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New Glasses!

I went to an optometrist today. It was years overdue, I last had my vision checked in 2008 and I should do it every 5 years at max. This should teach me to actually do it - my vision had improved quite dramatically.   Ah, the new glasses are going to be so nice. I can't wait to wear them! I can't wait to not have my eyes tired all the time from the wrong lenses! Hooray!!




Stuff And Things. No, Really.

Hi!   First of all I want to apologise to everyone who commented on my last entry - turns out I still don't have my notifications set right, as I didn't see the comments before today! I'll have to work on that.   I've come out as truly Ex-C to three people now. My BF, my psychiatrist, and a friend who knew I'd left New Age anyway but I hadn't told him everything about it before now. It's been surprisingly good.   I'm still struggling with how to come out to people with whom I shared my act





Hi.   I promised some folk in the chatroom earlier this week that my first blog entry would be about Kirby, the pink creature that's in my avatar. I'm going to tell you right away that this blog entry won't be about much else, I'm just testing how this works.   So it's Kirby on a warpstar from the 8-bit NES game "Kirby's Adventure". My friend had it when I was a kid, I'd sit on the floor next to him and watch him play it from beginning to end.   Years and years later I set up a NES emula



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