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From: Update After Coming Out Of The Closet With The Wife




Things did go much better this week. I have refused to read certain literature because i feel they are biased toward christianity. It like having a belief and then going out and finding evidence to support it. this premise means you have to neglect all evidence against your belief. I explained this to my wife and she seemed to understand but she still make comments like "as a christian you should......" im thinking "did she not get my letter or what" Shes dont this before. making comments to imply tat Im still a christian that is just struggling with doubt. However she chooses to deal with it is fine with me but i feel like she is at least more understanding of my premise. she is even wanting to change churches now because she see that ours is dead. i think it great because all church is dead. at that point i think we can at least agree together that all church is bs.



Source: Update After Coming Out Of The Closet With The Wife



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There's this thing called denial, and I think she's got it to some degree because of her constantly referring to you as struggling and making references to you being a christian.


I hope her real reason for switching churches has to do with her seeing it as dead, though I doubt that would be completely accurate. Personally, whenever my family switched churches, it was a maneuver to save face. That was about it. Something not going right in the family, they would switch worship stools.

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HI roadrunner;


I agree with zomberina...she is in denial; pushing toward controlling behavior if you ask me. She may feel insecure that she doesn't know what you are thinking or what you are basing decisions upon...she is wanting to believe that you are still a christian for HER...

You seem level headed, determined and focused. SHE is the one who is struggling with YOU not being a christian anymore. Maybe she just needs some reassurance that your love for her is based upon something bigger than christianity or god...like LOVE???

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