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Nullifying Authority and The Rule of Jesus Isn't Easy


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Think differently. Think on your own. Question it all and don't be frightened if others don't approve of they way you see things.


When my bother, sister, and I were young my mother remarried because my father was irresponsible and left, which opened the door for another man to raise his children. And even though my dad left, that leaving did not grant a single right or a drop of authority to my mother's second husband with regards to us children. My mom couldn't grant him those rights or authority either. It took my brother, sister, and me to grant him that power. In other words, we created his authority and gave him the power to rule over us.

Why we did is just as important as that we did. Even if our mother ordered us to be obedient to that man, which she did not, it was up to us to submit to him. Sure he used fear, and sure the three of us loved and respected our mother, and of course those things played a role in our submission to a man we hardly knew but the biggest role was played by our indoctrination into a system of control which demanded the unquestioning obedience of children. That system of control consisted of Christianity and the compulsory socialist (communist) Judaic masonic school system run by the United States government, itself under the thumb of a very dark system of control that some know as the Freemasons or Masons. Just ask yourself where the idea people need 13 years of compulsory public school followed by a graduation ritual where the students are handed a 'degree' while wearing a gown and mortarboard (square) hat comes from - it comes from the Freemasons who also created the square deal, three squares and a bed, time square, St. Peter's Square, and so on.

A 'square' is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional cube. A hexagram is also a two dimensional symbol for a three dimensional cube. Jews perform a rite when a male child reaches the age of 13. At 13 he is considered an adult - old enough to participate in synagogue rituals and other activities reserved for adult Jews. At his bar mitzvah, he is adorned with tefillin by placing a black cube in the middle of his forehead right in front of the 'eye of Horus' and strapping one on his wrist. Mecca, the religious center for Muslims, is a black cube shaped building and Muslim pilgrims walk round and round it, imitating the 'rings' of Saturn. Saturn has a hexagram at its north pole - if NASA images are to be believed. Wedding rituals incorporate 'rings' and church and dinner bells 'ring'. Bel and Baal are biblical titles for Israeli deities. The Shriners, or the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, which is another masonic secret society that admits only master masons, wear an Arab hat called a fez. Most Arabs are Muslims thus showing the mason's involvement and control of Islam but then the three big religions are Abrahamic based religions.

America's public schools system is divided into three degrees - elementary, middle, and high school. Those equate to the same three degrees of the uninitiated Freemasons. By uninitiated I mean they have been purposely deceived as to the goals of Freemasonry and the meaning of various symbols and rituals used by them. So the first three degrees are purposed to mislead. Those degrees serve the purpose of indoctrination but not initiation. Being indoctrinated is a form of conditioning. It's a rite that programs. Kind of like installing an OS on a computer. Every computer with the same operating systems can talk to each other without problems. A child indoctrinated by the American public school system can talk to a fellow student and they will understand each other because they were programed with the same information. That program's basic instruction is to obey (authority).

See, authority is not real. It is make believe. You can't touch or feel authority any more than an Easter bunny can lay a chicken egg because authority doesn't really exist. Easter, or Ester, is the biblical name of an Israeli goddess (gods and goddesses are kings and queens). Other names for Ester are Liberty, Columbia, and Kali - as in California. The Judaic Egyptian Freemasons understand how our consent is necessary for their dark system of control to work. Governments have no authority, no power, unless we the people create it and then the only place it exists is in our minds. Because of that, government agents using guns is necessary to keep people enslaved to a parasitic group of people. Well, maybe they're not people or maybe they're not humans and their government agents with guns are neither model citizens nor respectable authority figures. Government agents with guns are trained killers and oppressors. They're terrible examples for children and are little more than terrorists whose actions are shielded by a government that uses brain entrainment and terrorism to extort consent and power in order to rule with an authority created by the people they enslave. It is a horrible circle of dark evil.

Politicians and the clergy from all religions are terrorists as well because they too use fear to extort power and obedience. None of the establishment institutions teach people good morals and good ethics. Instead they wrap a cloak of righteousness around an evil agenda using dark and dirty methods. The light (Lucifer) of that make believe righteousness blinds people from seeing the truth.

Since the authority of any government (or god for that matter) is not real, the Judaic Freemasons manipulate our minds through a giant propaganda machine called the mass media, itself consisting of the Church, Temples (not surprisingly, a temple is a region of your head), Mosques, schools, military, TV, movies, universities, corporations, and the like. They spread terrorism by using government agents armed with guns who have absolutely no authority (of their own) but they do have and use instruments of terror and for some explainable reason find it perfectly OK to terrorize people to keep them under the rule of a dark system whose fake hierarchy (as in arch-angel) is staffed by gods and monsters.

Judaic Freemasonry is just one descriptive name these parasites go by. Royalty is another and they cannot rule without our consent. Jesus cannot rule a single person without that person submitting to his rule and Jesus uses all kinds of threats and promises of rewards to extort that consent. He threatens children with eternal torment - something no loving parent would ever do to their child because it's child abuse, and he promises all kinds of make-belief treasures to those that do submit. Jesus is an extortion artist, just like my mom's second husband who learned his trade having been indoctrinated by Jesus in private Catholic schools. He finishing his indoctrination in the US Air Force - itself a killing machine run from a building whose shape is the same as that of a pentagram's center. A pentagram is used to summon spirits and demons. Even the US Military's Medal Of Honor is an upside down pentagram whose center is filled with the likeness of a Greek god or goddess (a devil, demon, evil being of war and death).

The entire USG was founded by Judaic Egyptian Freemasons such as George Washington but nobody consented to be ruled by the Freemasons. They stole that consent with the Constitution - a document written by slave owners and slave traders for the benefit of slave owners and slave traders, then forced it onto the people using the dark magic of spells and deceit (mass media) reinforced by gun toting, shield carrying, government agents (slave drivers, task-masters, simple minded terrorists). They used the exact same methods Rome used to spread the disease of Christianity. In fact, it is the very same disease. Only the details changed as the virus mutated and adapted in an effort to hide itself. And the Constitution does not grant freedoms and rights to the American people. It takes them away. It grants a make believe authority to a government controlled by a virus that has muted many times over the eons.

Jesus was a Jew. Christians give that Jew power and authority he wouldn't otherwise have by submitting to his rule and while it wasn't Jews that invaded the Americas, slaughtered the indigenous people, and stole their land, it was people that were forced (or consented) to be ruled by a Jew.

The make believe authority Jesus the Jew has is the power Christians create for him. They are the host, he is the parasite sucking on their souls. To be ruled by Jesus is to ruled by a book written by parasites, a book that has no life of its own until people give it life (by accepting the holy spirit, aka the parasitic Jesus), and a clergy that uses the power of god to control the lives of others. Using the power of god is the very same tactic Satan was accused of doing. It is the very same thing Christians do to each other and non-Christians neatly qualifying them as children of the devil - per the book that rules over them.

So it isn't just Christianity that is a problem for humanity, it is the entire Jew-Masonic-Egyptian establishment and their very dark ideas, beliefs, and methods.

Am I still frightened of these parasitic monsters and the threat of eternal torment? Yes. The mind-bending fear and outright abuse of Christianity is not something that goes away easily. The establishment and the Church scares the you-know-what out of me but I decided to keep all the power generated by that fear and use it myself instead of allowing the parasitic Judaic Egyptian Freemasons to feed on it by consenting to their rule.

The American Medical Association has never cured a single disease. Instead they treat symptoms by masking the effects of different illnesses. If the AMA actually cured sickness it would kill the AMA and the pharmaceutical  (farm) companies. Governments only treat the symptoms of their rule by doling out unjust punishment, creating enemies to fight, and by lying their asses off. If they really cured government created problems they would be killing the government. Jesus and the rest of the gods (Allah, Jehovah, El, the saints, Kali, etc.) only treat the symptoms of evil because if they really cured evil they would be killing themselves.

When Akhenaten forced monotheism on Egypt, demanding the sacrifice of the first born, a war between the gods commenced. Akhenaten (David's kingdom) now resides in London where the King or Queen is also the governor of the Church of England and sits at the very top of Freemasonry. The old Egyptian priesthood resides at the Vatican where all the old Egyptian gods and goddess are present, though renamed to saints in an effort to conceal what they really are. Akhenaten was so hated by the people because of his thirst for human sacrifice (Moses causing the sacrifice of Egypt's first born) he was removed from the Egyptian record after he and his followers were chased out of town (the exodus was not by choice).

The Judaic Freemason George Washington of the 'York Rite' was crowned king of the constitutional new world in 'New York' after the army of god consisting of conscripts (that called themselves Christians) baptized the land in the blood of the indigenous people. Cain baptized the land in the blood of Abel. Coincidence? Biblically the 'father' of a person is hugely important. Cain's two sons were the fathers of all who play the harp, kept cattle, and lived in tents. David played the harp and Israel kept cattle and lived in tents. The first temple was a tent. Jesus is the root of David, and symbolically that makes him Cain. It also makes him a murderer from the beginning, which is a biblical description for Satan.

George Washington and the rest of America's founding slave owners and slave traders, through Freemasonry, answered to the throne of England. The biblical Israelites (Jews) were slave owners and slave traders and they, like the god they summoned up from the depths of creation, hate everyone else.

The deceit of these parasites is incredible, though easy to spot once you break free of the spell (curse) placed onto the world by the god of Israel and Judah - but that isn't as simple as giving up Christianity. As you can see by the few examples, there is no difference in any of the world's main institutions except for the details and as they say, the devil is in the details and the devil works to deceive.

Ignoring the details has helped me. Perhaps it can help you too.

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You won’t find defenders of Christianity or any theistic religion around here.  And personally I’m not a big fan of Better Living Through Government.  But I also have little time for conspiracy theories.  It doesn’t require a conspiracy of priests, politicians or Freemasons to implement systems of control.  Human beings are plenty willing to submit themselves to gods and governments.  

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You raise some interesting points here, and some interesting questions.


I totally embrace the central point of your thesis.

Whether, or not, much of your post is "conspiracy theory" is a separate matter.


I can agree with @TABA that the central point you make is valid, and of import without regard to conspiracies or the many dark nefarious schemes of man.


That humans are so easily conditioned to submit to an artificially-imposed supposed authority has always been fascinating to me. And I certainly agree that this is the basis of the Christian belief, as well as the Muslim and other deist belief-systems.

I agree totally that much damage comes from this.





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Yeah, about the conspiracy theory thing -


A theory is a rational type of abstract thinking about a phenomenon, or the results of such thinking. The process of contemplative and rational thinking is often associated with such processes as observational study or research. Theories may be scientific, belong to a non-scientific discipline, or no discipline at all.


A conspiracy involves the work of two or more people. Ever conspire to throw a bachelor or birthday or retirement party? Ever conspire with your spouse theorizing on what to do with your children's education? What I posted is the results of my own contemplative and rational thinking. Nobody was thinking for me so it most definitely is not a conspiracy and isn't quantum physics only a theory along with the big bang and evolution and tectonic plates, and so forth? A government (a group of people) that conspires to teach theories in the classrooms they control are conspiracy theorists, are they not? It certainly fits the definition.


Look at the thumb, not the  finger.


Labeling information a conspiracy theory, or the person that provides that information a conspiracy theorist, is a tactic to discredit either or both without providing a single piece of information to disprove such information. I'm open for such information and I am perfectly capable and willing to alter the way I think if given such information. Anybody that is an ex-christian is obviously open to new information - to change the way they think, and since the establishment uses religion as a way to control people to their advantage, shouldn't every little thing the establishment teaches be considered suspect?


When is the last time the news media provided more than hearsay and unproven facts in a news broadcast? Sure, once in a while the official is shown speaking for themselves, but more often it's "this official said that, that expert said this", which is one-way hearsay, not news. No way to argue with the narrative of a TV PROGRAM, whether it's the news or something else. Narrow fields of view of shaky blurry video footage is questionable, not ironclad proof of fact, so some sort of belief that a truthful narrative is given is necessary and that narrative comes from people we never met and so have no idea as to whether they are truthful people. The news is certainly not any kind of authority. If a president, who is a person, believes the information taught by the Freemasons, he's no better (meaning not superior or free of gullibility) than a person that believes in Jesus.


Isn't the Bible a composite of stories that are nothing more than hearsay? The trick then must be to condition people to accept the government's version (or news personalities version, or religious version), as the truth. Without the belief of truth existing in the minds of people first, which comes from blind obedience demanded in classrooms and religious institutions, the government narrative (and so the news narrative - which is licensed by the government), would be ineffective.


When a government makes killing for god and country a righteous obligation (war through it military), and uses propaganda and force to increase the ranks of its soldiers, and says in direct and indirect ways "Look how we conquered this continent! We came, we killed, and we took the land!" and has Presidents and other high ranking officials belonging to very questionable societies, everything that government does should be considered suspect because as somebody posted earlier, human beings are plenty willing to submit themselves to gods and governments.  The government is made up of such people. And a secret society governs how a person thinks and acts, does it not? At the very least it tries to and so it is a government. It has rules and so it governs.


And isn't it a proven fact the Masons require belief in a higher power, a god (power) greater than yourself, to join? They don't care what that higher power is, just that you believe in one. And then don't they shepherd the initiates into believing in a god they call the grand architect of the universe? And didn't that architect measure the deep (math - numbers)? Yes, but an architect doesn't actually build anything, he needs craftsmen to build it for him.


Government officials are just people that pooped and peed their diapers, just like you and me, and the authority they have does not exist naturally. It comes from people that create that power for them - not unlike the grand architect of the universe. He doesn't build, he needs craftsmen to build. George Washington, considered the first President of the United States (there were actual 10 presidents before the Masons stole the colonies for HRM with the Constitution) answered to the secret fraternity called the Freemasons/Masons which was and still is chaired by the throne of England. They even admit HRM is the top Mason on one of their websites.


Because of all the rational thinking I've done some of you might consider me a 'conspiracy theorist' even though I talked to nobody while rationalizing. If that is a bad thing then conspiring with your spouse while theorizing on what to do with your child's future is bad too because you should be contacting officials and experts - not thinking on your own.


Could be the establishment is frightened of rational thinking by individuals that goes against the offical narrative of experts. Who defines an 'offical' and 'expert' anyhow? A person that considers another person an official or expert is just voicing their point of view. The weight of an official's or expert's narrative is greatly increased by the unquestioning belief in a make believe authority.


Christians routinely discard information that disproves or questions their system of belief. They went so far as to kill heretics. As an ex-christian I try not to use the same tactics that were used on me but that isn't always easy because of the severe programing I've been subjected to over the years. I suspect that is the same for most ex-christians that don't have the time to contemplate a different point of view from their own and so protect their minds from getting infected again. I say shine a light on the boogie man but that's just my opinion. I understand if what I've posted doesn't sit well with others but then isn't that how this website got its start?


Thanks for considering my post.

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https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/conspiracy theory



Definition of conspiracy theory


: a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspiratorsthe conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy's assassinationalso : a theory asserting that a secret of great importance is being kept from the public


Whether or not the original poster came up with his idea on his own, Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theories are not a new idea. And in OP's spirit of distrusting everyone but one's self, I suspect he probably did look up some information to help develop his ideas. 


Now we can distrust every 'expert' in every field, most especially government, but I think the reality is that government agencies provide help to the people. When a house catches on fire, will the cynic think twice about calling 911? I doubt it. If the cynic feels some chest pain, is he going to question the expertise of one of those 'doctors' ? No. 


With age comes a certain increased level of cynicism and in my case at least, too much idle time to sit and think lends itself to making up ridiculous nonsense in my head and then believing it.


Yes, we do easily give ourselves over to government control because for the most part, it works. And without it there would be anarchy. 


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I never heard of the 'judea masonic conspiracy theory' you guys are talking about until I read your replies. I also didn't know you can take two words with particular definitions, combine them into a phrase, and magically change the definitions into something sinister. 


I came to this reasoning on my own. It kind of jumped out at me while doing extensive research on different subjects. Don't really care if you believe that or not because belief isn't necessary for the truth to exist. Lies require belief to exist, truth doesn't.


In the spirit of your conspiracy, I just did a search using the term 'Marduk is jesus and yahweh and the devil and the grand architect' and the first website listed is: https://the-red-thread.net/marduk-yhwh-comparisons.html


Take a look. It might interest you because none of you critics provided any info that refutes what I posted. Might as well just go back to the old ways and call it heresy and label me a heretic. Should I worry? Coming to burn me at the stake?


Some of you are perhaps veterans. That was thoughtless. Sorry about that - my dislike of war (organized murder) and oppression got the better of me. Nobody should have to fight in a war. People don't war. Governments war. Religions war. Organizations war. People don't go to war on their own. People are tricked or forced to fight for god and country, or king and country, or the Pope and Jesus, or Yahoo and the Jews. The oldest writings I've run across show that is what happened in the first war on record. People were forced to fight for the 'gods'. And wars affect everybody, those fighting and those at home - and never in a good way.


Anyway here's a few reasons why I researched some of the subjects I did.


Thomas Jefferson signed the declaration of independence that clearly states 'all men are created equal' but something about that bothered me. Eventual it clicked. Jefferson was a slave owner and that made him a hypocrite. One thing led to another and it turns out these guys were mass murderers because of the actions they took to genocide the American Native Indians, Mexican nationals, and eventual the Chinese ( he doesn't stand a Chinaman's chance was a popular phase while they were being liquidated ).


I asked myself why such hypocrisy? Maybe they considered everybody not of a particular bloodline to be animals and not men. I know that's how my stepfather felt so I knew there exists people that feel that way. To me it needed further research. I also wanted to find out how a person can 'discover' land that's already occupied. That seemed kind of bizarre and irrational to me. Finding the answers to those questions led right back to the Crown, the Church, the Pope, the Bible, the Jews, Israel, Egypt, Baalbek and a bunch of clay tablets with cuneiform writing on them.


In the process I came to understand my stepfather and why he could out bigot the best of the bigots, and I came to understand that yes indeed, our consent is necessary for governments to rule over us because authority is just an idea, a concept that doesn't really exist.


Here's something else. If a government gets its rites and power from us, then that is all they should be able to do - meaning if we don't have the rite do it, we can't give the government the rite or the power to do it. For example, we do not have the rite to murder and so we cannot give the government the power and rite to murder. War is murder - coldblooded, pre-planned, pre-meditated murder that always involves theft. You can't lock your child, or a person that might be visiting your home, in a basement cell if they break a house rule yet the government locks people up as if they are animals and even goes so far as to murder them in cold blood (state executions). Then there's the torture our government doles out. Give me a reasonable explanation that would give you the right to torture your neighbor when you can't prove your neighbor did anything or was planning anything - which by the way, wouldn't give you the rite even if they did or were.


Again, my apologies to veterans.


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You can't lock your child, or a person that might be visiting your home, in a basement cell if they break a house rule yet the government locks people up as if they are animals and even goes so far as to murder them in cold blood (state executions).


What punishment would you suggest for a murderer, rapist? 

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On 3/6/2022 at 10:00 AM, Extant said:

A government (a group of people) that conspires to teach theories in the classrooms they control are conspiracy theorists, are they not?

No.  Conspiracy theorists are people who speculate about conspiracies other people may or may not have created.


Conspiracists are not Conspiracy Theorists.  And a key part of a conspiracy is that it is secret.  If a government publishes its reasons for teaching certain material, it would only become a conspiracy if this published reasoning were lies.

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I guess Extant doesnt have an alternative to locking people up or executing them for committing crimes. 

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On 3/17/2022 at 11:08 AM, midniterider said:

I guess Extant doesnt have an alternative to locking people up or executing them for committing crimes. 


The correct and proper function of government is to protect the rights of the individual.

That, and nothing more.


Sometimes to protect the rights of individuals it becomes necessary to arrest and prosecute those who violate the right of others to live in peace and safety.


Whenever government moves in any way outside it's charter to protect the rights of all individuals, it will begin to itself infringe on individual rights.


To provide help at the government level for the poor for example, means taking from others what they have produced. Government produces nothing. Therefore for government to give anything to anyone, it must first take that same value (plus government administrative overhead costs!) from someone who produced it.


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