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Goodbye Jesus
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Secret Mission



This may sound silly but now its not so much I do things to keep peace as much as I find myself now 'collecting data'. Seeing different churches how people act is anybody actually thinking, how twisted was the sermon, was he accurate with his history, who is clapping, what kind of car does the pastor have, is that guy over there an atheist, These sort of things go through my head and at this point and I enjoy it. Also not caring anymore since we moved churches I can say whatever. And I'm not afraid of a church person to ask if I am saved. I have prepared an answer that let's them know I'm an atheist. And then I will smile and hug them. The other reason I continue to do it is it strengthens my arguments, I know what my family is being told so I can correct it. Ex. The kids learned about Jericho and my wife had never heard the anything other than the walls come-a-tumbling down. So that night I asked that we read the story alone and I explained how cruel and biased it was Especially since the Hebrew word used for young people in the verse is children infant through adolescence. All died by the sword. I got silence from her. That's a good thing. I think I am slowly watching my wife deconvert right before my eyes. I have a tendency to be overly optimistic but I notice changes in her.

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Serendipity Rose


She's going to need a support community if she does, RR. You might check meetup.com to see if there is a secular parenting group near you.

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