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Despite having found out the urban dictionary definition of this word, dorbies still makes me blink my eyes slowly as I digest what happened. Upon further thought on this, I quickly discovered that I am stuck in the perpetual climb of complimental words. While I have never been accused of turning heads where I walk on any occasion, the number of "odd" events had suddenly exploded to unsustainable levels.


As the previous entries have detailed time and time again, I have lost a bunch of weight and am really starting to get slimmed down and also tone up. With this, has come extremely odd behavior from the female side of the equation. A run down of several events that have led me to this conclusion have been weird at best. Mainly, is it normal for "run by" complimenters? By this, case in point - at the store about a month or so ago (3:30 in the morning, was hungry and decided to get groceries, sue me). I am in the produce aisle, this woman of my age or slightly younger by my guess-estimation walks up beside me. Out of natural habit, I always take a few steps away as personal space dictates. A long silence ensues, thinking nothing of it - I pick out my produce and step back. All of a sudden, this woman looks at me and says: "Sorry to bother you, but you're REALLY cute!" then bolts off like I was going to swing an axe at her. Here I am, stunned by what was just said, left standing there with produce in my hand and blinking my eyes like: WTF just happened? No "hey, how's it going?" no "Here's my number, so call me maybe?" just "YOU'RE CUTE!" and runs off.


Add in slightly disguised flirting from a few others, and the off hand comments from already committed women (like the aforementioned user of the word: dorbies) and I'm left with a conclusion: I'm evidently cute and adorable, yet - women run when they see me. I'm so confused. And it also appears that since I get these two compliments the most, I'm never going to worry about being accused of being hot or sexy.


So, cute/adorable with a supposedly sexy voice, and yet - they run. I dunno. Just my random thoughts for the night.


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