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An Unexpected Thank You

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic in The Bluegrass Skeptic, 05 November 2016 · 641 views
Christianity, Terrorism and 8 more...

An Unexpected Thank You I don't know how well this blog is going to go over, and I probably haven't thought this completely through, but I am posting it anyway. I have to get this off my mind, and I am sure just the idea of what I am suggesting will infuriate a few out there, but hopefully if read all the way through, I make sense, just not articulated well. 
This all began...



Posted by Ellinas in Ellinas' Blog, 20 September 2016 · 770 views

My mother died last night. Looks like she collapsed at her bedside - probably a heart attack. She was found this morning by my brother in law.

And if one Christian acquaintance, just one, tries to tell me that my harmless old mother is now in hell, then there is a very real danger of extreme unpleasantness.


How To Get Slaved!

Posted by Brother Jeff in Brother Jeff the Alaskan Atheist, 21 July 2016 · 1,121 views

You need to be slaved, and I praze GAWD that the Spook of Kryasst who is also somehow magically Him has magically convinced you of that fact! Glory! Here’s how to get slaved! Let’s walk the Romans Road together, shall we? You’ll notice that all of the following verses are from the glorious Book of Romans, which is why our journey is said to be on the meta...


The Orlando Shooting: Thoughts On Responding To Bigotry

Posted by Lilith666 in Lilith666's Blog, 16 June 2016 · 966 views

*This is an edited and expanded version of my "Free Hate Speech" topic, which is why they're similar in parts. I'm going to post it on my regular blog, not affiliated with Ex-C. Your comments are appreciated!  
**Much thanks to RealityCheck for editing suggestions.  
As concern for the humane treatment of LGBT individuals grows in modern Western...


Life Full Of Plateaus, But Maybe There Is An End In Sight

Posted by Travi in Fighting against the Cosmos, 13 June 2016 · 1,934 views

Plateau is defined by a google search as the following: pla·teau
plaˈtō/ noun
noun: plateau ; plural noun: plateaux ; plural noun: plateaus

1 .

an area of relatively level high ground.
synonyms: upland , tableland , plain , mesa , highland , coteau

"a windswept plateau"



Not Alone, But Lonely

Posted by StephenW in Stephen's Musings, 30 May 2016 · 1,243 views

Tonight I feel pretty alone, in one sense. I love my wife and she loves me, we have an extremely close relationship and we get along very well. But I am saddened that we are on different pages about religion. she listens to a lot of radio preachers almost every day. They speak of stuff that I just don't believe in any more, and I'm never going back. My ey...


Job Hunting

Posted by hockeyfan70 in Confessions Of An Ex-Pastor and Ex-Christian, 30 May 2016 · 698 views

Job hunting in the "real world" is way different than job hunting as a pastor.

From my first ministry at my home church to my last ministry, I have had six ministry positions. I believe that besides one of them, I was the first choice in each church search.

When you are looking for a ministry position, you usually start with sending your re...


Weight Loss Progress - 36 Kilos / 80 Pounds Down!

Posted by JadedAtheist in Yet another blog, 20 May 2016 · 533 views

Today I clocked in 129.1 kilograms. That's about 284lbs for you yanks :) Now, I realise this is still fat as fuck, but I was at one point 165 kilograms so I'm pretty chuffed at the moment. I still have about another 29 kilos to go until I am anywhere near a healthy weight but at least I'm past the halfway mark. As it stands now, I am lighter than I have b...


Who Wrote The Books Of The New Testament? Part 1

Posted by hockeyfan70 in Christianity Is A Trampoline., 17 April 2016 · 593 views

Debunking Christianity is an interesting thing to attempt to do. On one hand, it's kind of easy because there is so much information out there. If there were only a few discrepancies contained in the Bible, or a few inconsistencies, it would take some time to dig them out. But that's not the case. The Bible is filled with errors. On the other hand, it's d...


Why Do We Love Game Of Thrones?

Posted by Deidre in Simple Thoughts, 20 March 2016 · 720 views

At the coaxing of friends and my fiancé, I’ve begun watching the hit series Game of Thrones. It’s intriguing, fascinating, complex and deliciously reckless. Essentially, the plots are all intertwined culminating around families who are all striving to be kings and qu...


Ignosticism The First

Posted by BarbarousBill in i want mead, 12 January 2016 · 1,080 views

What is Ignosticism? Well as it turns out that's a mildly ironic question.  So there's Atheism, which is non-belief and/or positive reinforcement of the proposition that there is no deity/ies.  Then there's Agnosticism, which is certainty that there is no evidence for or against deity/ies, with two common variants being a strong and weak Agnos...


Belated Thoughts About 2015

Posted by knightcore in This and That, 06 January 2016 · 870 views

I finally figured out how blog posts work, so I guess I'll start it off with an introspective post about my past year. 2014 was really hopeless for me, I had to drop out of school completely and was pushing towards saving up so I could move out of my parents house. I'm not out to my parents, and I don't mean religiously, they know about that. I mean...


Relaxation And Realizations

Posted by seven77 in Introspective Shift, 29 December 2015 · 649 views

During my hiatus I've begun to regularly consume a certain herb of questionable legal status. I was sitting in the storage area underneath my residence, smoking a bowl in the dimly lit area with only my new puppy for company. I had some chill EDM tunes playing on my phone. It was a quiet night on the plains, a little chilly in the unheated underbelly of a...


Of Guilt And Birth Certificates

Posted by LadyNightingale in Escape Route , 20 October 2015 · 764 views

So today I once again attempted to find where my mom hid my birth certificate and SSN card. She had mentioned that she had it all together for when we would go to get my passport. I know it has to be somewhere. So, I often go hunting for it when my mom is off somewhere. I often find stuff like drawings, crafts, school assignment, papers, and progress repo...



Posted by Avandris in Little Blog of Doubt, 21 July 2015 · 1,069 views

I am going through a restless period that has lasted the better part of a few months now. There are so many things that I want to be doing with my time and yet more often than not I find myself staring idly at a computer screen, occupying my time with pointless videos or video games that feel like little more than busy work. Another day passes, I go to be...


Mr Bradlaugh

Posted by Castiel233 in Castiel233's Blog, 19 July 2015 · 864 views

Charles Bradlaugh was an English atheist of the 19th century. In fact he could perhaps be considered THE English atheist of his time. He stormed across the UK, a giant of the free thought movement. Clever, brave with a large heart and a mind as strong as steel, he caused despair and worry among the faithful. 
His knowledge of the Bible was deep and p...


New Brain Needed

Posted by GypsyMoon in Gypsy Moon's Blog, 29 June 2015 · 931 views

Anyone ever had that feeling of walking on ice or on egg shells, even when there's no reason to be feeling like that? 
I've come to the conclusion that my brain is possibly wired to deal with crisis every second of every day....  
The majority of my life has been extremely stressful and not all that pleasant, the last two weeks I've had a rather...


Fuck Homophobia

Posted by GoldenWolf in GoldenWolf's Blog, 27 June 2015 · 1,368 views

Fuck Homophobia Dear Homophobes, 
I am fucking sick of this world and its attitude towards anyone who isn't heterosexual or cisgendered. You spew your hatred without the consideration of others around you. Every fucking year, there's reports on an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) suicide. You know why? Because of bigots like you! Yes, you! You know who you...


Not Doing Good

Posted by rach in Rachel Truth Seeker, 25 January 2015 · 1,110 views

Things are not going well at all and I am in a very depressed condition once again. In bed all day today and haven't stopped crying. The spiritual atmosphere at home is at a fervor and it is very detrimental to my fragile mental state. A-mum is preparing for the most important event of the year for her, which is a Christian religious conference, so she...


Diary Of A Food Addict: Renewal

Posted by TheBluegrassSkeptic in The Bloat, 15 January 2015 · 1,865 views

Diary Of A Food Addict: Renewal Can't believe it has been over a year ago since I posted on this blog last.


Well, no, not really. I've actually made a lot of progress over the last 13 months, and made some permanent life style changes that I stuck with, and don't miss at all. As I am sure most of you remember, and if you don't just check out the gallery, I used to look li...

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