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Life As A Non Believer




Today I was flagged down while walking through a strip mall by a homely old lady. At first I thought it was a request for money and I got excited because I never have cash but I had cash today. When I looked closer the lady had a limp and a lazy eye and she didn't want any money. I already have a soft spot for the handicapped but she asked me to help move her mom from the car to a wheelchair since she couldn't lift her. I love helping out strangers and seeing that she was handicapped I didn't hesitate. On the way I hoped that she wasn't obese so I wouldn't be embarrassed after walking all the way across the parking lot. When we got to the van there was a very old lady was in the passenger seat who's face was deformed and she had no arms or legs. She had hands though and she was pointing to her wheelchair and describing in very slurred speech how I was to lift her so she could hold into me. When lifting her it was like lifting a child. She was already skinny and with only half a body she was even lighter than I thought. I took care of them and ran and caught up with my wife and kids. I probably said one word the rest of the time we were out so my wife asked what was up and explained how it hurt my heart to see that lady living like that and I hoped that no one ever had refused to help her since they were completely at the mercy of whoever happened to be there. So my wife had the audacity to say I should pray for them. I didn't know whether to be more upset about her getting amnesia or about recommending such a stupid solution. I pointed out that even as a Christian you have nothing to pray for. She old so its not practical to pray for her to live a lot longer, she's not going to regrow any limbs and I can't change other people. I briefly about how prayer was doing nothing but if it make you feel better knock yourself out. this led to another religious discussion and rough night. but this underscores an issue I have. I abhor how all the deluded nutcases sit back and pray and then an atheist who just wants to make the world a better place "answers their prayer". it is convenient to just pray and it fells like you actually did something when you've done nothing. I see the world completely different as an atheist. All I could think of were 2 quotes that make more sense now than ever. 1. Be the change you want to see in the world. 2. I used to sit back and wonder why wouldn't anybody do anything about it and then I remembered that I am somebody.



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It also irritates me when people say "Just pray for them." The fact that the prayer does nothing is only part of the reason why it's irritating.


The other reason is the fact that Christians believe in a god who forces people to be born with genetic diseases or deformities. Then they are basically suggesting to pray to a god that causes the problem, kindly asking him to fix the problem he caused. Christians might as well be kindly asking an abusive father/husband to stop beating his wife or kids, only to do nothing to stop him.


I can't imagine what it would be like to be an ex-Christian, married to a Christian, and disagreeing with almost everything. It sounds like a nightmare. I hope that maybe some day, your wife will finally see what Christianity really is, but I don't know if or how that might happen.

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it has its moments. there are certain instances where our difference in opinion are more apt to display themselves. but the majority of the time there is a happy medium.


You touched on what bothered me so much about it. deformities. people physically mutilated and living among us. The only thing that makes sense is there is no one behind the wheel. he obviously didnt care enough to finish "knitting them in their mother's womb". Its all chance and a good percentage of the people lose.

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Good stuff. I understand where you're coming from. I like to think that I'm a compassionate person. Stuff like this really bothers me... To see others who can't even live a normal life. It infuriates me to believe in a God that allows a person to live this way.. And for what? To teach someone a lesson at that persons or anothers life-expense? It just doesn't make any sense and if God is real. That shit is just plain evil.


I'm glad I can see that now.

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Regardless of what anyone says, you did the right thing in helping the old lady. Anyone who has a heart would do the same. Just disregard the "prayer" statement. It is just ignorant. Continue to do what is right regardless of what people say or don't say.


Yes, you are somebody! Never forget it.

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