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    • LovelyChantel

      Have been having bad anxiety related to the programming and indoctrination from birth - 21. It's so strong, especially as these "prophesies" come to fruition (Harvey, Irma, earthquakes, and fires)... 
      · 3 replies
    • God

      Thus saith me, "turn or burn bitchez..."
      · 0 replies
    • hockeyfan70

      I'm giddy with excitement, because in two weeks I'm going to sit down and have a coffee with a famous atheist. Can you guess who?
      · 7 replies
    • Storm

      The church accepts progress each time it can no longer prevent it.
      · 0 replies
    • Fuego

      Wildfire smoke is thick in Vancouver, WA today. A kid with fireworks went on a hike and started a blaze on Saturday evening. Ash has been falling for 2 days now locally, and one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Oregon is gone. The life will return in a few years, but the glory of what was there will take decades to regrow. I suppose it is part of the natural cycle of clearing out stuff and making a new start, some seeds won't even sprout without fire. But the devastation is huge for such an outstandingly beautiful area.
      · 2 replies
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    • I mean....I am pretty much the token narcissist. Christians run around telling people they were created for my glory and cater their only life around my whims, it's actually hard to believe sometimes. And I know "hard to believe," trust me... what with the whole gospel shit.
    • As I say, I'm not mocking the guy, he seemed very sincere in his faith.........   however......   in one of his last vlogs on you tube he talked about his faith that God would heal him, that he loved a living God who performed  miracles and that God would not let him die and leave his daughter without her father. He got a bit choked up, understandably. Over and over he talked and prayed about his faith that God would heal him. At one point he said that some might say that a God would heal him in the next life, but he added he thought that was a cop out and he expected to be healed in this one.   It was all a bit sad. Again I'm not laughing at him at all, he really caught my sympathy but all those prayers came to naught.    He he did not want to die, calling it " if it came to the worse", but still he did and God did not heed his prayers.     Naturally, after he passed away, the comments where filled with stuff about him going home, meeting Jesus and that they would meet again.....
    •   Because I exemplify narcissism and made you to glorify myself. I do not care if your prayers get answered and it's not my fault if a bunch of you got together and wrote down shit you claim I said. Do you care about the prayers of ants?   ....yeah didn't think so. 
    •   It means "personal message" and I'll reach out. I'm interested in your feedback!
    • @ag_NO_stic What is pm? Do you mean time to sleep cause it's late? GenXer here (I'm 46) and am slow with techie lingo........god I'm lame.  And like reading about your experience and insights because I do believe we have the same mom. Ha!
    •   Holy. Shit.   I just read this post, after our chatting on your other post, and I can't get over how similar we sound without me having seen this. I literally just commented about how I have issues because of having to earn love, my mind is so blown right now.   I have the hugest issue with fake people because of my fake, overly christiany mom. I am direct and wear my emotions pretty visibly (if I'm not putting up walls, it's complicated lol) because I can't stand having this "everything's peachy, I'm fine and my house is all clean" vibe if it's not true. At the same time, I am not about to tell people my life story and am very guarded about really personal shit (it's kinda funny all of this is coming out, I haven't posted anything like this on the site before.) It's not even just working to earn love for me, I struggle to not want to make it look like I've got everything together. Christianity hides the deep sins and celebrates the "vulnerable" minor ones as evidence of our need for god, it'z bizarre. "I cussed" or "I tell white lies" is met with a chuckle and shake of the head, but "I had premarital sex" is like....the worst thing ever.   I can't stand to hear christians bitching and gossiping like crazy about a fellow christian unless they find it out as part of someone's "testimony." You're a slutty druggie alcoholic harlot unless you stand before everyone and humiliate yourself with your deepest sins and profess your need for a savior. Then the whole congregation will defend your "prodigalness" and embrace you. It makes me sick.   Sorry for word diarrhea. Basically, my whole life revolved around how my mom was doing emotionally, at the expense of my own. I got scary good at reading her mood and adjusting accordingly even when I was borderline suicidal from hating my life under her roof. I think that narcissist's need for control (not that everyone who feels like they need control is a narcissist) comes out as "god says you shouldn't...." or whatever, which culminates in authoritarian tendencies. They're all connected.    There are no words for how "in control" I feel of myself and my actions since I realized I am most certainly NOT a "captive" to my "sin" or "fleshly desires." Like, no your total depravity mindset keeps you a prisoner, not "sin." Wake up and own up to your own actions.   I have a lot more to say, we should probably pm lol.    
    • Yeah, I saw these inventions a few years back. Manufacturing really inexpensive lab equipment for field work in Africa, India, Bangladesh, etc., for  the poorest countries and peoples around the world to save lives by enabling proper diagnoses of diseases then providing correct medications for those who need them.   --------simple but great inventions.
    • Here is a sad story that I want to share with you all. It came from an atheist vs. theist debate group I frequent on Facebook. Stick around though because the first Christian response on the thread made me want to punch my computer screen.    Hello people, It's been a while since I last posted. I've been busy with my #LifeUnderConstruction. Anyway, recently I met this girl. She's really nice and beautiful both on the inside and the outside. Before I could say "Jack" I was too into her. Anyway it turns out she's ill and she fears she'll die soon. So, a Christian girl that she is, she doesn't want to comit any sin so that when she dies, she'll go to heaven. By sin I mean she doesn't want to 'fornicate,' among other things. She's now leading a strict 'no pleasure' lifestyle because she wants to go to heaven. I look at her and I'm both offended and bewildered. She's a smart girl and I can't believe that she thinks she'll go to heaven after she dies. I looked at her when she spoke like "these religious folk have taken this children stories and belief a little too far." Anyway I'm worried for her, not because she's going to die (I hope she doesn't) but because if I were the one in her shoes, I'd be living life as much as possible. I'll try to enjoy what's left of my life with the people I love, making love (if that's what I fancy) having deep conversations, etc. not restraining myself because I'm afraid that if I live my life as I want, I'll go to hell. Your thoughts please.     A very sad story indeed by a young person. It's not about the sex it's about being saddened over repression. But the Christian response will blow your mind.
          "If she has repent from those sins, she will be pardoned, God will have mercy on her,so she can live but eventually if she die as a repented girl then will be in Paradise."     This is why pascal's wager is fucking bullshit. All she has to do is be a good girl. Just keep walking on egg shells with the constant fear that you'll go to hell. Just never be happy and experience fun things before you die. This is disgusting; it's inhuman. If god does not exist than this is a tragedy beyond description. I encourage the people here to not ever forget why we push back against religion. Religion is cancer; time to cut it out.