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Peanut Gallery for WalterP vs. Pittsburghjoe

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5 hours ago, Hierophant said:

Walter - I know what you are getting at. I am going somewhere with my line of questioning, i.e., down the road, I am going to press Joe on certain points, but before I get there, I want to make sure I have a good idea of what he is trying to argue and try to see how he is thinking about his theology. I have noticed over the years that if I do not define terms and concepts before debating them, then frequently I end up talking right past someone. I have done a lot of studying of Christianity so I am familiar with sects, beliefs, esoteric language, and I might have a definition of a term or principle I am used to because of my background that others do not.


Well, good luck Hierophant.


If I had to anticipate what you'll come up against, it might be something like this.


You and Joe will appear to arrive at a mutually-understood definition of his beliefs.


Then, when you use logic to expose the flaws and faults in them, he'll change that definition.


Either by watering it down (the Bible is only a guide) or by browbeating you (I am the vessel of the Holy Spirit, not you) telling you that he is right and you are wrong and you should see things his way or not at all.


If things get difficult he'll switch to persecution-mode and claim that you are trying to shut down his important mission to save our souls from quantum decoherence.


I could be wrong, but time will tell.





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2 hours ago, TABA said:

I just started it.  Evidently you don’t have to be an Exalted Super Moderator like the Prof to do that...


2 hours ago, Hierophant said:

Ahhh, thank you @TABA

Yea, truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing and even greater things than these, because I am going into town for a bit.  Thus saith the Prof thy Mod.

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