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    • So glad to hear this cb. It's important to stay connected to people who have the same mindset because the majority of the world are believers in 'something'. It can be very confusing when you first start out.  Ex-c was a life-saver for me so hopefully we can be here for you when you need us. Keep us posted.
    • @AyahuascaPhoenix, Why don't we put this type of topic in  ''Ex-Christian Spirituality''? I'll have to link you into it. This way you can share your experience with us safely because the members who go into this section are normally 'open' to wanting to discuss  all other forms of spirituality or experiences of ex-christians. These are the rules for posting in this section below. Let me know and I'll make you a 'member' of this section. And thank you if you decide to share some of this story. I for one would love to hear it.     Anyone who wishes to join the discussions in this section, please note the below. Thanks, Margee   Ex-Christian Spirituality Posting Rules This area is for those who have left Christianity for some other form of theism or spirituality.   Please adhere to the foundational purpose of this site while visiting this section: namely, to encourage ex-Christians.   Although Ex-Christian.net has no particular quarrel with deists, pagans, Buddhists, and other forms of non-evangelical spiritual thinkers, at times discussions in other sections of this site do have a tendency to create the impression that "ex-Christian" automatically means "atheist." The reality is, ex-Christian only means ex-Christian. Nothing else is implied by the term.    Please note members: In this one area of Ex-Christian.net, each individual who has adopted an alternative spiritual expression should feel encouraged to freely express any experiences, thoughts, or opinions without fear of being brow beaten, harshly criticized, or condemned.   Failure to adhere to these simple rules with common courtesy may result in revocation of posting permission in this section.
    • It sounds like you got involved with a good group.  So glad you had a positive experience.
    • Yeah...we humans suck at being alone, usually. I mean we naturally tend to try and find validation from others. Which is a double edged sword but independent verification is one of the bedrocks of modern science. nice to hear it helped.
    • Well, I just got back from the group meetup.  The people there were nice and supportive, and It was really good to be able to talk with people who have the same mindset.  One of the group leaders is a former minister who's now an atheist, so that was very interesting to see.  I don't feel quite as alone anymore.
    • My own use was first via a medicine woman (mushrooms), lasted about 3 hours for the most intense part and then far lower intensity for another 12 hours. Initially I noticed some seeming movement in a brightly colored painting we have of a nature scene. Overall, it was a very introspective time, lots of thoughts about self, people I love, interspersed with more imaginative images of East Indian gods and some interesting animated geometric shapes. My cat sat there the whole time with pupils fully dilated wondering what the hell we were doing. Physical movement was very little, I only felt like sitting there quietly and mostly with my eyes closed, occasionally opening them to check on my surroundings.    A few months later I used microdoses to combat anxiety related to a neighbor conflict. It worked most of the time, taking me from heart-pounding fight or flight to calm and able to function normally.    I have no experience with synthetic drugs.    The lady who administered the mushrooms has a phD in a field of brain chemistry, and she also overcame crushing anxiety permanently through her use. She feels she found a more useful perspective on life and reality via her "journeys".
    • Yes I will definatley share, Although I'm not quite sure how to do it without getting too preachy about it.   Most Xtians don't like it because they think it's black magic.   And most Atheists probably won't like all of the spiritual aspects.    Plus it can be quite difficult to explain what an Aya journey is really like to somone who has never drank.   But i'll try my best. I'll post a full topic about it tomorrow.
    • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6007659/ These results are mostly related to anxiety and suicidal thoughts.  Also, they note "No significant association was found between lifetime use of psychedelics and increased mental health treatment or suicidal thoughts, plans, or attempts. Additionally, a review of psilocybin use in the Netherlands demonstrated similar findings. Per the authors' conclusions, dependence potential was low, acute toxicity was moderate (few mild or severe adverse reactions), chronic toxicity was low, and public health risks were negligible."  
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