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    • yunea

      "I know deep in my heart that this proof will work out in the end, but I can't put it into words." -me when going through university level maths homework, and my teacher actually accepted it (we get points for honest attempts too).
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      22 Amazing Women – Part One: By Karen Garst ~ In this post, I am going to introduce you to…
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      The Art of the Deal - more like the art of losers. Sad. @realDonaldTrump
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      It's wet, cold, and cloudy in my part of the matrix.  I'm seriously ready for warmer weather.  Could someone please code that in?
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    • Ellinas

      Had to endure a Christian funeral today - Mrs E's uncle.  As ever, it was used as an opportunity to preach to the (not inconsiderable) gathering.  Somehow, it seems to me to dishonour the dead and cheapen the occasion - despite it being something of which the deceased would have approved.
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    • God has the power to stop it. To stop the pain. He used guilt to keep me going. If he cared, he could have stopped it. I was suicidal because of Him. Lost because of Him.
      Same with my mom and sister. He is a God who made me believe the devil did it. That hell is a life without him. I almost believed Him too...all the wars, fights, and violence.  But conveniently...all of the beauty is his. What a load of crock. He allows this to happen. He does. God allows all of it. 
      He softens the blow by making it seem like the ultimate love and by the time you wake up, you've been stabbed a million times. People in the Middle East become Christians due to the insanity of missionaries risking their lives for it. It makes it seem so important. "God is reaching out to them." Prison guards are converted due to the audacity of these Christians standing up to face death without fear. I'd probably convert if I were them too just to see the big deal. Christianity makes you feel like youre on a mission to seek the lost. It promotes a calling that would obviously shatter anything else. It's dangerous and unhealthy.  I can't claim to understand how miracles work, but it doesnt mean I have to praise anything. God is too powerful to react every now and again. Mountains aren't exactly moving are they?   Yet he expects us to keep trying on the hope that one day our faith WILL be strong enough. If God does exist, he can keep Heaven. His crazy followers deserve a 'paradise' filled with nothing but this lunatic.    One day I'll mature out of my hatefulness. Today is not that day.
    • True. Why do you suppose that is? Does it make sense that we are still using a fuel that once ran steam locomotives? That heated houses in the early 1820s?   Perhaps it's because we have been conditioned to accept propaganda from the fossil fuel industries to keep them relevant. Yes, we are a long way from actually using the new technologies we already have, but that is not so in many other countries. It looks a bit to me like the same political/business climate that prevents us from having universal healthcare like others do. This is not the time to be expanding our efforts in keeping the fossil fuel industry healthy when we could, like other countries, put our effort into developing the other energy sources we already have available. This is not the time to open up our federal lands to mining operations and expanding fracking. Yeah, we still have some coal but that doesn't mean we have to rely on it until every inch of America has been dug up.   "This December, almost 200 countries from every corner of the world signed the Paris Agreement, committing to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and – dare we say – save the world! The question on everyone's mind: How? The truth is, we don't have to wait on scientists to invent some newfangled contraption. The solutions are already here! We simply need to ramp up renewable energy generation, and fast. Here's how: follow the leader. There are many countries already forging ahead towards a low-carbon future. Whether solar is starting to shine or the answer is blowing in the wind, the solutions are growing every day. But don't take our word for it. Read on to learn how places around the globe are going renewable."   WE should be the leader here, but our government's obligation to big business is preventing it.  
    •   I was Church of Christ & I have no idea why anyone would want to be a preacher in the c of c. They serve at the whim of the Elders & it wasn't uncommon for "new" elders to fire the preacher just because they didn't like him or their wives didn't.   We were in one larger c of c that fired their preacher about every 2 years like clockwork. This went on for about 8 years until they finally appointed new elders that put a stop to it. The c of c has a reputation for treating their preachers like crap, so I can understand where you're coming from Daffodil. 
    • Worst part about it is that it hinges so heavily on our personal guilt toward God.   A pastor once said that while other religions are about man's attempt to reach God, Christianity is about God's attempt to reach us.   It makes you feel so much pain that you've potentially hurt the God of love. This love of Jesus keeps many going out of an inability to ever 'pay him back.'    I woke up one day and realized, "If God really wants to reach me, he has nothing but power to."   He could silence any distraction keeping us away. He chooses not to. If he exists, worshiping him is a waste of time.
    •   If historians are correct the Q gospel was the original gospel but that was lost in antiquity. The unedited version of Mark is thought to be copied from Q or at least Q was the source for Mark. The original version of Mark may be an edited version of Q. In any event Mark didn't have a virgin birth element or a resurrection event. Those events were added later.