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Ex-Christian Spirituality

Rules for this section -- Please read!

This area is for those who have left Christianity for some other form of theism or spirituality.


NOTE: Permission to post in this section is obtained by contacting one of the assigned moderators or an administrator.

All members will be granted permission to post in this area. However, all are asked to especially adhere to the foundational purpose of this site while visiting this section: namely, to encourage ex-Christians.

Although Ex-Christian.net has no particular quarrel with deists, pagans, Buddhists, and other forms of non-evangelical spiritual thinkers, at times discussions in other sections of this site do have a tendency to create the impression that "ex-Christian" automatically means "atheist." The reality is, ex-Christian only means ex-Christian. Nothing else is implied by the term.

In this one area of Ex-Christian.net, each individual who has adopted an alternative spiritual expression should feel encouraged to freely express any experiences, thoughts, or opinions without fear of being brow beaten, harshly criticized, or condemned.


Failure to adhere to these simple rules with common courtesy may result in revocation of posting permission in this section.


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As with everything these days, the cost of keeping the Ex-C forum up and running has been rising. Inflation? In part, but the primary reason is this: As participation in the forums grows, costs increase. The Ex-C forums will remain free of charge to everyone, but if you believe this little corner of the Internet provides value to you or others, and you feel inclined to help keep us online, please consider making a one-time donation or becoming a regular contributor. Contribution options appear under the "Upgrade" link above, and can be accessed by clicking here.

Oh, and as an incentive (no, you won't be given any bogus promises of eternal bliss), if you do become a regular contributor by signing up for any monthly or yearly patron package, this annoying ADVO will disappear.

And now, back to the regularly scheduled conversation...

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