sundays, to every church meeting but I remember one such occasion of attending church when my grandfather had a heart attack and we called out one of the Elders from the church because he was also a Doctor. He was brilliant and he opened up the church for us as we were nearby and we laid my grandfather down inside the church near the pulpit.

The local Hospital was packed solid so we thought it was a good idea that the church could help. Then the Elder of the church said something very strange but actually very obvious. He said "If you had a serious accident at work or someone fell seriously ill why does everyone always phone 999 instead of calling on the church for healing help". He then said " You don't ever hear people saying, Quick they've had a stroke,  get them to a church as soon as possible, and you never see any Emergency church vehicles running to the scene of a multiple pile up on the Motorway to offer help from God but on the other hand, the Hospitals are packed solid night & day with the sick but if you drive past a church at midnight the car park will be empty and it's doors will be locked with not a soul in sight.. No-one ever goes to a church for proper aftercare either to get healed. Imagine if your church Pastor said "Take 2 of these prayers every 4 hours and if after 7 days these prayers aren't working then come back and see me and I will put you on a different course of prayers" or "Quick take them straight down to the Emergency Altar as they might die so they need to be given emergency prayers now!! Why do people not use all the churches for all our sick and dying people. Imagine if we were to drive past and our churches were full and then see all the redundant hospitals that lie empty because of the amazing work that God is doing because of his amazing prayer promises that Jesus proclaims in the bible. Surely then even in the real world we should see some churches at least three quarters full or even half full of sick people being healed by prayers! but No; They are completely empty. So Why? If prayer works as Jesus emphatically claims in the verses below are the churches completely empty regarding healing the sick

James 5:15 “And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven.”

Mark 11:24: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”

John 14 "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ASK ME FOR ANYTHING in my name, AND I WILL DO IT."

Matthew 18:19 “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about ANYTHING THEY ASK, IT WILL BE DONE for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For every one who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Or what man of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent? If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!”

Matthew 17:20 “For truly, I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”

....Simply because the churches would be full to the brim if prayer worked but the evidence shows overwhelmingly that prayer doesn't seem to work and science has gone further and proved prayer doesn't work without doubt but having a belief in something that isn't real but you are desperate to believe that it is true is easily illustrated in the next paragraph

Why does Santa not give all the needy children in the world presents. Exactly the same reason that Jesus doesn't feed them and lets millions of children end up being abused and starving. Because that's how imaginary Characters work. Christians often try to claim that God has healed someone and it's a miracle but forget to tell you the truth that the person was in Hospital having specialist treatment from Doctors and Nurses for weeks,  or even months. This isn't God and it also isn't a miracle, it's just dellusion and wishfull thinking of trying to show that an imaginary God is in control when you're actually telling lies!

Christians tell lies when converting people by only using a very small portion of John's gospel instead of telling people the truth about the whole book that you must hate your family, He's not come with peace but with a sword, he cruely tells someone that their dead relatives can bury themselves, he calls a woman a dog for not being a Jew. His father order David's wives to be raped by Neighbours for something David did (imagine if you were one of those wives or do you Christians lack real empathy to put yourself in other peoples shoes just so you can still justify your horrible book). Yahweh the father is an unjust, brutal, murdering, child abusing, rapist, and he's an egotistic maniac and madman but you don't tell the new converted person any of this because you know that they wouldn't convert if they knew the truth so you hope that they continue in the Church and by time they find out the real truth you hope it's too late for them to get out.

You say “The bible is true in every way because the bible tells us so”. A book that no one has any proof of that any of its thousands upon thousands of words were actually ever spoken or even true. A book that is without any proof that it is even from any god as there's not one shred of evidence. So by "faith" you base your whole life on it (Faith just means "relying on stupidity", just like driving your car 10 miles blindfolded and expecting to reach your destination without crashing or killing people on the way. No chance!!) even though it condones lots of evil things such as burning alive your only daughter after a promise to god. You then via the preaching from other humans (no words from god), and soft sales music in the background, convince yourself that every single bible word was true from that moment someone converted you with just ONE verse. John 3:16.


Then I hear you say “I am a Christian of the One and Only true god”...........but all I really hear you saying is.......... “You were most likely raised by Christian Parents of exactly the same belief structure & denomination which just coincidently happens to be, in your eyes, “the one true religion” because it's the only thing that was bashed into you until you submitted, passed down from your parents and you just happened to be born in a Christian, instead of Hindu or Muslim, geogrphical area of the world.....and that you have total blind faith in a set of man made stories that reflect the awful morals and culture of the time they were written....it's a book that you have never really read properly, after all these years & years you've never read the “Almighty's” book properly, so what does that say about your real belief in god's book, plus you would of read it thousands of times from page 1, without any influence from biased church Pastors, if you actually truly believed that he is the true GOD. It's simple, the bible is not from god because most of this book is confusing and doesn't make sense and the stories just go on and on relentlessly before it even gets to the point of the story because most of it's very poor literature writing..........


So instead you use a set of biased human beings every 7 days to carefully cherry pick it so you can willingly be indoctrinated and brainwashed via repetition to enable you to easily accept and believe in their interpretation, especially if you need to convince yourself that the bad parts are all irrelevant now and that the bible is only full of “good and love”(Angel of Light)......... and these Pastors ensure that they only cherry pick about 15-25% of the whole book, namely all the agreeable and the good parts, which means that you are really just deceiving yourselves by pretending the bad stuff doesn't exist and/or apply any more, except when it suits you ie Gays....Therefore deep down surely you realise that modern Christianity is just deceit and lies because the other 75-85% you avoid to mention or preach about as you are told to convince yourself that the whole book is true and never to question as “god knows best”, even though your church cult only believes in 15-25%. You are bashed repeatedly with “this is just Satan attacking and god will punish you in Hell if you dare leave the “flock”. All for doing nothing more than using your god given brain instead of a cherry picking book ........


Take Note that If you are his “sheep” then remember a Shepherd only keeps sheep for a couple of reasons, and it's not because he loves his sheep, One reason is that the sheep are going to blindly follow their Shepherd straight down to the Slaughter House...Only fools would be proud of being sheep. 


The more I studied the Bible, the more contradictions I found there and the more I saw things in the scriptures that were 100% immoral or unethical. Things like God killing women, innocent children & babies and innocent animals in the flood. Things like God commanding the Israelites to absolutely slaughter their enemies, including women, innocent children and animals and ordered not to spare one single person or animal, unless they were CHILD girl virgins of course. I just couldn't understand how God could order Israel to kill entire cities, including women and small children. I imagined them being lined up for execution, the woman holding onto their children who were crying and then getting a sword run through both of them. It didn't make sense to me at all. I imagined myself an Israelite soldier being ordered to kill the children and If I didn't kill them I would be disobeying God and would be killed. This made god seem just like our recent dictators and the Nazi regime and I find this very upsetting and then to hear in my head the daft excuses that Christians say to try and justify these awful murders, ie "god knows best" and "he does things for reasons that we cannot understand but his ways are righteous and just"



Things like God testing people (remember Job) when he is supposedly omniscient and he killed Job's family just because of a bet with Satan. Things like God wanting his people to show their devotion to him by mutilating their sexual organs. David, according to Paul, is a man after God’s own heart who murders to gain a wedding gift of foreskins. Putting aside the fact it's genocide, it's also far too primitive to ever be from the real God who created this amazing universe using systems of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology that only we could ever hope to understand. This foreskin rubbish from this jealous, angry & tyrannical bible god is clearly just a massive insult to the true designer of our vast universe and an insult to his/her intelligence, unless it's evolution. Also this bible god couldn't defeat an army in the OT because they had chariots made of iron!...So he's got no chance in the 2nd coming now we've got metal war Tanks and planes...Remember this one too from the bible “God loves the smell of burning sacrificed human & animal flesh.” Wow...for me this is just too stupid to ever come from the real Maker.



Also things like all the Middle Eastern gods claim that blood must be shed to remove sin. Everything in Christianity always has to do with death, blood, sacrifice, murder, torture, strict & impossible to keep conditions and forgiveness via blackmail. Killing innocent animals and people as a sacrifice cannot ever pay for the wrongs you do. Things like making others pay for your sins as with David's wives - God actually commands all David's wives be raped by his neighbours to punish David. Now imagine if YOU were one of David's wives!! This awful notion someone else can pay is evil. Say you commit a wrong doing and the Courts decide to punish that whole family next door, that you're good friends with. Everyone knows they're innocent but they are going to be tortured and put to death for a wrong doing that YOU committed. There would be an outcry but this sort of payback system seems to be an all too familiar theme throughout this bible, including god offering to kill and murder a very tiny part of himself and calling it his Son. Why create evil then in the 1st place; also heaven must have been full of sin before the world even began because a whole third of all the Angels insisted on rebellion and then became more evil than your worst nightmares – hence Demons. Therefore bible gods heaven is just a pure mess and was full of the most awful sin and was certainly not perfect in any way right from the start.


Its all wrong and being portrayed as “right” when it's just a “lie” that anyone can pay for the crimes that you commit. It's just a cop out to make you think that you've got away with your sins in life, and that's why the Police and the Courts don't kill innocent animals and innocent people for any crimes you commit today because everyone knows that it would be wrong, disgusting and evil to ever command such things. Please Christian why don't you try to live in fear everyday knowing that you could be tortured & executed at any time because of a Neighbour's sin, Let's see how you feel about it. Christians always claim that their bible is justified in every way in what it does to other people as long as it's always someone else that has to suffer and not YOU or any family or friends close to YOU. Study what they used to do to a goat in old times and hence the reason we have the term “scape goat”


And why does God send evil spirits. Things like God slaughtering an innocent child or baby in every Egyptian home after God hardened Pharaoh’s heart on purpose and then he killed Pharaoh for having a hard heart, only after God had deliberately killed thousands of innocent 1st born and 1st born cattle!!. Imagine if it was your Son or Daughter and the family cat or dog!!



Things like God commanding genocide. I couldn’t help but wonder, this is supposedly the God that so loved the world? And yet he thought slavery and giving instructions on how to sell your own Daughter into it was OK. It took America 245 years to find out slavery was wrong all because the bible said it was right and it took an atheist to get it banned!! Again dear Christian this book is perfect in your eyes as long as it's not YOU or your Daughter that must be sold!! The New & Old Testament can't even get its story straight as the bible's so called Christ did not even fulfill all of the prophecies that the Messiah was supposed to fulfill. So the bible deceitfully tries to claim Jesus (this name Jesus is only 600yrs old) is the Messiah but then you find that He was obviously not the Messiah if you study carefully


God kills millions of innocent babies and animals in a flood (estimated 20+ million people murdered and imagine how many innocent animals) when he could of saved every single one of those murders just by putting Adam & Eve to sleep and starting again...Then he starts the whole process again with 8 faulty people in a boat leading to far more mass murder and torture (the 8 people couldn't of been very righteous so why doesn't this god who loves to murder the innocent any way just kill 20,000,000+8 and start again without sin). This from the all knowing god. Christians are no more innocent than those unlucky souls who were tortured and murdered back in the OT. ...”Well, they were evil back then” according to you and your almighty Gawd. They were right to be stoned to death for picking sticks up on the Sabbath even though today you might just pop into Sainsburys on a Sunday for some bits. Have you ever watched a rock being smashed into someone face & body (stoning) where their body and face is crushed in with rocks, wounds pouring with blood. Then maybe you should and then you may realise just how wrong this OT god is and how lucky you were to be born today...


Only “Time” separates what they suffered in the OT and why you live your scot-free life today...The Jesus sacrifice is all wrong because of the amount of elapsed “Time” that it took for the bible story writers to copy similar stories and a similar 3 day sacrifice story that many Egyptian & Babylonian gods had already come up with centuries before this Jesus story. These Pagan stories were used to form the very similar bible story for this Jesus character, and in many cases the Jesus story it's just a varied copy of the many previous Pagan god stories that came before. The Jesus story came thousands of years too late from an “all knowing” god as millions of his unnecessary tortures & murders would have been prevented just by sending his son after Adam & Eve and this would of halted that evil flood. “By the fruits you will know..." Yes, this fruit seems rotten


But this is the God of the Old Testament and that Jesus came to show us a different view of God A “New Testament” God, a kinder, gentler God. But the God that Jesus describes, while maybe not calling for God’s people to kill their enemies too often, steps things up by warning people of everlasting torment. He's miles worse than YHWH. In the OT, if you sinned against God, you were just killed for your sin (god's very small mercy of no more pain). In the NT, if you sin against God or Jesus, you will suffer everlasting torture. I’ve never been comfortable with all of Jesus’ teachings either. After all, according to the gospels: He said that he didn't come to bring peace to the earth, but to bring a sword. He said we should hate our families. He said that we shouldn’t marry or have children. He never denounced slavery; instead he advocated that some slaves should be beaten harder than others. He supported physical mutilation – cutting off your hand/ foot and gouging out your eye, and before you start with your silly excuses, nowhere does it say that this language is just metaphoric language! That's just the excuses Christians invented to try and justify his words as well meaning. He said that the poor would always be with us. He said that marrying divorced women is forbidden. He forbade planning for the future. He forbade having sexual urges. He forbade stopping thieves or physical attackers. He then chucks 2,000 innocent pigs off a cliff top as he says it was to remove demons! Don't try to tell me that there wasn't an alternative way to do this peacefully when he is the GOD of love and justice!!! Jesus is a monster but in disguise this time with some “love” thrown in, but it's all based on “strict” conditions, and not true unconditional love. Jesus also clearly reiterates in the NT on many occasions that no law, no matter how awful, is to be changed in the OT and anyone trying to change any bible words or add/miss anything out to suit themselves will be in very serious danger but you lot do it all the time as you only use 15-25% of the bible in the modern Church's because secretly you know that 75-85% of the book is disgusting and makes no sense



This simple quote puts things in the correct perspective. Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offence, and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end.”....... but If you read the bible about god's character it is the complete opposite of this quote, god is't very patient and he's jealous, boastful and very egotistical, seeks revenge, conceited, rude and selfish, he easily takes offence and is resentful, he takes pleasure in peoples' sins and delights in punishing people without mercy or remorse often for little things and even sometimes just for being an innocent bystander. He constantly changes 'His' mind as to what truth is or isn't and He certainly doesn't like excuses, trusts no one and his claimed love is purely conditional, based on fear and wrath and he demands arrongant worship of himself constantly.........God is the contradiction of what love is supposed to be... so therefore this god of the bible is NOT love but the complete opposite of love......When you are in such an abusive relationship with someone Eg Husband, Wife, Father or even this "bible god" you constantly make excuses for them (bible twisting, lame excuses or simply ignore all the evil injustices & atrocities within the bible) and then you say things like "I know him and  he's not really like that. He doesn't really mean to call me "evil and undeserving of anyone" and that without him "I'm useless and lost" and that's why he demands that I put him 1st and that I never look up to someone else apart from him......He's even had his own Child tortured and killed for me and it was all my fault....He was far too busy at the time to take any of the responsibility for creating people he already knew inside out; like Hitler, Stalin and ISIS....Look! I know he created evil & Hell but he did it all for you and me and all in our best interests and you're forgetting again that he tortured and murdered his own child and soon I will sit next to him in heaven so he must love me really, doesn't he??" ..........You best join the heavenly queue quickly as billions also state that they too will be seated next to Jesus in heaven, and these billions of other people came 1st before you........... if you think that this heaven will be that good and you're so confident about it, to the point of extreme arrogance with some Christians, then why bother to put your seat belt on in the car.....and why do you fear death so much??


It is glaringly obvious that in order to believe one must ignore whole sections of the bible, often claiming that it can't be interpreted literally. Let's take for example " Those who trust in the Lord will want for no good thing" "Do not worry about the clothes you wear or food you eat but put the kingdom of heaven first and all these things will be added to you”. Obviously I'm paraphrasing but the point is there are promises that clearly state those who believe will be fed, clothed and want for nothing that is good for them. Now I'm going to get a little harsh and hope I don't offend anyone but you probably don't have much empathy for people if you can't even see the bad stuff in the Old Testament and New Testament for what it really is. Anyway, to illustrate my point I will resort to using an example that is unfortunately far too common and not pleasant. Think of all the millions of young children being abused and molested and praying with great faith that this God will protect them. Is this not wanting for something good? and it is of course the desire of their heart which is also promised them in the bible yet why don't they receive the fulfilment of those promises, not to mention the obvious fact that millions of Christians are starving to death all around the world and god promises numerous times in different wording that his followers will be fed as I pointed out before.


Has Religion brought more harm or good to this world? Are Christians necessarily better people than anyone else? I think not. It was Christians who burnt women as witches (with biblical sanction). It was Christians who burnt scholars for translating the Bible into English. It was Christians who stood against women’s rights (with biblical sanction). It was Christians who stood against the abolition of slavery in Europe & America (with biblical sanction) and who donned the robes of the KKK. It was Christians who wanted us to go to war with Iraq and destroy that country in retribution for 9-11. It's Christians who can't wait for Jesus to inflict murder on billions in the world just so that YOU can see the day that YOU can float up to the clouds and be with Jesus. Most of you beg for this return of Jesus without caring how many people have to be murdered by Jesus to get to this point, as long as you're not hurt in anyway of course. If Jesus so loved the world then he wouldn't murder even 1 person but you can't see the irony in how evil this doctrine is that you follow. For any Christian to deny these things proves that they either don’t know their history or they simply chose to ignore it. "Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man." Thomas Paine:...



The God that you call your “Father” - I've got a Dad but he's not a proper Dad ever since Christians got hold of him at a Billy Graham event he's turned into one of those Fundamentalist bible extremists, you know the sort, the one's that want to punish everyone who break YHWH's laws, stone 'em to death, kill the Sabbath breakers and kill all Gays as they are evil. I feel like I have woken up one day to discover that my 'daddy' (and I never really had one) -- the man that's supposed to love you, admire and encourage you, try to do their best for you in life and be there for each other, now bases all his views on the Christian Dad, “Our Father God” who is a just murderer, a rapist, a blood-thirsty tyrant and a hater of women & children, in fact of everyone and a Dad who would sacrifice his own child (Son) instead of himself for the mistakes and evil that he made in the 1st place and then threatens the rest of his children with eternal and everlasting burning just for being normal....What parent would do that and what parent would be so jealous and insecure to demand such egotistical worship of himself (yes jealousy is a SIN so YHWH and Jesus were sinners!!)....this isn't grace or love......it's abuse


If one person were to say to another:

"I love you. You will love me too, and do

what I say, without ever questioning me,

or I will punish you with the worst

torture you can imagine for the rest of

your existence"


We would, as a society, cry out loudly:

"That's not LOVE, that's ABUSE"


But apparently it's OK, if it's coming

from the 2 Christian Gods


Christians tend to be angry & judgemental towards non believers threatening them with Hell, even though there is no proof of a bible or a Quran heaven and hell, but they still discuss the non believers during their church services and hatefully condemn them to this eternal Hell for not following these myths and fairy stories and I should know as I've sat there and had to listen to these Pastors spout these hatefull words for nearly 15 years thinking that they know better than everyone else in the outside world. Then you conveniently drive the non believers cars, use our shops, banks, swimming pools, Hospital to heal your sick!!, schools etc,  so I'll now quote your "no evidence Bible" - Judge not lest ye be judged. Simple really, You need to take heed of what I'm about to say in the next sentence - "You are risking judging yourself to your own Hell for judging others for the way that they choose to live their lives just because they are contrary to your book of superstition" . You also need to remember that Jesus and YHWH have a simple get out clause to stop you getting to your heaven "Many will say Lord, Lord" and he will say "Depart from me I never Knew you" or should I translate that properly from the Hebrew "Many will say Baal, Baal" (the Babylonian god).........Now let's hear you say Amen (Amen from Amun-Ra the Egyptian god)......I think you best check who you are actually worshiping especially as the name Jesus didn't exist 600 years ago as there was no letter "J" and the Greek sounding name for Jesus "lesous" is pronounced "Heysus".  If you type "Jesus" to translate into Spanish on Google translate the audio sound will speak the sound "Heysus". Now say this same sound in the Hebrew language and you will be heard saying "The horse". So when spoken in Hebrew it litterally means "The Horse". Hebrew is the LANGUAGE of your Father God and "Heysus" would of been used in the verse below

Psalm.33:17: “The horse (Hebrew. pronounced Hey-soos (Hey-sus)) is a vain hope for safety; neither shall it deliver any by its great strength.”

No salvation is found in the Horse   "Hey-sus" - "Hey" means "the" in Hebrew but has no mumeric value in Hebrew, whereas "sus" means "horse" therefore "Hey-sus" in the Hebrew language totals the number 60-6-60 and in Hebrew the zeros are removed as they have no value. Does 666 spring to mind which is the number of a MAN. This MAN will exalt himself above the true GOD.....mythological Jesus exalted himself above GOD by saying no man comes to the Father (GOD) except by me....and the bible (probably a book inspired by Satan and not God) completes the lies by saying he performed magic tricks and miracles to fool the WHOLE world....watch out for the Angel of Light that has deceived the WHOLE world and this is exactly what Christianity has done....more people have been murdered, abused, tortured, child indoctrinated, alienated, disowned and judged  by this "Jesus and his cross image" than any other religious doctrine . Now there is no way on earth that if YAHWEH and JESUS were the real God that they would ever allow the name Jesus to be linked with 666 but the writers of Revelation knew that they were describing a man from inside the bible and not from outside the bible, litterally to fool the readers, which has worked as every single one of you have been looking for this code outside of the bible (ie Satan is the MASTER of deception and not just a POORLY PAID WORKER of deception, he is the MASTER and he is fantastic at deception). The word "Jesus" is only used in English speaking countries, it is not spoken as Jesus anywhere else apart from in English. You should not use the name Ge-sus (Jesus) anyway because the Ge means earth or soil in Greek, and the SUS means swine or pig in Latin, so you are saying "Earth pig" “Earth swine” “Earth Beast”. Jesus is a corrupted name derived from the Greek IESOUS.



Blind followers with dangerous blind beliefs just blindly except hundreds of thousands of words, contradictions, mistakes, failed prophecies to all be true. But now comes the real problem with all Christians and religious people - YOU then judge others based purely on these blind words, to the point of killing, abuse, torture, indoctrination, criticizing, alienating, condemning non-believers to a fate worse than Hitler's death camps (You should be ashamed of yourselves) when in actual fact if you read your bible you would find a phrase that conquers anything and everything you say and it's simply this.."Even the impossible is possible with God"....and yet you still say that all other religions are going to Hell according to you lot, just for not believing this "no evidence" book that has a talking snake and a talking Donkey in it, a chariot riding up in the sky, a cut off human hand that then begins scribbling words on a wall at a party and the rest of the Childrens characters that are described within...shame it's so nasty and evil then Children could of read it as a story book but too many people in the past have been hurt via this book


Bible Kill Count (not inc the flood) - God killed 2,476,633 people - Satan killed 10 people and it doesn't include all the millions of innocent animals god slaughted that wasn't to be used for food, in other words slaughtered for nothing


If you think bible God id good then read this list below  - God Brings us Evil - Quotes straight from the Bible


I, the Lord, make peace and I create evil.

God repented of the evil He thought to do to His people.
God brings upon you all evil things.
God sent an evil spirit.
God sent Saul an evil spirit.
God said: I will raise up evil against you out of your own house.
God brought upon them all this evil.
God will bring evil upon the house of Jeroboam.
God has spoken evil concerning you.
Behold, this evil is of the LORD.
I God am bringing such evil upon Jerusalem and Judah.
God said: Behold, I will bring evil upon this place.
God said: I will bring evil upon this place and the inhabitants.
God said: I will bring evil from the north, and a great destruction.
God said: Hear and behold, I will bring evil upon this people.
God said: I will bring evil upon them.
God said: For, lo, I begin to bring evil.
God will bring evil upon Judah and all Jerusalem.
God said: I will bring evil upon all flesh.
God said: I will bring evil upon them in my fierce anger.
Out of the mouth of God proceeds not evil and good?
They showed Job sympathy for all the evil that God brought him.
Did not our God bring all this evil upon us, and upon this city?
Evil came down from God.
God said: Against this family do I devise an evil.
God said: I am planning an evil against this race.
Shall there be evil in a city; the Lord hath not done it?
God said: I may repent of the evil, which I purpose to do.


God's Lies, Deceptions & Murders - Quoted straight from the Bible
The Lord said I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.
Oh Lord, you have deceived me, and I was deceived.
God sends a strong delusion to make them believe what is false.
God killed / drowned all but 8 Human Beings and a boat-load of animals.

God kills innocent babies and animals in a flood (est 25+ million murdered) when he could of saved all those murders by putting Adam & Eve to sleep and just started again from scratch
God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
God killed Lot's wife, mother of 2 virgins, by turning her into a pillar of salt.
God killed Onan who refused to knock-up his sister-in-law.
God killed by hail every man that was outdoors.
God claimed to make the dumb or deaf, the seeing or blind.
God killed all of Egypt's firstborn.
God drowned the Egyptian army.
God directed how to sell your daughter.
God wants all killed who curse their father & mother.
God condoned the killing of slaves.
God directed to kill witches.
God ordered to murder any who sacrificed to another God.
God wants the first-born of your sons.
God wants the first-born of animals sacrificed to Him.
God said: Obey Me, do what I say, I will hate and murder your enemies.
God ordered: Who dares to work on the Sabbath day shall be murdered.
God had Moses to slay 3,000 of their own relatives.
God murdered two of Aaron's sons by fire.
Bare your heads or tear your clothes and God will murder you.
Anyone unclean defiling Gods dwelling, God will murder.
God ordered: Anyone who curses his father or mother shall be put to death.
God commands: If you commit adultery, you shall be put to death.
If a man has sex with his father's wife shall be put to death.
God ordered: If a man has sex with his daughter-in-law, murder them both.
God commands to murder gay men.
God commanded: If a man marries a woman and her mother, murder all 3.
God commanded: If a man has sex with an animal, murder both of them.
God commanded: Murder women who have sex with animals.
God commanded: If a man or woman acts as a fortuneteller, murder them.
God ordered: A priest's daughter who fornicates - burn her to death.
God said: Any one with a handicap shall not profane God's sanctuary.
God commands: Obey my rules or I will murder you.
God ordered an Israelite who and blasphemed God's name murdered.
God ordered the whole community murder a man.
God said: I brought the Israelites out of Egypt and they are My slaves.
Slaves, male and female you may indeed possess.
God said: If you disobey Me, I will make you eat your sons and daughters.
God said: I will have them eat their sons and daughters.
God said: Fathers shall eat sons and sons shall eat fathers.
God said: Murder any stranger who comes near God's dwelling.
God documented: I murdered all the first-born in Egypt. I am God.
God claimed whom He would murder if they look at sacred objects.
God can't stand sick, suffering people.
The people complained, so God murdered many of them.
God made them eat meat until they died.
God said: I will murder all who saw what I did in Egypt but who still don't obey Me.
God saved people from Egypt and later murdered those who did not believe.
God told Moses: You, and all out of Egypt over 20, shall die in the desert.
God murdered men who gave a bad report about The Promised Land.
Caleb and Joshua were the only 2 God spared of 600,000 infantry. Catholic
God ordered to murder a man found gathering sticks on The Sabbath.
250 Israelite leaders disobeyed Moses. God burned them all alive.
Israelites complained against Moses. God murdered 14,700.
God ordered: Any layman coming near the alter will deserve murder.
God sent poisonous snakes against His people. They were bitten and died.
God said: I command the serpent and he shall bite them.
God ordered Moses to kill all the King's people and to take their land.
God said: I would have murdered you - but I would have spared your ass.
God stopped killing after murdering 24,000 more of His chosen.
God ordered Moses: Treat the Midianites as enemies. Crush them.
God murdered all males, mothers and babies and kept the 32,000 virgins.
God made the Israelites wander 40 years in the desert til they all died.
God: Drive them out or I will do to you what I thought to do to them.
38 years later, God had murdered the whole generation of soldiers.
God: Begin murdering. Provoke war. I will make all nations fear you.
God destroyed all men, women, and little ones. God left no survivor.
God delivered Og and we killed all the men, women and children of 60 cities.
Moses said: God is angry. I will die, not make it to The Promised Land.
God commanded: If you make a statue / image, you will be destroyed.
Without pity, murder all the people who God delivers to you.
God will send hornets to destroy your enemies. Kill nations little by little.
Like nations God destroys, you shall be murdered, if you do not obey God.
God, a consuming fire, will subdue them so that you can murder them quickly.
God said: You shall destroy / murder places God chooses.
If brother, son, daughter, wife, friend entices you to other gods - kill them.
If a city serves other Gods - murder the city.
God ordered: Murder any man or woman who worships the Sun / Moon.
God said: At an execution, the witnesses kills first and then all join in.
God said: Any who doesn't listen to God's priests / Judges shall be murdered.
God said: The cities I give you, you must murder them all.
God ordered: If a father has a stubborn, rebellious son, murder the son.
God ordered: If a father has a stubborn, rebellious son, murder the boy.
God ordered: If the tokens of virginity be not found in a girl, murder her.
God ordered: If a man has sex with a married woman, murder them both.
God commanded: If a man has sex with a betrothed virgin, murder them.
God ordered: If a man rapes a virgin he must marry, never divorce her.
God will defeat every enterprise you undertake until you are destroyed.
God will make disease attach to you until you are murdered.
God shall murder you by consumption, inflammation, fever, burning, sword.
God will make your land powder and dust until you die.
God will cause your enemies to murder you.
God said: They will eat your animals and crops until you are destroyed.
You will eat your own sons and daughters for food.
God said: The most delicate woman will eat her afterbirth and her infant.
God said: I will make my arrows drunk with blood.
They didn't obey God to murder all men, women, children. God destroyed them.
God ordered Joshua's army to slaughtered men, women and children.
A'chan took war-spoils. God burned A'chan and his children.
God tells Joshua to murder the city of A'I, to take its spoils, livestock as booty.
God said to Joshua: When you have taken the city, set it on fire.
God murders, by ambush, all 12,000 men and women and hanged their King.
God slew cities. Victims fled, God cast down great stones from Heaven.
Joshua ordered God make the Sun to stand still to finish God's killing.
5 kings remained alive Prisoners Of War. God's Joshua killed the POWs.
Joshua and God slaughtered the cities person leaving no survivors.
God hardened the hearts of the people God wanted killed for their land.
Joshua captured and murdered over 30 countries and their Kings.
God boasted: Then I, God, sent Moses and Aaron and murdered Egypt.
God said: I gave you land that you did not till and cities you did not build.
God slew 10,000 and cut off Adonibek's thumbs and big toes.
Shamgar (God's savior) slew 600 Philistines.
God murdered 120,000 men that drew sword.
Abimelech, God's chosen, murdered his 70 brothers.
The anger of God was hot against Israel and God sold Israel out.
God had Jephthah kill 20 cities and his 13-year-old daughter sacrificed.
Israelites offended God. God sold-out the Israelites to Philistines for 40 years.
God had Samson born and he become a weapon to murder the Philistines.
God inspired Samson to murder 30 men for their tunics to pay off his debt.
God released Samson's hands to murder 1,000 men.
Samson killed men and women bringing down the temple and died himself.
God had His Israelites attacked Laish, a quiet and trusting people.
Israelites asked God: Should I again war with my brother? God said yes.
The 2nd time, God had the Benjamites kill another 18,000 Israelites.
Israelites offered sacrifice. God said: Attack. I will deliver them to you.
On the 3rd day the Israelis killed 25,100 Benjamites.
Israelites murdered Benjamite cities. They destroyed, by fire, all their cities.
God ordered 12,000 soldiers to murder women and children.
Except for 400 virgins, God murdered all the Benjamite women.
God kills, and makes alive. God makes the rich and the poor.
God's priests had sexual relations with women. God put them to death.
God had the enemy Philistines murder about 4,000 Israelites.
God killed 30,000 more Israelites and His 2 bad priests.
God slaughtered 50,070 men who looked into the Arc of God.
God said: Smite Amalek, utterly destroy both man, woman, babies and suckling.
King Saul killed but spared King Agag. God regretted having made Saul King.
God's prophet said: Saul, murder them. Why have you disobeyed God?
Samuel said to Saul: You rejected God's command to murder them all.
Samuel cut King Agag to pieces. God regretted having made Saul King.
God's chosen David murders and circumcises 200 Philistines.
God said: Attack the Philistines! I will deliver them to you.
Uzzah guided the tipping Arc of God. God murdered Uzzah.
God told David: I have murdered your enemies before you.
David knocked-up Uriah's wife, Bathsheba and ordered Uriah murdered.
David shall not die. God, instead, murdered David's & Bathsheba's baby.
God told David to choose of 3 punishments. God murdered 70,000 Israelites.
God used a destroying Angel to murder 70,000 men.
God Murdered 500,000 of His own chosen Israelites.
God had His prophet, Elijah, murder 450 prophets of Baal.
God caused a lion to kill His prophet's companion.
God had two she bears tear 42 of the children to pieces.
God kills and God makes alive.
God sent lions to kill people who did not know how to sacrifice to God.
God's (Death) Angel murdered 185,000 Assyrians.
God said to Satan: You enticed / moved / tempted Me to ruin Job without cause.
God, who smote great nations and slew mighty Kings.
God inspired: Happy is he that takes and dashes your little ones against the stones.
God said: Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers.
God said: Cursed be he who holds back his sword from blood.
God said: Slaughter and doom them. Do all that I commanded you.
God said: With you, My weapon of war, I will murder man, wife, old and young.
God said: Fathers shall eat sons, sons shall eat fathers.
God said: I will rob you of your children. I have jealousy, anger and fury.
God said: Slay old, young, maids, little children and women. Wipe them out.
God said: All souls / lives are Mine. All sinners shall die.
God: I gave them statutes and ordinances that were not good so they could not live.
God: I let them sacrifice their first-born. I smell children passing through fire.
In sacrifice, the fragrance of the burning fat is God's.
I claim the first fruits of your offerings. As a pleasing odor, I accept you.
God: I pour out My wrath on you. I hand you over. You shall be fuel for the fire.
God said: I will let loose My jealousy against you, they will cut off your nose and your ears.
God said: Hack them to pieces and slay their sons and daughters.
God said: Know I am God when I wreak My vengeance. Daughters shall be slaughtered.
God: I will bring against you enemies that will murder you. I, God, inflict punishments.
God said: I gave Egypt to him (Moses) so they will know I am God.
God said: They shall know that I am God when I set fire to Egypt and break all who help her.
God said: My command to terrify unsuspecting Ethiopia is coming. I shall put an end of Egypt.
God said: You shall have flesh to eat and blood to drink until you are drunk.
God said: Little ones - dash to pieces and expectant mothers - rip open.
God said: I loved Jacob but hated Esau.
It is written: Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated.
God said: I will corrupt your seed and spread dung (shit) upon your faces.
God: The day is coming, all the proud evildoers will be set on fire, murdered.
God and / or Peter murdered Ananias and Sapphira for not giving all their money.
My enemies,  who would not have Me be King over them, bring them before Me & slay them.
The Son of Man / Jesus Christ said: "I will kill her children".

If you claim that the Biblical God is in control, you know who is to blame for all the evil.

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Praise God and hallelujah brother! That was the best sermon I’ve ever read. Good job. Somebody pass the offering plate and then you’re dismissed. Go in peace brothers and sisters and God be with ya.  :woohoo::jesus: Amen and Amen! 

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I think Steviejay deserves a nomination for best post of the month.......on second thought....best post of the year. That was awesome.



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5 hours ago, Steviejay said:

Blind followers with dangerous blind beliefs just blindly except hundreds of thousands of words, contradictions, mistakes, failed prophecies to all be true. But now comes the real problem with all Christians and religious people - YOU then judge others based purely on these blind words, to the point of killing, abuse, torture, indoctrination, criticizing, alienating, condemning non-believers to a fate worse than Hitler's death camps


That's whey I cringe when the fundy fams get to preaching and saying "praise the lord" or "praise god" or "You're not walking with the lord" or a host of other diatribes. That's why it's a tall order sometimes to just live and let live. You know - just tolerate them.


Anyway, that was a lot of work, @Steviejay!

is that post all of your own words? I mean besides the bible quotes?

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12 hours ago, MOHO said:

Anyway, that was a lot of work, @Steviejay!

is that post all of your own words? I mean besides the bible quotes?


Approx 75 - 80% are my own words. The rest came from the BIG deconversion pot available to everyone who looks


I always questioned the bullshit surrounding prayers right from childhood. They used to pray for good weather during bullshit "Summer Bible Week" and sometimes it would throw it down with rain for a couple of days. I knew then that praying was a load of crap.


"God is imaginary" helped me with the verses on prayers as I was too lazy to look them up because I actually hate the Bible with avengence after years of child abuse from Bible bashing parents. If all the Bibles in the world disappeared overnight I'd be having a damn good party and the Xtians would have no god, because their god is just a couple of imaginary book characters and they'd be stuffed without this book....they'd have to make crap up as they went along and they'd be thousands of voices flying around in all the xtians heads, all conflicting with each other, telling everyone how to live their lives....obviously all these voices are THEIR own voices but they are too thick, stupid, dellusional, and some are too downright evil to see it


My view is simple... Xtianity is evil. All of them LIE by rationalising and excuse making for their evil god.. The ones that seek the TRUTH are the ones that deconvert. My sister claims that god never intended anyone to be killed for not keeping the sabbath, as if the OT god was a loving, kind creature. She said that she heard it from a sermon recently and that was enough for her. I say "Try reading your fucking Bible for a change instead of listening to LYING apologists and preachers and you'll see he's nothing but a mass murderer"....... Tell 'em what they want to hear otherwise they will find a different church (cult) untill they find the preachers words that agrees with their (own) voice in their heads


Christianity is a mental illness (someone else said this and I totally agree)

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17 hours ago, Geezer said:

I think Steviejay deserves a nomination for best post of the month.......on second thought....best post of the year. That was awesome.




Thanks. Glad you enjoyed. I suppose sometimes the accounts can be too long, which mine is guilty of too


Here's a couple of statements to go with it that will make the xtians look like idiots

Christians - You are completely entitled to opinions

that are not supported by evidence.

But the moment you spread that opinion

onto other people as a fact, you are a liar.

And if you spread it as a fact knowing

it is not supported by evidence,

you are both a liar and a fraud


Your friends and neighbours have the same houses, cars, jobs, kids, trials and tribulations

as Christians but most live happier lives than Christians.....YOU PRAY, THEY DON'T...Yet

they have the same as you proving that prayer is nothing more than wishful thinking of

wanting prayer to work when it's all just an illusion of your brain

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17 hours ago, Geezer said:

I think Steviejay deserves a nomination for best post of the month.......on second thought....best post of the year. That was awesome.



Second. Awesome post :)

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7 hours ago, Derek said:

Second. Awesome post :)



Thirded! I love it! Wunnerful stuff!

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I could also add these my original post too as reasons


There are approx. 41,000 different Christians denominations around the world all with differing views on the bible and it's interpretation and this has caused some massive divisions throughout even the British churches....Now there is only one Holy Spirit and this spirit CANNOT tell lies, so either there are nearly 41,000 different Holy Spirits out there all telling people different versions (master of confussion)...or there is only one Holy Spirit and YOU just happened by lucky chance to be following the right doctrine.....or the 3rd option is that maybe you've all been lied to all these years as 41,000 denominations just doesn't stand up to the word "TRUTH" and only a lie has different "versions". and if the original version was already a LIE, then oh dear!!


Another big problem was the Churches bloody past . From almost the very beginning the Church was full of scandal and no way would this of happened if a loving God was in charge. The Church took over the Roman Empire and turned it into an horror show. A loving God being in charge of such a mess, no fuckin' chance!!.  The death and destruction caused by the Church in this period was terrible to say the least.

2000 years since Christ has been filled with violence, hatred, executions, murders, greed and powerful, evil Christians doing some absolutely awful things, especially to other people. If you dared have a different opinion you'd been doomed. When the Roman Empire fell the Church became law and then the shit really hit the fan. I guess millions were then killed in the name of Christ and now the roles have reversed and the Church now cries its head off if you dare even to poke fun at their fairy stories.

Take a look at the very low crime rates for Atheist and Agnostic Countries, Both Scandinavia and Iceland (approx. 90% atheist), closely followed by Japan, Denmark, Australia and a few others and how they live in peace. Now compare that with America's hard core Christian bible belt (recently, at least the Bible belt is now changing for the better), South America and Africa for gun crime, teen pregnancies, domestic abuse and violence, rapes and murders, child abuse, poverty, education and yet these are the people with faith that are already worshipping and selling their whole lives over to Jesus....something is seriously wrong with the Bible and Christianity if this is what it causes on a grand scale and this is the sort of evidence that proves it. The proofs in the puddin'

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1 hour ago, Steviejay said:

Another big problem was the Churches bloody past .

No! No! No!

That was the Catholic church you silly goose!   :Doh:

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37 minutes ago, MOHO said:

No! No! No!

That was the Catholic church you silly goose!   :Doh:

Sorry. I dont quite understand. There were no Evangelicals, Baptists, Methodists etc back then. The original church was just that, the original church. 

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1 hour ago, Steviejay said:

Sorry. I dont quite understand. There were no Evangelicals, Baptists, Methodists etc back then. The original church was just that, the original church. 



So many xtians, when I point out the fact that the xtian church was violent - especially with respect to Muslims during the Crusades, I get the reply "THAT was the Catholic church! Those people are NOT Christians!"


Of course, being the instigator that I am, I point out that, since belief that Christ is/was the Messiah makes one a Christian, that so are the Mormons. This particular approach frequently results in blown head gaskets. Good clean fun! :P

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On 6/18/2020 at 3:16 PM, MOHO said:



So many xtians, when I point out the fact that the xtian church was violent - especially with respect to Muslims during the Crusades, I get the reply "THAT was the Catholic church! Those people are NOT Christians!"


Of course, being the instigator that I am, I point out that, since belief that Christ is/was the Messiah makes one a Christian, that so are the Mormons. This particular approach frequently results in blown head gaskets. Good clean fun! :P


Those crucifixion statues on the wall are  usually a dead giveaway of Christianity in the Catholic church.

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  • Moderator

Awesome Steviejay. I just pinned this for all newcomers coming to Ex-c.

Thank you for the time you put in to this post.  Fantastic.  

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  • 2 months later...

Fantastic read... Thank you... 👍🏻

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On 8/30/2020 at 7:56 PM, weesue said:

Fantastic read... Thank you... 👍🏻


Hope it helps anyone out there that has been indoctrinated, brainwashed and/or abused by the Xtian religious cult that people fall for

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  • 3 months later...

Thank you for sharing particularly the verses about love from 1 Corinthians 13 and providing clear examples of how this is contradicted by behaviour of the biblical God as presented today.   


I do love my friends who believe but these examples really hit home.   I still believe there is a love that guides and see that there are good values also in the bible, which is why and where I was struggling for so long.   I think many people do not read what's really there or explain away verses that clearly demonstrate unloving behaviour with explanations like Gods ways are higher.   



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I took a screenshot of my post and it doesn't have those coloured highlights!!    I would be grateful if a moderator could please take the highlights off.    Thanks.  

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Lol...evidently the highlights are on my device!   Sorry moderators.

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