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Goodbye Jesus
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Strike Day #7, Vote #2. Prediction: Strike Day #8 On The Way.



It's amazing how much time you come up with when work doesn't occupy 8-12 hours of it a day. Since my union voted to go on strike last Saturday, this has been the longest week I've experienced in a while. The final "real" paycheck came in Friday, now it's living off the less-than-minimum-wage of $200.00/week until people go broke, or the union gets what they want.


I say the union because I voted against a strike. Zealotry in a cause ended a long time ago when I left Christianity, and that zeal uses up a lot of energy that I wish I could have back from all those years. It has earned me err in my union "brothers and sisters", but that's the beauty of my job: I'm not your brother, and there is nothing that says I have to be friends with any of you. I am there for a paycheck to support myself, and nothing more. I'd rather go back to work Monday, but unfortunately - that zealotry is running high with people and the clouded minds will overpower the clear thinking individuals. Sounds strangely like religion no? Too many people absorbing the BS at face value turning them into fanatics, and next thing you know - you're causing division in the ranks because you hate me due to the fact I don't think like you do. Such a sad state of affairs.


As a believer of pragmatism, I find a lot of opposition in how I think. That's fine, opposite thought processes have long made the world go round. But when it comes to you calling me a fool for wanting to see both sides of the story instead of the often embellished tale that people are fed from one argument, the ignorance is in the one who will believe everything they hear and see. I was raised with the advice of: "Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see."


So for now, since we'll likely be on strike for a while - I've turned to putting together my plans for post contract vote. As it stands, I am looking to get my debts paid off within the next couple years, stockpile some money, then put my two weeks in - and start anew somewhere. Where? Not sure yet. That will come later. Even if it is just switching jobs, I feel like a change of scenery and attitude toward things in general may do me some good. If I decide to pack it up and move somewhere, I'll figure it out when that bridge gets here. For now, I focus on trying to improve myself and catching up on sleep.


Because when you have nothing but time at the moment, what else can you do?

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In some ways I envy the time you have, now. I'd use it wisely and for some adventures, too. Do things you have often put off because you didn't have the time. I hope that things work out for you in terms of finances. There is the added stress I know, of not getting an income while this is going on. 

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Eh, unfortunately - not much I can do that I'd like to do (primarily because they cost money). That's why I'm just going to try and catch up on sleep, and keep improving on myself. I have a good amount in the bank that should last as long as I play it safe and hunker down. As much as I hate to, things have to be done you know? But yeah, that $150.00 a week (the $200, after taxes) will basically offset some bills, but I will wind up in the red somewhat. It's just making what I have last until people come to their senses.

Thanks for the support though Deidre, it's always appreciated :)

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