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    • My ex christian beliefs are as follows in 10 simple points, each of which has been the focus of one debate / discussion or another around here: 
      1 ) I believe that all religions are man made social constructs geared towards politicizing ancient mythology and folklore. 
      2 ) I believe that no one really knows with certainty the answer to the question of origins or destination. 
      3 ) I believe that the bible is demonstrably false from the outset as a guide to the truth of the universe or the human condition. 
      4 ) I believe that anything basing itself on the assumption that the bible is true is automatically false, as the bible is demonstrably false. 
      5 ) I believe that morality is an evolved concept which continues to evolve and has never been static or handed down from on high. 
      6 ) I believe that the morality of the biblical writings is long since outdated and mostly irrelevant to modern society. 
      7 ) I believe that modern scholarship has revealed the truth about the biblical writings and the evolving theistic concepts contained therein. 
      8 ) I believe that it's both intellectually honest and well intended to expose what truths can be demonstrated about the bible and christianity, through counter apologetics. 
      9 ) I believe that as painful as it may be at times, it's ultimately for the greater good that christianity and similar religions are losing membership and declining into the future under the weight of their own growing lack of relevance. 
      10 ) I believe that humanity doesn't need the fluff and circus show of religion in order for people to do what's right, be decent, and get along. 
      What do you believe???? 
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    • Is there sufficient evidence to believe complex life could have evolved on its own from non-life without some intelligent creative force?  Is it at all plausible that some intelligent being, perhaps from another universe, could have been the creator of the complex life on our planet (and any other planet in this universe that may have complex life) using evolution as a tool? 
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    • "No bibles, no preaching, no god-bothering!" These were the conditions B put upon his two brothers, who had recently converted to Pentecostal Christianity, if he were to visit them while on holidays. What happened next would change the course of his life and still continues to impact who he is today.
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    • I owe pittsburghjoe, along with every member participating in this discussion 
      for helping free me from my former Christian belief.
      I'm forced to admit to myself and anyone reading here that as a Christian I had never truly considered the extent to which all Christian belief rests upon the silly-assed irrational concept of "original sin".
      There was no one in the Garden with an iPhone recording video, people.
      There was no one there with a quill and scroll of parchment writing it all down.
      There were no eye-witnesses at all.
      It's a MYTH.  A silly, ancient myth.
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    • My attached short essay on Precession as the Framework of Christian Origins was published last year as an Appendix in The Christ Conspiracy Second Edition by DM Murdock (Acharya S).  (4000 words)
      I helped Dr Robert M. Price to edit this new second edition. This book was quite controversial when it first came out in 1999, with its uncompromising presentation of the hypothesis that the myth of Jesus Christ arose as a personification of the Sun.  I agree with this argument, and consider that it presents a complex and coherent perspective on religion.
      Before her death in 2015, Acharya began editing her planned CC second edition, aiming to remove some of the more contentious material and present her main arguments more clearly. I had worked closely with her on some areas of her analysis of astrotheology, so was pleased to be able to help with this work, and enjoyed going through the book in detail to edit it. 
      My own long term theological interest is in this topic of Precession as the Framework of Christian Origins, which I consider provides a compelling scientific explanation of many of the perspectives that Acharya presents. This idea helps to explain the role of conspiracy in Christianity, firstly among the secret Gnostic mystic philosophers who first developed the Christ Myth as allegory, and secondly in the orthodox church, as they systematically rewrote Christian origins to exclude its founding natural cosmology and pretend that the events described in the Gospels actually happened.  
      As a hypothesis, the precession hypothesis raises such controversial material that it is difficult to discuss. The essential argument is that Jesus Christ was deliberately invented as avatar of the zodiac ages of Pisces and Aquarius. I think this idea should be of interest to ex-Christians, as a way to help excavate the abiding truths that are hidden beneath the supernatural rubble of Christendom. 
      I would welcome any questions or critique or conversation about the ideas in this paper.
      Precession as the Framework of Christian Origins by Robert Tulip, published in The Christ Conspiracy Second Edition.pdf
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    • Pension is one of the things I hope to see while looking for a new job. Better benefits is a must at this point in life. I have about 21 years before retirement. And would love to have a secured pension. I hope my next move is my last. I guess time will tell.    I'd like to get a little side hustle going with some pottery on etsy or something. I always loved working in pottery and a few years ago even bought my own kiln. But with the divorce and all going on I never ran the cable from the house to the garage to get it going. 
    • The end is finally in sight for my "official" work life - I'm less than a year from my 65th birthday, and pension documents have automatically started arriving in my mailbox.  I may stop altogether, but more likely I'll request a part-time position (say, four hours a day or three days a week) where I can work from home.   It's been quite a ride - My college degree is in media arts, but I've worked at a lot of things:  Accounts clerk, product demonstrator, dishwasher, waitress, painter's helper, printer, executive secretary, IT technician, teacher, medical transcriptionist.  Seriously thinking of something that expresses my love of writing and of clarinets - writing or proofreading by day, playing in a band by night.
    • Damn professor! Sounds exactly like some of the BS I deal with. Except this place always has new management. I've been there almost 7 years and I've seen 10 maintenance managers come and go. Or get moved off to different departments out of maintenance. Ive not worked under all of them. This is just observations of all 3 departments and different levels of maintenance management. But i.have worked under most of them. A manager typically has 1 - 2 years before they are fired or moved. 
    • I went back to college when I was 35, after over 10 years in the electrical trade.  I got my degree in biotechnology and went into the pharmaceutical industry.  It's had its upside and downs, and I also walked away from a really good company because of new management making work more stressful than necessary.  But it was well worth it.
    • Update.   A magnitude 5 earthquake has shaken La Palma today.   https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/earthquake/news/145176/Significant-magnitude-50-quake-hits-14-km-southeast-of-Los-Llanos-de-Aridane-Spain-in-the-afternoon-.html   Thank you.   Walter.
    • Ok, I've extrapolated a bit from the what this new technique can currently do, but if it can be successfully integrated into future planetary probes, then who knows?   https://www.unibe.ch/news/media_news/media_relations_e/media_releases/2021/media_releases_2021/scientists_detect_signatures_of_life_remotely/index_eng.html   https://www.aanda.org/component/article?access=doi&doi=10.1051/0004-6361/202140845   I can think of several locations where this technique could feasibly be used in our solar system.   Venus   Last year the gas phosphine was detected in the upper atmosphere of Venus.  Currently there is no known non-biological source of this gas, so scientists are scratching their heads, wondering how any airborne living organisms could survive the acidity of the Venusian clouds.  Phosphine could be a biomarker or there could be some unknown, exotic chemical reaction happening on Venus that is new to us.  So, no life, but a weird series if reactions that seem to be mimicking the appearance of life.   An orbiter equipped to scan for the polarized chiral signature of life would be an ideal tool to investigate this mystery.     Mars   There's another gaseous mystery on this planet too.  The gas methane has been detected in small amounts in the Martian atmosphere, with its concentration waxing and waning over time.   We currently understand that methane can be generated not just by living organisms but also by inorganic geological sources.  So, which is it on Mars?  Finding the chiral polarization signal generated by life would settle the issue.    Conversely, not finding that signal would also be a useful result.   If Mars turns out to be sterile, that's actually a plus for human colonization.  No need for stringent decontamination procedures as a part of daily life.     Europa, the second Galilean moon of Jupiter   We know that there is a large subsurface ocean of liquid water several kilometres under the icy crust of Europa.  Our space probes have passed through huge plumes of ice crystals jetting out of cracks in this crust.  If there is life in the dark oceans of Europa, traces of it could be found in the plumes.  Scanning by a chiral polarimeter could reveal the presence of life-bearing molecules in them.   Enceladus, the second moon outside of Saturn's rings   Chemical signatures consistent with hydrothermal vents have been discovered in the plumes coming from cracks in the icy surface of Enceladus. Deep under the oceans of Earth there are hydrothermal vents surrounded by rich ecosystems teeming with microbial life, plants, crustaceans and other weird and wonderful living things.  So, could there be the same in the Saturnian system?   Once again, scanners calibrated to find the chiral signature of living molecules would tell us.   Thank you.   Walter.              
    • Yeah. Not unusual at all. Just venting really I guess. Just sucks. I hate starting over. I'm hoping the next place will be the one that takes me to retirement. We'll see. And  still giving this company one last.chance. not that matters. They'll still do.what they want I'm sure. 
    • I seem to remember seeing a statistic saying that the average adult changes careers something like five to eight times during their professional life. Doesn't seem to be unusual.
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