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    • TylerJ

      I thought that this was a very interesting Ted Talk. 
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    • HereticZero

      I want to visit Europe but not sure where to start?
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    • Travi

      I miss the days when I was not sickly. I feel like I am reliving my childhood all over again.
      Oh you know, the childhood I didn't have because I had to mature much faster than other kids because I had to learn to treat my asthma and lung issues at a young age. Alternative was death. 
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    • LogicalFallacy

      "Science is interesting, and if you don't agree you can fuck off!" Form Editor of New Scientist.
      Amen brother, amen!
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    • TylerJ

      Finally got my hands on a copy of The God Delusion by Richard Dawson. This book was like the anti-bible growing up. I'm excited to read it. Heard that it is very good.
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    • I would have to challenge your reading comprehension and your ability to follow ideas.  Theology is important to understand because of the fact that many people believe it, and have shaoed the world according to it.  It is therefore necessary to study theology and be able to see the problems in said theology in order to become free of it.     Many people happily embrace science from evolution to quantum mechanics while continuing to be Christians.  Internal critiques like this one and the Problem of Evil have been employed in order to further arode such foundations for a benevolent god of Christianity to exist.  By demonstrating the logical implications of God's nature as revealed in the text, it reveals a hideous picture of glory seeking on a universe which seems to maximize suffering and death.  Demonstating that the doctrine of hell is built on this glory seeking desire to make known his wrath, on instruments he himself fashioned for destruction through engineering the fall.   It also gets at the heart of the message of love, as god only loves humanity and therefore you, because he directs that love towards his exalted Son, and it imputed your worldly filthiness to him on the Cross.  It is a black hole which consumes all the elements of the religion into a nihilistic stage of drama to unveil the glory of god on the hapless subjects of creation, doomed by birth.
    •   Says you.  From reading it I can't tell what is the author's (you) intention.  It could be sincere, a parody, a criticism, who knows?   It's still religious nonsense from the get go.
    • Meanwhile here in Atlanta....   Beat to the beats!    
    •   You're good to go then.
    •   Christianity causes an irrational fear of a non-existent threat as a survival mechanism. It's a mind virus. I'd say it is a mental illness.     Ask your husband why he feels personally attacked during these disagreements? There's a simple reason. Because Jesus is a puppet personality in your husband's head and your husband is the puppet master. Your husband and Jesus are one and the same. Just like every other Christian invents the mind of Jesus for themselves. Of course you already know this, but it might be worth mentioning.   You probably dont intend to personally attack your husband but really want to point out to him where he is being deluded by Christianity. Why is it soooooo important that you go to church and whyyyyyy can't you skip it? Because church is a weekly dose of a mind altering drug. It's the place where pastors and deluded congregation members all get high. It's like a religious crack-house and the pastor is a drug dealer.   If Jesus is the almighty and your husband was STRONG in the lord then he could skip church forever and still be STRONG in the lord, right? No? If not, then I guess in reality Christians HAVE to keep going to church to keep their programming topped off. If they dont go to church for a while, REALITY starts seeping in and their cult programming wears off. I think the fact that a Christian's  Jesus programming CAN wear off is a strong indicator that is not real at all but is instead a total crock of baloney.   If Jesus were real he would be with you always, right? Says right here in the bible that Jesus will never forsake you... (haha)   So there is absolutely no need to go to church.   (Cognitive dissonance may be the first step for your husband's deconversion)    
    • Welcome to the forum, @LostinParis.   And welcome to the Unequally Yoked Club! Not a club one usually WANTS to belong to least we HAVE one, dammit!   Your situation is rough but not uncommon and, yes, you can stay married, but things will likely be different. The most <sarc> pleasant </sarc> aspect is being regarded as a Parana by my family because I am an atheist. We're talking about folks who have a deep-rooted discontent with members of other churches! Catholicism - fogetaboutit!    I've learned to cope by setting boundaries and adhering to them.      1. Going to church with Mrs. MOHO but NOT going into the sanctuary. (This will likely change soon due to my hyperactive       GAG REFLEX!)        2. NOT even responding to requests to attend other church functions. ("Don't eve ASK!" is what I am truly saying)      3. NOT responding to the typical "Don't you just FEEL the lord!?" "Will you pray over dinner?" "Don't you understand that this country is suffering because it is turning away from the lord?!"     4. Pursuing friends outside of xiantity and motivating Mrs. MOHO to do the same.     5. Responding with clear, concise, documented and provable (mostly) evidence that xianity is B.S. - (big help here from Ehrman, Dawkins, Hitchens et. al) when they ask why I have made this decision. Sometimes they actually listen.   Hope this helps and keep reading and visiting.     - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)    
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