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Life Full Of Plateaus, But Maybe There Is An End In Sight



Plateau is defined by a google search as the following:





noun: plateau; plural noun: plateaux; plural noun: plateaus

  • 1.

    an area of relatively level high ground.

    , coteau

    "a windswept plateau"

    • denoting a group of American Indian peoples of the plateau country of western Canada and the US, including the Nez Percé.

      modifier noun:



    a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.

    "the peace process had
    reached a plateau

    synonyms: quiescent period; More


    "prices reached a plateau"


verb: plateau; 3rd person present: plateaus; past tense: plateaued; past participle: plateaued; gerund or present participle: plateauing

  • 1.

    reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress.

    "the industry's problems have
    plateaued out

The second noun and first verb seem to fit my life pretty well. I've been stuck in an endless cycle of plateaus for a while now in several aspects of my existence: From the gains on my workouts, to the fact I have not budged an inch toward any goal I've set. The workout goals seem to be an aspect that I cannot control as my body just has hit its upper limits without injury. Everything else is completely up to fate's hands, and fate is a cruel mistress.


Recent workout statistics show me making no progress toward my USAF standards for BMT. For some reason, I cannot get over the hump of my pace, the aforementioned upper limits of my body being the 1st culprit. I'm living witness that there are some things you just cannot do, no matter how hard you "think you can". At some point, mediocrity becomes your standard, and what a low bar that is. As is life. I'm making adjustments as I go to try and rectify this situation, but so far - nothing has worked.


Add in the fact that I return to the work schedule that I affectionately call the "death shift" (read: 2nd shift), it just seems like I cannot make any progress in life. This is a major step backward for me, it got its nickname because this shift will be the death of me in some form, be it literally, or figuratively, speaking. It's a horrible time slot, with a work group whose combined IQ is somewhere in the single digits (and that is being generous) full of the worst that Kentucky (and many other states) has to offer. Most of these people are quite literally the lowest forms of life on this earth, scum that infects any sort of establishment they inhabit. I scrub twice during my nightly shower after this shift, because I fear that one cannot sufficiently get the filth off me.




This all being said, I received some moderately (maybe even very) good news from my mother concerning my future. If it all goes well, the light at the end of this misery may be here within the next half year.


It's just making it until then. I can't guarantee I won't break something in the meantime.




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Life can be frustrating at times. I've had ups and downs with work, and workouts lol But, it's in those times that show us if we really want something badly enough. Maybe this plateau with work means it's time to get out of there, and find something new and better, in terms of a career path? The workout plateau is very common, give it a few weeks, and the plateau will break, and you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. It does feel at times like life is filled with struggles, but it's up to us to also see the beauty beyond the struggles, or life will lose its meaning. You can do this. ((HUG))

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Thanks Deidre. I think most of it has been health related, and also fixing the sleep pattern. Things have calmed down a lot since this entry (I need to update this thing more than once in a blue moon, lol). Future plans are being set as time goes on, long term planning is minimal right now. I'm doing my best to keep things in focus and just take it all a day at a time for now.

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