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Righting The Ship, I Think...




As it stands, my return to a workout routine has not been the best yet. Two days in now, and both have been cut short due to the need to get back into my regimen. Today came with my body deciding that it didn't want to run, so my body got weak and I had to stop, almost in a: "Nope, not doing it motherfucker!"


Doing some research a couple days yielded a brilliant guidance tool for measuring your daily metabolic rate: A BMR calculator through google. My BMR is 2104.5 (meaning I don't get out of bed all day), this is what I theoretically burn. Granted, it's not an end all be all, but it's a good guideline. I did the multiplication in the Harris-Benedict Equation and found the following results: For a while, on 2nd shift - I was using the x1.2 equation, which came to: 2524.4. This is how much is needed to maintain on that particular equation. The one I'm working toward again is the x1.55 equation, maybe more later. But for now: 3262 is what I need to maintain my current. However, since I have 20lbs left to lose, I'm focusing on the deficit needed to create that loss. It takes 3500 calories to burn a single pound. Muscle obviously burns more than fat, so focusing on cardio with interspersed weight lifting. It recommends not doing more than a 1000 calorie deficit a day. If I can keep my calorie intake around 2000-2500, I will be good. I'm also keeping tabs on my own workout burns per day, and doing a minor calorie count to make sure I keep it within boundaries. Being back on 3rd shift will help with the calorie count, because I am less inclined to eat on this shift.


Oh that too, back on a shift I can actually feel human on again. I woke up feeling alive for the first in a LONG time today, and god damn it feels great. I knew the shift switch would solve a lot of my problems, and it would appear I was correct in my thinking. Now with the new shift, new overtime potential opens up, and that means extra money to start getting things situated in my life. I think pretty much every wild hair I have in terms of trying to be social is gone (it's a bygone conclusion that my introverted nature doesn't allow much for it), so I can focus on just doing what I need to do for myself. I would say something else about it, but I'm probably jinxing myself. The life of a jinx, you can't tempt fate too much.

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