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      LOL, looks like I'm going to buy a car with the lisence plate "EXC-(number)". hahahaa!
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      Taking an unwanted but necessary break from school  but as a result I'll have more time to be around so I guess that's a good thing!
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      I miss the days when liberals weren't crazy and republicans weren't reactionary. We could have intelligent, productive conversations and both were interested in the good of the country. 
      Now it's just polarization and mud slinging. I'll go back in my cave now.
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    • It never made sense to me why a Christian would say "The Lord spared me from the tornado" or something like that. What about the innocent children who maybe were not spared?   The Bible does say, however, "For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." (Matthew 5:45)  
    • I'm sorry if this has been asked somewhere, I didn't see anything. I'm assuming I have to get to a certain level before I can "like" a post or have a signature. Can someone tell me what needs to happen? Have I overlooked it on my profile or on the posts somewhere? Thanks!
    • Guess I better get back into knitting.
    • It's all a big ball of mixed yarn, keep pulling strings until the ball disappears.
    •   Because they don't see you as being 'rational' hon. They see you as being rebellious or 'blinded by the devil' and are angry that you won't open your eyes to this. When I finally told the pastors wife that I was a non-believer (she had been my friend for many, many years) she blatantly told me that I was purposely choosing to go to hell after 'knowing the truth'. Of course our friendship ended over this. This is how brainwashed people are. That's what you have to recognize. 9/10, it's a no-win situation.   ((hug))
    •   I completely understand that. That's where I still struggle sometimes, it's not like I'm 100% all the way through it. It's just has gotten so much better. It gives me comfort to see others who have been here awhile and recognize where I am now and say "Oh yeah, that goes away" while I see it happen before my eyes with each day that passes. If you think about it, a Muslim believes in their own doctrine so fully that some will go and commit suicide over it. Most religions assert that they are the one true religion, but you were never swayed by their reasoning because of your own indoctrination.   You have an emotional fear response, but it's like a breakup. You can objectively see the reasons why the relationship was unhealthy, but the time heals the wounds and the pain. I think it all kind of comes together. Step one: Why would a God tell me he loves me and say he gives me a "choice" and then, after knowing the deepest most intimate part of my mind, send me straight to hell. Why would he give me a brain capable of reason and then punish me for it? Step two: What is hell anyway? Oh, apparently there have been some translation issues and skewing of the bible. So you're saying it's only when Jesus comes on the scene that everyone is eternally damned? I guess it's true that Jews don't fear it because it's not in the Old it's not a literal lake of fire? Step 3: Where in the heck is hell anyway? Is my soul going to feel pain like my physical body does? Where on earth would fire be that is bound by our laws of physics but in a metaphysical way. Step 4....I guess everyone really does have a legitimate fear of their own hell. My own concept is found nowhere in the Bible. I guess someone out there is really, truly convinced that they will come back as a beetle if they don't behave in this life. Muslims really, truly believe their way is the only way. I've never ever been threatened by it. Heck, even Christians disagree about who's going to hell. Some say you can lose your salvation, others say you can. Some say using the Lord's name in vain'll do it, other's say God's grace overcomes your I might even be wrong in my own belief! Step sounds like ultimately there is nothing I can do anyway, I clearly am incapable of believing this bull which is the only requirement. So much for your "love", prick. If it's really there, guess I'm burnin' because I won't worship you.
    •   This is also true. I think it's SO frustrating to consider how they are viewing me for trying to be rational. I'm trying not to get angry, I don't want to turn them off....I just don't understand why they would worship a being that is bragging about casting me into eternal torment.