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New Physical Challenge, And Looking Ahead To The New Year



Can hardly believe this year is nearly over. As the calendar flips over to the 1st of December, we are officially in the final days of 2015, moving on into 2016 and beyond. This coming year offers a grand chance to get this officially situated and squared away, pending a successful contract signing in February. If that happens, the following happens:

  1. New place. I will officially be able to get back out on my own again, and finally start to make some headway in terms of being a responsible adult again. Having struggled for the last couple years to get on my feet, the split living arrangement with my brother will finally come to an end. Helpful, but I'm ready to put it aside.
  2. If all comes together correctly, the arrangements made after the new place will offer me to pay off some things and start getting my ship righted financially. Once that happens, a multitude of opportunities in terms of what I REALLY want to do will open up.
  3. As time draws on, can really start putting my life back together after two failed attempts at doing so. This time however, I'm just sticking with what I know works. No point in trending against the threads of fate and time.

Many of my more outstanding bills will be taken care of by the end of next year, pending nothing extravagant or unexpected (which I always prepare for) happening. As things are paid off, more money out of my checks remain in my bank account, which allows me to look at doing things I want to do, instead of need to do. Long term forecasting aside (not a strong point of mine), even in the short term - it does lead to some financial freedom and some breathing room in terms of stress in my life.


Now, on the new challenge - since I have been putting together some measure of success in the world as far as weight loss goes (65lbs lost), I've decided to focus on toning up as I appear to have hit a plateau. Having hovered around 217-222 for the last two months, it's a safe bet my body has reached it's ideal weight. If that is the case, then so be it. The new challenge however comes in the form of this. I am so psyched about this, having been told from family that participated this year that it was an absolute blast. They are wanting to put together a team to run it, and I decided to put my name in the hat. Along with that, a very dear friend of mine wants to join as well, bringing out team count to 4. Having looked at the obstacles involved, I must say this will involve a fair amount of training - but I feel like I'm up for it. Going to give it my best shot.


As always, I hold high hopes that a new year will hold promise for me, and 2016 is no exception. That all being said, I'm keeping it realistic, and with all due luck (all hail Luc!) - I can finally get back to the life I want to live without having to cave into the stresses that come with living in society. Maybe, just maybe - I can be whole again.

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Good luck on your challenge! I want to enter a 1/2 marathon, so here's to 2016 and trying to make our goals! You can do this. :)

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Good luck on yours as well. I have a lot of training to do, but running it with famoly and friends will make it all worth it. :D

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I must say, Tough Mudder looks like one epic challenge. Wishing you all the best for your goals, and all the best for 2016 :D

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Thanks Portobella :) I'm going to give it my best shot, and best to you for 2016 as well.

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