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I told my parents. It wasn’t pretty.


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Great to hear a bit from you Blue! We all look forward to your update whenever you’re ready to post it. This is the right place to rant so definitely let that happen. It’s very good news that Dreamer is back at college and happy. Hopefully you will get some happiness coming your way. We’re all rooting for you. Thanks so much for checking in. Hopefully you have made some progress towards feeling and being more safe and accepted in your family’s home. You really do deserve much better Blue.

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Sorry things are so tough for you. Parents making things icky due to coming out as ....<gasp!> non-Xtian?

It really sux when parents and fams act like that. When I told my father I was not only not going on a mission for the Mormon church but was also not going to priesthood anymore he revoked his offer to pay for my college, but that was it. I got a job so I could pay rent at home but I still got to study computer programming at a JC. (Yes, they had computers then. See how you are? :grin:)


Glad to hear you guyz are living and breathing. Keep us updated and keep looking to that day when you can say to your folks...

"I am on my own now. Thanx for all the *&^%'ing hard times, the *&^%, ery, oh, and also all of the *(&%$#@ you put me through! I'm outta here, *&%%'s!



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Your parents are ignorant dolts. Don’t feel guilty for their shortcomings.

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