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      I started a club called The Free Thinking Hippies. gonna be groovy man lol
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    • willybilly30

      I decided to look up my old testamonie. i been here since 2005 damn. I think one day I am gonna stroll down memory lane of my life. I love how everything is still here and this place is still kicking. I got a good lap top that forums work well, on so, I will be here again
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      Back after some time away from the site. Looking forward to interacting with you all again! 
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      There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allows to live.
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      Exciting stuff on the way for me. I received my affiliation on Twitch, got my first subscriber, and am doing mt first giveaway to followers on Saturday. 
      Next up for it: A charity stream to help a friend's daughter battle against cancer. All of this, plus a new mindset to set my path forward. 
      I feel great ya'll. 
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    • Not as provocative, perhaps, but I think the "Once saved always saved" myth deserves a place on this thread.
    • http://formeradventist.com/   Here's the former Adventist website. It's exactly like what you're talking about. These are stepping stone oriented websites dealing in partial truths. Of course people like us have skipped over that stage entirely. But apparently there's an appeal for a lot of fundies to wade carefully out of fundamentalism.    I've read a lot of articles and I ultimately stand behind what they're doing. I've spoken to SDA's who have made it that far and then taken them much further, though. The same critical analysis that reveals what's wrong with the denomination, of course, will reveal what's wrong with christianity in general if you don't stop short of critically analyzing. But even in the event that these people don't make it all the way to ex-christianity or non-belief, it serves the purpose of further breaking religious fundamentalism in the world which accounts for something in the way of progress. 
    • One of the effects of the information revolution is that just about anybody can spread rumors, exaggerations, bogus scare stories, etc.  My Facebook feed inevitably includes some ludicrous but viral stories.  I cringe when I see friends of mine spreading these things without even pausing for a moment to consider whether they might be false.  As somebody said, "a lie can travel half way around the world before the truth can get its pants on".  
    • Yeah... I think Christians always think that when you've become an atheist, you then become immoral and evil... I think that's why our family are always worried and they will try their best to de-convert us, because they think we have now become very evil and will end up in hell... I actually think I've become a better person since I de-convert officially in May this year...and my mum, who is a devout Christian surprisingly did not turn all preachy on me... I just said to her, well, let me be in my own journey to find out about the truth...she can pray for me if she believes that her God is omnipotent and can really save me  and she only said: well, I hope you find what you're looking for in this journey... Since then, she's been sending me some biblical related article and I would reply with counter argument atheist way... and in the end, we always agree to disagree... I'm so lucky that mum did not go ballistic over this... I'm still respectful toward her belief and never try to preach my atheism to her either...  
    • These are awesome advice indeed... love the wisdom... best of luck and happiness to you & your family...  I've only been an atheist for 2 months and am still learning... finally got rid of my fear of hell only couple of weeks ago... I totally understand what you're saying about 'the peace'... it has been a very rewarding journey for me too...  
    •   Aye aye   I believe that you are going to have another drink.... and another one   Hmmm it occurs to me that perhaps the article indicates an 'in between' state for those leaving religion. Maybe it's too much for society to simply drop religion all at once so these alternative beliefs are like a stepping stone. Accordingly perhaps future generations will become less and less inclined to believe any unsupported claims, and also have less of a hang up with existential and purpose of life questions.   That's my hypothesis..... I'll be back in 500 years to check on humanity and see if the data fits the hypothesis  
    • I think its just an inherit human trait to have to believe in something.    I believe I'll have another drink. 
    • Hello LF. Thanks! Religion really affects us psychologically. It makes people blind and make us more inhumane but in ways so subtle we won't even notice. About the bible, it's impossible to believe it if you're gonna read or study it academically, which i haven't done before. Thank you for making me feel I'm not alone. ☺